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My Life in a Paranormal James Bond Movie (+ Autumn Equinox)

Recapitulating the Seeds of 2019: Harvest Moon / Autumn Equinox and Ceremony

We have just endured the worst attacks and betrayals David and I have ever seen while peacefully continuing our work of education and spiritual inspiration. We chose not to talk about it while it was happening because we prefer to focus on an uplifting message and not the convulsions from those who are trying to seek power for their own agendas.

Natacha Jaitt’s body was found after she tweeted that a number of well-known figures were involved in underage prostitution.

While the world is going through massive upheavals, true darkness is being revealed —  and this is all all happening in our corner of the universe as well. There are macro-changes happening on the world stage where David and Goliath type of battles are going on. “Small” people are going up against behemoth’s of entrenched abuse, exposing ancient evils and taking names. Julian Assange, Natacha Jaitt, Sabrina Bittencourt, Bella Thorne, the individual men and women calling out Hollywood and the elite  — and you bet these beasts are fighting back!

This time is called “the Quickening.” It is the preceding “hours” before Ascension when the wheat is being separated from the chafe. We are all being tested and these tests come as our life experiences. Spirit and the Beings then see how we show up in the face of these trials, temptations and betrays and how we do so determines much for our soul’s timeline. Never forget the bigger picture…

The past year, we have been frontally attacked by numerous individuals and groups all with one nefarious agenda — to silence, harm, destroy. Why? Read on…

But first, I want to invite those who feel called to join me in ceremony for the Fall Equinox. Ceremony is one of the main spiritual tools I use regularly to sail this ship in good waters, to get right with the Divine and in line with Divine protection. It is necessary to know the tools of the spiritual warrior to navigate this life and beyond. There are universal laws we live within and these are our blessing and protection.

The Wheel of the Year has turned and in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is ending, and Fall is on it’s way. We hang in the energies of change. The time of harvest has come, when we reap what we have sown. This is the Harvest Moon, Autumn Equinox, and this time of year is called “Mabon” from the old ways.

Traditionally at this time, people gathered together to harvest the last of the fruits, to celebrate, recapitulate and prepare for Winter. In celebration of the change of seasons, I invite to join me for a live Autumn Ceremony on Tuesday, September 24th @ 11AM Pacific/ 2PM Eastern / 7PM London time.

>>Click here to join the Fall Ceremony

In this ceremony, we will recall the seeds that we planted — consciously or unconsciously this Spring then look at what fruits they have born. We will consider our commitments and our direction and align with the Divine. We will also consider the Grand Harvest, the Ascension, and tune into the frequencies pouring into the earth at this time and feel into who we are and where we are going.

Last Spring, the Temple offered a seed planting ceremony. Together, we asked for clarity on our deepest dreams and blew our intentions into three seeds. We then planted these seeds in the earth or on our altars. For those of you who participated or did your own ceremony:

  • Do you remember what those intentions were?
  • Did you water the seeds, nurture the seeds of your dreams?
  • Did those seeds bear fruit?

Look back on what you intended and allow yourself to see where your ship has sailed.

Sometimes, things happen in our lives that we are not expecting, and they take our path in a different way. There are storms and swells we know not of. Sometimes we forget our dreams. We can get caught up in the day-to-day, in the dramas and traumas, in the personalities and events. Sometimes our prayers are answered. Our dreams are carried on the winds, met by angels and fulfilled —  sweetly, softly, or powerfully.

It is important that you choose to be at the helm of your ship, no matter which way the weather blows.

No matter the tide, the swell, or the clouds, you are the one to point your ship in the direction of your guiding star. What do you truly desire in this life? What have you really come here for? Who are you meant to be? Recall and remember…

Never let your good vision go!

Do not let the monsters of the deep scare you off your path. They will try. It is part of the hero’s journey that is hardwired into the program of the Logos. The most important thing to remember is that you choose your path. No matter what anyone else says or does, you can choose to stay pointed toward your North Star. When we do this, we are accompanied by a litany of beings, both seen and unseen, who walk with us as we align with the higher power. Ceremony is one of the ways that we strengthen and affirm this alignment, and our alliance with the forces of good.

I affirm my allegiance to the One Loving Creator regularly through meditation and prayer.

