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Invoking New Beginnings! Solar Eclipse Dec. 26

The Solar Eclipse on Dec. 26th is at 12:13am ET in Capricorn (9:13 PM Pac Dec. 25th)

Take Control of Your Destiny
Invoke New Beginnings

The Solar eclipse on Dec. 26th comes only five days after the longest, “darkest” night of the Winter Solstice.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we just experienced the energy of peak darkness. This has clear, physical components. Some feel disappointment at having so little daylight to enjoy, while others may welcome the slowing down and the contemplative darkness.

This time also has metaphysical components, where the material within our own Shadow self is being brought up for healing and review.

This normal yearly cleansing process is followed by the New Year, where we reflect upon what we have learned and set new resolutions for how we hope to run our lives differently.

This time, however, the gravity of the “life review” of the Winter Solstice is now greatly enhanced by another celestial darkness — a solar eclipse. Where I am, it is now getting dark at 4:30, and the day seems to just speed away.

Historically, solar eclipses are associated with life-altering changes that activate your karmic destiny.

The Sun in astrology is associated with our outer personality, our goals and ambitions, our health and career.

The changes that a solar eclipse brings have a fated quality about them that affect these and other personal areas. The changes may arrive in a chance meeting, a change in career, or a change in how you choreograph your day, as a few examples.

Solar eclipses are known to bring rapid change, and are portals for accelerated growth.

As Susan Miller wrote for AstrologyZone,

“Eclipses are dramatic “wild cards” in our horoscopes. They are some of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change. They uproot us, surprise us, and get us moving.”

And, as Rosey Baker wrote for Elite Daily,

“Generally, the changes that a solar eclipse ushers in are positive, as the sun is categorized as a positive planet in astrology.”

An interesting fact is that solar eclipses always occur with the New Moon, and they are always paired with a lunar eclipse. The companion Lunar eclipse will appear on January 10th, 2020. You can therefore expect a period of very fertile change and renewal leading right through this date.

Because the Sun represents our focus, external desires, goals and personalities when we are at our most outgoing, solar eclipses may force us to take a different route to achieve our goals.

The Sun in Astrology also represents kings and queens, famous people, rulership and governance. Throughout history, solar eclipses have been associated with “the fall of corrupt kings”.

I wrote a blog on February 1st, 2019, right after the January solar/lunar eclipse pair, entitled “The Rise of the Divine Feminine and the Fall of Corrupt Kings.”

At the time, we had just witnessed the epic fall of corrupt patriarchs in religion and spirituality, namely Cardinal Pell and John of God. And now, on Thursday, December 19th, 2019, just as we were heading into the next eclipse, John of God was sentenced to 19 years in prison for four rapes.

This is only the first of a series of lawsuits that he is very likely apt to lose, where he will then gain additional consecutive prison sentences for committing these crimes. These sentences will almost invariably result in him spending the rest of his life in prison.

Just two days before John of God’s sentencing, on December 17th, 2019, Pope Francis lifted a centuries-old Vatican secrecy ban that prevented pedophiles from being investigated and prosecuted in sex abuse cases.

This paves the way for a massive revolution in these horrifying crimes being investigated, uncovered and brought to trial, unlike anything we’ve ever seen in history.

Corruption, both on the world stage and in the configuration of our personal lives, will be expunged in some way. The lifting of this veil of “pontifical secrecy” may well just be the beginning.


As the Moon — which is the sphere of intuition, the inner world and changes — covers the Sun, we may have changes in our ambition or purpose. Circumstances beyond our control can shift our focus to the spiritual. This can result in our material ambitions and health being obstructed, lost or otherwise changing in some fated way.

It is said that something must end or be lost as this change occurs. Kings or leaders may be eclipsed, deposed or dis-empowered. As another example, on December 13th, 2019, Boris Johnson won the vote for Prime Minister in the UK, and this means the long-anticipated ‘Brexit’ can move forward.

Without the economic engine of the UK fueling the ill-fated “European Union,” it is likely that this toxic EU system, siphoning out the wealth from poorer countries and creating mass unemployment and financial desperation, will finally collapse — and Europe can begin a road to true healing.

As the moon obstructs the sun, we have the feminine, lunar energies somehow changing or “obstructing” the masculine energies of outward personality, work, and the material world. This moon-sun relationship reminds me of something one of my Taoist grandmasters said many years ago.

Fifteen years ago, while he was downloading a truckload of Taoist teachings, he got into talking about the energy of the time we are in as being depicted in the I Ching, with the hexagram Earth over Heaven — or feminine over masculine.

As he spoke of how this hexagram was the energy of these next few decades, he said that is why we have so many bad-ass women these days. The warriors of old are reincarnating into “Ferraris,” as he called women’s bodies, instead of “Jeeps,” which was the comparison he made to men’s bodies.

Today, Western women have more freedoms and can do pretty much everything a man can do without getting burned at the stake or flogged. For this same reason, he said some of the bad-asses of old are now coming into female form.

I have another close friend, an expert in Mayan cosmology, who says that they also predicted the rise of the feminine at this time in history. I don’t know much about this prophecy, but would like to know more. On an overall level, it is obvious that patriarchal structures are giving way to a more inclusive view, worldwide.

A common mistake is to assume that the rise of the feminine is hostile to the masculine. This simply isn’t true when we are speaking of the rise of the Divine, sacred feminine. The feminine can be hostile to the masculine when it comes in the form of what I call the toxic feminine. This is a force that likes to castrate, dominate and steal power.  The rise of the sacred feminine does not oppress, but uplifts the noble aspects of all beings equally.

