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The Priestess Path Lineages of Light® Mystic School - Embody Your Sacredness & Live Your Holy Cause

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Explore the Temple Grounds

The Priestess Path Lineages® of Light Mystic School is a sanctuary for your sacredness to come alive.
Awaken to the secrets of the ages that live within you...

Sacred Wisdom Returns

Do you hear your soul calling?

The call of the Goddess has resounded throughout the cosmos, and She is beckoning those who can hear to the remember the Divine Feminine in us all.

We are at a pivotal time in history. This is a prophesied time of great upheaval, which also contains great opportunity.  The time has been foretold when the priestesses would be called to return. This is the Great Awakening of humanity to a new, golden age that we must focus on to create.

There is no time to wait. For those who hear the call, the time is now. We are the ones to make a stand for al that is sacred and protect and preserve God’s creation for those that come after.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Seraphine, initiator and guide on the Mystic Priestess Path. 

I support women to embody their priestess mantle, to become a sanctuary and embody and express their true power. Some courses are open to everyone, devoted to embodying a sacred way of life.

My mission is to help return the Temples and the Priestesses that inhabit those Temples, to stand for the sacred and to inspire others to do the same.

Since you’re here, maybe that is your mission too.

This Temple school offers courses, webinars and retreats that are steeped in sacred wisdom that empower you to infuse your life with meaning and purpose while also awakening to your spiritual gifts.

It is my pleasure and my calling to be a keeper of this Temple and we welcome with open arms those sincere seekers who feel the call to be nourished by the sacred. mystic arts.

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Take a step onto the Priestess Path

There Have Always Been Priestesses

In every time and every place,
there have always been priestesses.
Women of Power
in tune with the sacred.
Sisters, daughters, mothers and crones
birthing, bleeding, healing and deathing together.

There have always been priestesses.

In all societies that cherish the sacred,
women are honored for their unique power
and abilities.
Carrying the codes of the womb-creatrix,
women are the life-givers, the care givers, midwives,
wisdom keepers, lovers and healers.

It is time for the Priestess to return
from the shadows of history to touch this thirsty earth.
Women of power, women of wisdom,
You are an eternal, sovereign being.
Your spirit is a Noble Queen!
Embody her.

You have come here for a reason
with a special gift for this world.

Now is your time to embody
the fierce love and beauty the world is thirsty for.
Calling down the Light, kiss this earth and
live your life as a blessing!

Initiator & Guide on the Priestess Path

Explore the Temple Rooms

See what's inside the temple

My personal quest...

After 30 years of deep apprenticeship and teaching, I created the temple that I had always yearned for. As a young girl, I had many spiritual experiences and when I came of age, I yearned to enter a temple where I could be taught by wise women.

For always, I was not satisfied with the “normal” world that I saw all around me and as a young woman, I hoped to find a mentor and a temple where I could learn the secrets of my body and the divine. However, there were no temples. 

This lack of wise women and temples fueled my Quest to uncover the ancient Lineages of Light.

At age eighteen, I began to formally learn shamanism and at age twenty, I quit college to study shamanism full time. For the next three decades, I would devote my life to finding and studying with real masters of real lineages.

After three decades of studying with masters from all over the world in the lineages of sacred wisdom, I was guided to create my own mystery school, the Priestess Path Lineages of Light®. Ultimately, I have created the temple I has always longed for.

The Priestess Path Lineages of Light® temple is open to all who sincerely seek out the Divine and the Divine Feminine.

My offerings are dedicated to the Ancestors, the Earth and her people, men and women alike, to anchor in the Sacred, Now, and for generations to come.

If you yearn to nourish the sacred within you and to awaken the mysteries of this magical world, I invite you to enter the temple…

About me...

The light of the Divine has continually called me to devote my life to the sacred and to inspire others to be a sanctuary to the animals, the earth, the elements, and fellow travelers on this divine journey… our human family. 

From an early age, I was having mystic experiences that opened me up to the reality of the spiritual world.

As a young adult, I wanted nothing more that to join the mystics and to be trained by shamans. 

The quest led me to masters and far-off lands to learn the timeless sacred arts. I passionately delved deeply into shamanism, martial arts, qigong, sacred feminine wisdom, and direct mystic experience. 

After thirty years of study and teaching I was called to create my own Mystery School which I call The Priestess Path Lineage of Light ®. Along my journey, I earned 5 black belts in kung fu, owned five martial art and qigong centers and became the first female master and lineage holder in my martial art organization.

My explorations have taken me to the tops of the Andes, deep into the jungles of Peru, and into the heights ad depths of the human soul. This path, in its beginning, was a challenge (as it still is), as I went through initiation, after initiation, after initiation which is the hallmark of the path.

Perhaps you can relate to the challenge of seeking a life of peace, beauty and fulfillment. 

This Temple — one of the many Temples of Light both on earth and throughout the multi-dimensional cosmos— is here to nourish the sacred quest to live and embody the beauty, elegance, and power of our Divine heritage.

What our sisters are saying….

Enter the Wisdom House

Explore ceremonies, resources and writings inspired by the divine. Awaken to your inner knowings.

What Kind of Priestess Are You?

Discover your priestess archetype and sacred lineage.

Enter the Temple Dojo

The Dojo is a temple where we join mind and body, spirit and nature in honor and respect. Moving the body is key in awakening its latent wisdom. Explore Radiant Light Qigong, a practice which focuses on the connection of the earth, sky, elements, and Spirit. 

After owning five schools, earning five black belts, and becoming a lineage holder of our system, I was guided to create a style of Qigong that honored the feminine body. I felt that the arts had been colored for thousands of years by male energy and that it is important for the female system to be attended to uniquely. My body naturally yearned for more feminine energy and I was led to add a feminine flow to these ancient qigong arts. Explore the fundamental template of qigong in the temple dojo.


"Be a blessing"

—Elizabeth Seraphine

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