I affirm my allegiance to the One Loving Creator regularly through meditation and prayer. I ask for help, for forgiveness and for direction, and I remember that my life will be given back to the Creator as I lay my body down to die. Death is a constant advisor. Remembering that we are eternal souls puts a lot of things in perspective. We live within Universal laws, and are bound by them. This also helps to humble any parts of us that would like to cross those laws. Ceremony helps us remember. It affirms our alliance with good and with Great Spirit God/Goddess. It gives us clarity on who we are and what we are doing while we walk this earth.

In ceremony, I ask for guidance from Spirit for what to bring into my talks and programs. These past six months, I did five conferences, traveling and communing with our various tribes across the Pacific Rim and the Southwest. As one of very few female voices speaking in what is called the “UFO/Disclosure Community”, I take this opportunity seriously. I choose to use it to spread a message of peace, calling for respect of the earth, her elements and creatures, and for the return of the sacred feminine energies and the sacred warriors to this planet.

The world is out of balance because we have lost our way. In Taoism, “the Way” means to be in harmony with the Tao — the Tao being Creator and all things. We are out of harmony because we have lost respect for the sacred and we have forgotten the importance of being sacred.

When we return our respect for the earth, her elements and her creatures (the sacred feminine), and make a stand for the protection of the sacred (the sacred masculine), then humanity will graduate to being galactic citizens. We still appear to be a long way from this happening to us as a planet, but each of us can make favorable choices within our own bodies and souls. The choices we make as individuals do have a lasting effect on our eternal timeline. When we look at our lives from the aspect of being eternal, and of carrying with us the effects of every thing we say and do while on earth, we change how we conduct ourselves. There is no “getting away” with anything. All actions come home to roost in the heart of one’s being.

I take this message and infuse the Priestess Path courses with it. I took this message to Hawaii and spoke at CosmicWaves. We were blessed to swim with dolphins, and to have a baby humpbacked whale wave at us. Immediately after this, I flew to Sedona to speak about the Divine Feminine at Cosmic Awakening. Then a week later, I was in San Francisco to support my husband at New Living Expo. Five weeks later, I was in the Palm Desert at Contact in the Desert, where David and I spoke for the first time together onstage. Then to top it all off, we just completed our last conference of the year — Dimensions of Disclosure in Ventura, California, which was the one-year anniversary of my speaking on stage. There is so much more that I want to say and feel I need to say, and I am excited about our future conference engagements.

The last few months has been a whirlwind. I am now back home and settling in for the Fall and Winter months, grounding into the earth to receive new creations.

If there is any title I could give for the energies we have been experiencing this last year, it would be “Harvest 2019: Staying focused on a message of peace and hope amidst turmoil”. This past year has been one of the most challenging years the UFO community has ever seen, according to my husband, David. The infiltration, deceptions and betrayals are at an all-time high. Lucky me! What a time to come into this community. Since we are at the epicenter of this community, we are often at ground zero of the battles that people choose to wage. Many of these battles are fought against David and those he chooses to associate with.

I think it is sad, because many people are sincerely looking for answers but they can easily become disheartened and confused, and do not know who or what to believe. “What is going on in the UFO community,” people wonder? Well, certain people decide they want to create and fight wars, often because they want to be the leader, the famous one, the one everyone is listening to. Little do they realize that very few people are strong enough, in body, mind and spirit, to really handle the role if it were actually to happen to them and they cannot themselves handle the trolls. Going dark is ultimately short-sighted and irresponsible and more often than not, the greatest damage is done to the people who are sincere seekers of truth, freedom, information and love.

One could certainly expect that “UFO experts” who talk about little green men and such might be a bit off their rocker. Since I came into this community three years ago, I can clearly see that some of them are. While this community attracts some very kind, talented and truly spiritual people, it also attracts some really cruel individuals who have nefarious agendas and little, if any, spiritual root. Worse, there are individuals who are actively committed to the negative spiritual side. In certain cases, they even make their affiliations quite public and wear them with pride.

My background is in healing and sacred warrior martial arts, where the intention is to help and protect people. Therefore, being thrust onto a battlefield where people are trying to ruin the lives of their associates has been a bit of an adjustment, to say the least. I was trained to build people up, and I was trained to initiate warriors — and have done so. Decades ago, I committed my soul to heal. Therefore, being in a so-called “community” riddled with shenanigans from adult gangs, complete with corporations paying people off to try to ruin our lives, has been, let’s say, disappointing. It is even more outrageous when these people call themselves “Light Workers”. Then again, Lucifer is called the “Light-Bringer”.

