Private Sessions with Elizabeth Seraphine

Mystic Mentorship

In a mystic mentor session, we will do a deep dive into the inner sanctum of your soul to receive clear guidance on your pressing questions. The session may include divination, prayer and decrees or healing. Simply book your session here and ad in the details any particular subject that you wish to look at. You do not need to know a specific topic, as your soul and your guides will shine light upon the session.

90 minute mentorship: 333

Soul Retrieval Bundle

Series of three sessions with Elizabeth to retrieve essential parts of your soul that may have distanced due to trauma, relationships, cultural neglect, etc. This bundle involves three sessions with Elizabeth. The first session is a one hour explorative diagnostic session over Zoom where we will locate the general area of trauma where the soul energy can be recovered. The second session, will be a journey that Elizabeth conducts in her sacred space on your behalf, traveling into the spirit world to recover the soul parts and return them. The third session is another Zoom call where she will tell you what she saw and what she returned and deliver the directions of care.

Cost for Soul Retrieval Bundle: 997

Personal Sedona Soul-Healing Retreat

Join Elizabeth in beautiful Sedona for a 3-day retreat tailored to your individual needs. Three day personal retreat: $3333


Soul Retrieval Testimonial:
"To wake up with so much joy and happiness was so profound considering what's been going on. It really tickles me yet another example of how powerful all of this is and how real it is."


Soul Retrieval Testimonial:
"I felt a very specific shift in my psyche after the soul retrieval. I no longer worry about what other people think of me. It's a very novel and freeing feeling. I feel like it is definitely to do with the retrieval you did for me."

Elisa Chastaine Testimonail


Mystic Mentorship:
"With Elizabeth's help I have been able to birth and whole new me, an entire brand and align my soul's mission to my message and business. I am eternally grateful for your help and couldn't have done this without you!"


Elizabeth Seraphine

Elizabeth Seraphine is a mystic trail-blazer and creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light ®. She initiates women into the mystic arts merging real lineage teachings and tools with direct revelation and communion.

For most of her adult life she has trained with masters and grandmasters in shamanism, martial arts, Taoism, qigong and the priestess arts, while exploring the edges of the mystic envelope. 

Throughout her training, she has earned five black belts, co-owned five martial art schools and is the first female lineage holder and master instructor in her martial art organization. 

She is a graduate of the Three-Year-Course in Advanced Shamanic Healing taught by Michael Harner and has gone through formal priestess training.

Elizabeth combines decades of real-world training and experience with direct revelation in her unique courses and offerings, which have initiated tens of thousands world-wide in the mystic arts.

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