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Elizabeth Seraphine is a mystic trailblazer and creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light® and has initiated tens of thousands of women worldwide. Over half her life, she has trained with masters and grandmasters, formally apprenticing lineages of sacred wisdom, which she calls the “Lineages of Light”. She earned five black belts in Kung fu and has co-owned five martial art and qigong schools, becoming the first female master instructor in her martial art organization. She has pioneered the return of the role of the Western priestess by bringing in lineage tools from rare and once secret lineages of wisdom and a unique blend of masculine and feminine arts into the field, which has influenced a new generation of women walking the priestess path.

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I believe we are eternal souls on an eternal timeline, that we all have a spirit family on the other side, and that we have come here for a reason.

As a child, I had many experiences with the spirit world and yearned for a mentor who could teach me how to use these abilities to heal. After a near death experience at nineteen, my entire life changed as I was awakened to the profound reality of the spiritual world and the eternal soul. Soon after, I quit college to find the paths of power that held the wisdom of the Divine. This quest led me down ‘the road less traveled’ and I formally apprenticed various lineages —  what I call the Lineages of Light to learn the divine wisdom they hold.

The first lineage I apprenticed was shamanism in 1988 and have continued to study and practice since. I entered formal priestess training in the Magdalene lineage and emerged as an initiated priestess in 1999. I apprenticed the Taoist arts and Martial arts, earning five black belts, co-owing five martial art and qigong schools, and became the first female master and lineage holder in my organization. Currently I am practicing the Wudang lineage and am helping to spread these sacred teachings to the world.

In 2011, I had a visitation from the Goddess, where she asked me to assist the return of the sacred feminine energies on earth. She showed me that the earth and her creatures were suffering from the lack of energy from the divine feminine and were yearning for her presence.

It is time to return the refined and sacred energy of the feminine and the station of priestess. I began initiating women onto the sacred path in 1990 and for the past thirty years have continued to do so. This path has taken me into the heights and depths of the human soul and deep into uncharted territories to find the initiations I have put into The Priestess Path Lineages of Light ® temple.

These unique gems of wisdom have been passed down from the lineages I apprenticed and from direct experiences with the Divine. To date, tens of thousands of women have taken these courses which has influenced a new generation of women practicing the priestess arts.

I invite you to enter the temple and experience some of these sacred ways yourself.

My Initiatory Illness

At the age of 15, I developed a severe eating disorder and was hospitalized for it by the age of 17. After receiving the best care that Western medicine offered, I actually got worse. After going off to college and being on my own with this addiction, I got down on my knees and prayed for Spirit to help me. This is when everything began to change…

Miraculous Healing

This prayer to heal led me to the Foundation for Shamanic Studies where, at the age of 18, I entered into a serious shamanic practice. After a year of sincere devotion, I experienced a miraculous healing, which moved me to devote my life to the healing ways. After a profound death experience where I met my angelic family, I had the clarity of my life’s purpose and quit college to immerse myself in shamanism. I graduated from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies’ Three Year Program in Advanced Shamanic Healing, made numerous trips to the Amazon to deepen these studies and now share some of these ways with my students.

Dedication to the Healing Path

A few years after my miraculous healing, I entered the martial arts which led me to the martial lineages of Shaolin kung fu, Korean Bagua, and Wudang. At the heart of the martial arts is the mystical art of qigong. Inside of qigong, I found healing, emotional peace and a deep connection to Spirit which has become my daily ritual that sets the world right. Throughout my career, I have co-owned five black belt schools and qigong centers and have trained thousands of students. After over thirty years of study and practice, I formed the Priestess Path Lineages of Light ® Mystery School to initiate women into the sacred art of being a priestess. To date, then of thousands of women worldwide have taken my trainings and a new generation of women doing priestess work has emerged from these teachings.

The Martial Arts & Qigong

One of my master said, “A true master makes masters”. My journey to master instructor took almost 15 years of daily training. During this deep initiation in the martial art lineages, I had to overcome many personal obstacles to achieve this. I battled lethargy, depression, debilitating shyness, fear, divorce, and pain. There were a few times on that journey that I wanted to quit, but I continued to persevere, remaining focused on my love of the arts. I now bring the sacred warrior code teachings from these lineages into my courses and trainings.

Studying these ancient lineages, then becoming a lineage holder myself, forged a great determination to use this wisdom to protect the earth and to carry on these teachings. I am fortunate to have been trained by real masters and men that make warriors and am deeply honored to have the blessing to carry teachings from these lineages forth. Listed in the Zen Wellness Master’s Council under Elizabeth Wilcock  (former married name) here.

Radiant Light Qigong ®

After my classical training in Shaolin kung fu and Taoist qigong, I felt that the arts had been much colored by male energy as men have been the ones to carry these teachings over the course of time.

My body naturally yearned for more feminine energy and I was guided to add a feminine flow to traditional qigong movement. I created a style of qigong called Radiant Light Qigong ®, which focuses on the connection to the earth, sky, the elements and Spirit. 


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