For those of you who follow this stuff, you may know what I am talking about, but you almost certainly don’t know all the details, as many of them have still never been publicized for various reasons. The details are many, and read like a low-budget daytime soap opera filled with tragedy and comedy alike. What disheartens me the most though, is that the most toxic people are often the most verbose and then the sincere-seekers get confused and hurt.

I believe this is of karmic consequence to those who are fulfilling low-level needs through public psychopathy which deceives the sincere seekers of truth. Most often, the good natured individuals keep quiet and do not engage in the fights, so the color of the “community” if you will is skewed. Those of us on a spiritual mission prefer to stay out of it and continue to work tirelessly on our programs, books, conferences in peace — and we have some exciting new releases coming soon.

Never did I think I would be living inside a paranormal James Bond movie, but I am. In general, this year brought organized, planned, corporate-sponsored group attacks on us and others in the community in an attempt to take over the narrative and take us down, but it only galvanizes our missions more.

I know who these people are. I’ve heard their voices uncensored. I have heard them screaming and cursing at the top of their lungs. I know what they say about their wives when she’s not there, and I know the back-door deals they have made. It is too dark for me to want to get into, but just know, we do what we do on terrain where people are trying to destroy us. We don’t televise it, telegraph it or even write much about it. It is annoying, and we’d prefer everyone live in peace. Far from destroying us, the attacks make our messages that much stronger because we experience the risks of being out there.

“Everything is a golden link in the chain of my good” — Florence Schovel Shinn

I don’t like to talk about negative things, but also, it is not healthy to pretend things are not happening. Just remember that people like Epstein and cronies will tell you they did nothing wrong and that somehow they are the victims and the heroes while fully knowing what the were doing. They always spin it that way.

It is my hope that you can take some of our personal story and apply it to the struggles of your own life. You can take everything the world throws at you and use it to fuel the good. Take any energy that comes your way and receive it if it is a blessing, deflect it if it is for harm, then use it all as part of your message. This is the Art of Peace according to Morihei Ushiba, grandmaster of the art of Akido. Also, as one of my Nagual elders taught, don’t get caught up in personalities and events, listen for the pearls. There will always be heaps of manure anywhere there is a donkey… look for the donkey!

I believe if you are given the good fortune of having a public voice, that it is a sacred gift that allows you to bless more people than if nobody were listening to you. I believe that if we have a pubic platform, we then have a responsibility to lead the people into good waters, that we should lift up our fellow men and women up rather than trying to take them down. I’ve said this many times “standing for something sacred is different than being against something in hatred.” Hatred is not a platform. Hatred is not a message.

The important thing for all of us on a macro level is what are we creating, what are we aligned with, and what are we doing with our lives. It doesn’t matter if you are having a pool party or are on a battlefield. Your mission and vision should not change. The test is: can you stay focused, can you stay committed AND use all the energies coming your way to make your good life, and your statement to the world?

This is why I don’t normally talk about the details of the soap opera that I call “The Cosmic Days of Our Lives”. However, if it were put on screen, it would be highly entertaining, disturbing and very revealing. Perhaps the greatest surprise, again, is how much central organization appears to be behind all of these seemingly disparate personalities and their various attacks.

“Invade, infiltrate and destroy — and if you can’t, buy it.” That is the motto I would give a certain faction of the UFO community.

Marrying David brought me somewhere I never expected or intended to be and I suddenly found myself deeply and powerfully involved with the UFO/Disclosure world. It did disturb me to watch the movie, “Mirage Men” and see that the UFO community has been admittedly infiltrated by the CIA for decades, with the intent of confusing and deceiving the people — which is you. While I am sure not everything the CIA does is manipulative, they do admit to doing some very dark things and their involvement is, thus, disturbing. I wish I had a different feeling about it and that lived in a different reality, but this is the one we’ve got.

Watch mirage Men and you will see the confession of a CIA infiltrator of the UFO community, Richard Doty. He confessed how they did it and who they did it to. Don’t think for a minute that this has gone away. Although they waited to release the movie until Doty was deceased, these individuals and groups are still around, and they are still causing trouble.

As a newcomer observing this field for the first time, it has been shocking to see people we know, who could choose noble paths, instead choosing the opposite, or choosing to try to take people down in an attempt to lift themselves up. It is disappointing to see adults who could use their platform to be a good mentor instead use it for harm, to knowingly fabricate lies, and to actively intend to hurt and destroy — and laugh at their victims while doing so. Some do it from the background and some do it face-first. I guess it is the way of things — and every good story needs villains.

