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The Priestess Path

In this Temple, I initiate and guide women along this ancient and sacred Path who also yearn to live a life closer to the divine. Welcome to the mystery school—The Priestess Path, Lineages of light.

Radiant Light Qigong®

Focused on the connection to the earth, sky, the elements and Spirit, move your body, awaken the divine, and strengthen your connection to mind, body, and spirit such that you can receive more wisdom.

The Essential Priestess

In this mini-course, you’ll learn the fundamentals practices and rituals of the priestess. Learn how to use crystals, commune with the divine, and hold sacred boundaries.

Upcoming Events:

April 12-14

Sedona Priestess Retreat

Join Elizabeth and your soul sisters for this powerful three day priestess immersion in the beautiful vortexes of Sedona! April 12,13,14, 2023.

April 15-16

Sedona Wudang Qigong Retreat

Learn the Mystic Art of Wudang Qigong with Sifu Elizabeth and Lineage Master, Zi Xiao in the red rocks of Sedona April 15-16, 2023.

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