For thousands of years, the feminine has been intentionally and forcibly oppressed and suppressed through brutal and murderous means. In Western civilization it was made illegal to include the Goddess in worship since 394AD, when the Temple of Vesta was officially closed by the Roman religious patriarchy. This is the year it also became illegal to be a priestess.

Ever since that time, the role of women in Western society degraded to where we were looked at as no more than property, much like cattle.

Women are rising from these ashes. We do not need to be angry at men for what has gone before. Nor does this mean that men or the masculine principle will lose anything. The noble essence of the sacred feminine nurtures good things, and adds potentiation to a man’s noble endeavors.

Much of this relationship alchemy has been lost to time, but it is still preserved in some ancient cultures. And, wisdom is eternally available to all with ears to hear.

While the feminine brings the spirit of equality and a respect for life, she also brings a fierce understanding of where the sacred boundaries are. She has a Durga-like protective energy, similar to a mother bear protecting her children. It is important to not confuse a loving stand that has elements of fierceness with the toxic feminine, which has a castrating energy of jealousy, envy, hatred and smallness.

As the feminine rises, the feminine energy of listening, receptivity, sensitivity, nurturing, compassion and fierce protection appears throughout all aspects of life. I personally feel this is the only way that life on our planet will survive.

Only by restoring or rising the value and respect for innocence, tenderness and safety will our technology, words and deeds be harmonious with and supportive to life on earth. Without sensitivity, tenderness and a willful intent to serve and protect, our advances will continue to desecrate this earth and all who live on it. This is the sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine.

The feminine needs the masculine, and the masculine needs the feminine, even if this is within the alchemy of our own selves. The feminine and masculine are two sides of a coin — inseparable, equal, and different. They are hard-wired into the fabric of the universe, just like the waxing and waning of the moon, the rise and fall of the sun, or the yin and the yang of training.

It is taught in the martial and internal arts that you need to balance hard movement with soft movement, and soft movement with hard. For instance, after a high-energy kung-fu practice, one must do some yin movements to balance out one’s body and energy field. The eternal dance of yin and yang must mix together in order to achieve balance.

Ideally, in a Utopian way, the masculine holds the perimeter of safe space so that the feminine can unfurl, unmolested. The feminine is the innocence of children, the innocence of young girls, the innocence of women, the elderly, the earth and animals. Part of the ancient understanding of The Feminine is that its meaning includes all creatures who can be seen as vulnerable in some way.

An example of the alchemy of masculine and feminine in one is a mother protecting her child. Her child is feminine, and her protection is masculine. A warrior protecting his village is in his masculine role. The elderly, the women and children in his village would be considered feminine in this case.

The guardians outside the temple are in a masculine archetypal energy, whether they be men or women as they stand in protection of the people in the receptive state of ceremony.

As a world, we are redefining values and roles, but we do not need to lose the innately noble attributes of the masculine and feminine as we do. If we become too masculine and lose compassion, there is a brutality that turns into violence and senseless wars.

A true warrior only picks up arms when forced to, out of necessity. He does this not to provoke, but only in defense of the innocent. Falling too far into the feminine, one can lose will — the will to live and the will to achieve — and one can just become a victim.

The rise of the Divine feminine is about the feminine coming back into the world in a balanced way, acknowledging equality and a respect for all things — along with fierce and loving boundaries around that which is sacred.

During the time to eclipse, we are able to see deeper into something that we did not see before. It is important to take some contemplative time, if you can, to see some of the mega-themes, lessons and structures in your life. 


Karma is the Universal Law of reciprocity, built into the very fabric of existence. Its force is encapsulated in the popular saying, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

During your quiet time, you may wish to contemplate:

  • What are you wishing on others?
  • (Look at your immediate family, your Beloved, your children, parents, and then your associates.)
  • What are you saying about others?
  • What are you doing to others?

Then, look for any mirror effects of these good or bad wishes to see any correlations in your life. What is the solar eclipse revealing to us in the spiritual sense? You may want to take some time out late tonight to tomorrow morning, while we are in the portal of the eclipse, to meditate and pray.


Take some time — at least 10 minutes minimum — to sit and be quiet during the eclipse.

Review your goals and dreams. Write down any karmic patterns, lessons or structures that you see in your life right now.

Is there a theme from your childhood that is present again? What do you think the purpose of your life is — and are you on track?

When the end comes, you will not be known for the car you drove, (not speaking metaphorically in this case,) but you will be remembered for how you made people feel — and the way you touched this earth.

Be open-hearted and flexible with any changes that are occurring, as they may be pushing you forward — towards your dreams.

I wish you blessings during this eclipse!

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  1. Thank you Elizabeth. This is beautiful. And quite a wonderful guide.

    From someone who is somewhat new (in a way) to much of this information, I look forward to the insights and knowledge I’m gathering from you and this group.

    Thank you again.


  2. Thank you so much for this message. Blessings to everyone in this special time.
    I’m really glad I connected with you Elizabeth. You are a example of love and grace.

  3. Thanks for this masterful picture of these days we are transiting thru. It is my sense that the current planetary alignment of Saturn and Pluto is very likely to precipitate the exposure of leaders for their past crimes and bad behaviors, through the admissions of allies/friends and family members, given the trine by sign to Uranus in Taurus. We shall see as time goes by. But the coming opposition of Pluto to Mercury in the US chart indicates much argumentation, opposition between opponents like Trump and Pelosi. I don’t rule out widespread civil unrest in the US, as in Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.

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