There is silver lining, though, and true character is revealed in trying times. Among the destruction and chaos, there are a few people who have proven to truly cleave to the good. Those people shine through at times like these. Heroes are born on the battlefield, and you know who you are dealing with when the ‘stuff’ hits the fan.

This last year has revealed who is who on the world stage of Disclosure. We were shockingly betrayed by a number of people who were close to us. Some people have even tried to start or reboot their careers in Disclosure by spewing hatred and lies, only then to try to parlay their platform of hate into being somebody in the field.

This is a strange strategy for fame, but Charles Manson was famous for just being evil. It’s all too easy to just hate someone. It takes no talent, no hard work, no earning. Some people will listen to you, but they will soon tire because it is just too toxic. It is much more difficult to be an inspiring person who people want listen to because you are consistently adding value to their life. In the grand scheme of things, being an inspiration is one of the most difficult and noble accomplishments that requires one to be authentic and real. People are smart — they can tell the difference.

The cure for want is a relationship with Spirit because all gifts, all abundance and all blessings come from our eternal Creator.

Hidden beneath hatred is a wound. It is often the feeling of not being good enough, not having enough. The person is trying to feel good about themselves by taking power away from someone else. This is misplaced achievement, because praise or position cannot be gained by stealing it from others. The cure for want is a relationship with Spirit, because all gifts, all abundance and all blessings come from our eternal Creator.

One thing I have learned in this life is to keep going back to Great Spirit. When you are sad, take it to Spirit. When you are lonely and crying for your beloved, take it to Spirit. When you are scared, angry, depressed, or want to die… go to Spirit.

Throughout my life, I chose to take my pain to Spirit. At an early age, I knew that my problems were not going to be solved by affirmations, psychologists or medication. Thanks to a book I read on Shamanism when I was seventeen, I discovered that there are people who know how to heal the soul, and that miracles have been reported. As a result, I have done hundreds of ceremonies — vision quests, medicine journeys and fasts — and I have taken my prayers to Spirit. This is the only way that my life healed. It is through the blessings of Spirit that I got out of depression, and changed my way of life from being suicidal to wanting to live. I chose to go for direct communion with the Divine through mystic experiences.

During ceremony, we take time out of our busy lives to commune with Creator — to share our struggles, ask for help, and  receive guidance. The beautiful thing is that it works. It is important to remember where we come from, where we are going, and where true power lies. I share some of what I struggle with now so that you can see that despite challenges, we can still walk our spiritual path and create beauty. We can choose to align with good, offer a message of peace, and never, ever lose sight of the sacred.

Life is challenging. There are often villains lurking in the darkness, people who have it out for you, and surprise events that you don’t see coming. Always remember that none of that needs to dampen your light,or take you off of your path!

During this next ceremony, we will take time to align with the love of the Divine, Infinite Intelligence in order to harmonize our body, mind and affairs, and to get clear on what it is for us to do now. All who come in peace are welcome.

>>Click here to join the Fall Ceremony September 24th @ 11AM Pacific



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      Thank you Elizabeth, for reminding us of how to keep going and stay centered in these turbulent times.

      I will be working during the ceremony. I will invite Great Spirit to add my support to it.. and draw strength for my next steps from the spiritual harvesting you all will b doing.

    2. Thank you Thank you
      I worked with Bella Thorne in a film in Canada in 2016!!! I had the opportunity to talk with her personally!
      She is absolutely gorgeous, just to start with. She’s so talented, smart & empowering. What a sweetheart of woman. It’s funny as I cloud feel that she’s got slot of fight in her!
      So impressed.

      Thank you for sharing such timely information, Elizabeth.
      You & David rest & rejuvenate for your next steps.
      If you ever wish for a sacred Geometry chart I would love to do one for both of you. It aligns your spaces to your true nature.
      For You, no charge. I was part of the Ascension Mystery School this spring, and it’s my way of honouring you both.

      Happy Thanksgiving 2019
      Sallie (Culler) Ritchey

  1. Thank you for your uplifting message! What a blessing and strength you are to the community and your husband. Having studied martial arts, I too was prepared for serious challenges in life and forged in the fire of experience. Nothing now can sway me from the beautiful spiritual path I am on. Blessings on you and David and the good work you do. Thank You!

  2. Great article Elizabeth, and you have been a great addition to the Community. It is great to see how happy you are, and how happy David is as well. It has been interesting to watch things unfold over the last year with a few people, but David’s work shines through it. It is great to see the two of you as a couple. Much blessings to you and David. Enjoy your time up here in Canada. Banff is one of the beautiful places we have.

  3. Interesting article Elizabeth, although one that seemed to be missing a unifying theme.

    I would be interested in hearing your perspective on where this future feminine energy is coming in the astrology. I do a lot of astrology I am very heavily into it and I see many themes come through but have not seen any cycles that lead in any way specifically to the feminine (Saturn – Pluto, Saturn – Jupiter, signs etc.)

    Like I said without the theme of the article being one thing I would like to pick up on some of the thoughts here and comment with my thoughts:

    I don’t have a public following although some people do subscribe to video sharing platforms and follow my output in various places of the internet. Some of my videos previously have had zero views but I still love it although, recently, my information has become more… professional and complex as I’ve digested what has been going on in my life and perhaps grown up a bit.

    I think this is very good for a lot of reasons. So many people want fame but I can think over really deep concepts for hours and write them in an almost anonymous video and get almost no aggro from that. It feels good to do the video, things just flow better afterwards.

    So that little foray was my response to the responsibility of having a public platform!

    And you said that your experience, with the negative obviously gaining some ground but you and your group still pointing in the relevant direction, is relevant to all of us. Like perhaps as a reflection.

    I don’t know. I got a level of bullying that was quite bad from my perspective. 2 years people were going out on Fridays for work drinks and intentionally not inviting me, talking about me and anything I said to any of them would become gossip and I’d hear it from someone I barely knew. I was mobbed and people I barely knew but had had positive conversations with would refuse to speak to me or block me from facebook although I had not spoken to them previously. 2 years. Now I am separated from those people. Not seen any of them, and not much respect for most of them either. Not even facebook friends.

    It’s not really the same as your experience. Is there a correlation? I don’t know. But I guess holistically there should be, as there should be with global politics. It feels like with the mutable T- Square, Full moon over Pisces and Lilith, while Virgo has been taking all the attention to mundane physical matters, that basically any conviction we can have about anything, or the previously well defined nature of reality, has just dissolved. I wonder if this is positive higher forces encouraged and we will move forward spontaneously in a way that shortcuts the negative… Of course with those who are slacking on the journey being dragged forward … not quite kicking and screaming but wanting to kick and scream, if they had energy and conviction.

  4. Beautifully articulated, Elizabeth. Thank you so much for the work you do, for the Light you hold. The entire Disclosure community is blessed by your Light, and I am inspired by your work. Many blessings to you and David as you go forward together! <3

  5. Thank you for this information and for your work. I loved your presentation at Dimensions of disclosure which isaw on livestream, it was very inspiring ♡

  6. Beautifully written! Thank you and David for all you do. As a participant in the live stream of DOD, I know I am not alone in thanking you both for not
    Giving up. I know it’s not easy to stay positive in these difficult times, but those of us who are watching quietly and seeking truth appreciate it. ???? this Saturday is International Day of Peace and I hope everyone will participate in spreading the message of Peace.

    1. A beautiful article by a beautiful Soul. Thankyou Elizabeth for your inspirational message. I very much look forward to your future articles.
      Nameste x

  7. You are amazing Elizabeth ! I started by following your husband and I am sooooo glad that he introduced you to us ! You are our angel of peace on earth ! Thanks for being who you are !
    Nemehamash Ni Umprecarh !

  8. This article covers so many facets of what the spiritual community deals with and often divided or struggling to process; your divinity bringing it to light through such deep sincere words from heart and wisdom of knowing means a lot! I actually read it few times to make sure I connect and capture your sincere intent expressed. You are such a conduit of light ! Thank you for being a guide in this all. Much love and Thank you

  9. Thank you for your open heart and expressive words. I am so delighted to join you in ceremony for Autumn Equinox. These are intense times. I couldn’t get through them without connecting to Divine Spirit which you taught me how to do in Valkyrie. I am so grateful to you, Elizabeth.

    Love, Light, and may you and David receive many, many Blessings !

  10. After reading your article Elizabeth i know why David fell in love with you and married you. You are likely twin souls…Together there is nothing you two can not accomplish.. Creators Blessings to you both.. along with much love and eternal friendship to you both……

  11. Thank you for your carefully worded article to inform me(us) of the darkness still at large and that our response is to be ever so more firmly entrenched in the light.

  12. Hi Elizabeth. Just read your article. Thankyou. There were a number of lightbulb moments as I was reading. So many gaps filled in and more understanding gleaned. I appreciate the time you have taken to share this with us. I’m very much looking forward to hearing what David has to share as well. Be well and at peace to both of you.

  13. I am so sorry for both yours and David’s trials. Thank you so much for sharing and reminding us of the course to stay strong to and the resolve for doing so. It is greatly appreciate!!

  14. There is tremendous strength in taking action to do what sets you on your life’s journey to pursue your passions with the intentions for the highest and best good of all. When you are in that moment, you are able to throw off the arrows and spears of hateful folks and make the stand for truth. I much appreciate you and David and the wonderful insights you bring forth.
    Hugz and love to all.

  15. Thank you for showing the way to sacred ground. Tears welled up reading this. So easy to forget to reconnect and claim the sacred.

    I love reading your words about being a sacred warrior. I walked away from the battlefield and the fight and the weapons. What I didn’t realise was that I also walked away from the sacred, and from the helm.

    Your words are a reminder to reconnect, reaffirm, claim sacred and stand at the helm.
    A beautiful gift. Thank you.

  16. 20 ayahuasca journeys myself and many masters later… Im with you guys on this whole journey and concur how challenging it can be.
    Taking all of my problems to Spirit directly is something I had somehow forgotten in these latest turbulent times of study and growth, duly notes. And thanks.
    Shumann resonance spiking has been a big factor in the last year here for us, seems to wax and wane the ease of the good times and bad.
    I practice a form of yoga from a shaktipat guru (master yogi) working directly with kundalini and sometimes I cant imagine how I could possibly traverse these times without the support of that lineage. Shri Anandi Ma, quite recommended by me if anybody needed a trusted kundalini expert to support direct accessing the force in that way:)
    Andara crystals, as hard as they are to find an authenticly source are RIDICULOUSLY amazing, as is homeopathy of white powder gold, but both are not for the faint of heart jsyk.
    Im so pumped about these full disclosure timelines we are in! Thank you, I know that all of your hard work is paying off. Even chemtrails have all but stopped the last few months here in Augusta, Maine the capital. Although they still spray heavy and make us sick as a collecrive around here every now and then, so there are still rogue dumpers in the area, probably the many military bases around here.
    Charter communication took over for Epstein affiliated Time Warner Cable in the state, and their anti-American surveillance is ridiculously rampant in our state (Maine is known as a plea bargain state because of the laws ability to cirumvent due process through intimidation and such only 17% of cases get a trial because people are too poor or scared or both to see their trials through. Corruption is big in our state of Maine, the child sex trafficking should be caught in this state soon and spread though the alternative media I think, its only a matter of time. We have a relatively low population and a ton of border with Canada or ocean so it is a prime place to use for such corruption.
    Best wishes to you and David, you always have our support and love. We are big fans, and crave any of your work. Really miss having regular briefings we used to be getting from you guys. They were holding us up day to day sometimes through some of the toughest periods. Cant thank you enough.

  17. Thank you for the treasure of your positive, patient reminder that the Spirit is our core, and cannot be lost, despite the ferocious splintering happening around us. Your guidance in ceremony reminds me to keep working on improvement in my understanding. Your writing is excellent. I send prayer to you and David always.

  18. Thank you Elizabeth, David, and the greater communities of Ascension and Truth! I’ve enjoyed learning more about yours, and David’s work…. It’s opened me up to many ideas I used to be closed off to. I am an Essene Priest/ess. I was assigned male at birth but see myself in spirit so neither male nor female, and on this path I’m on I’ve taken the name Shekinah Love….because I am denied to helping being back the Divine Feminine in balance with the Divine Masculine. Thank you again, for the work that you do… I’m sending you lots of Love, Light, and Peace! May we all be lifted up together with Love! Many blessings to you!

  19. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your September post. I suspected you and David were undergoing some heavy trials because of the silence. Im so very sorry for what you both are bearing, along wt being deeply disturbed to know that you and David have been under such malevolent attacks—(Ive been sending you both protective healing, love light energy).
    I greatly appreciate your update; you have articulated effectively how one maneuvers through such attacks; and Im so grateful that you and David are staying the course to share the Truth and the info to help us Ascend.
    Blessings, Dear Wilcocks.

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