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Lion’s Gate Portal

What is the Lion’s Gate Portal?

The Lion’s Gate Portal opens every year when the earth, the Dog Star Sirius, and Orion all align when the sun is in the sign of Leo opening a “gate” of heightened spiritual energy.

This occurs during mid-summer as our sun passes through the sign of Leo, hence the name “Lion’s Gate”.

Since ancient times, the powerful alignment of cosmic bodies has been recognized as a time when heightened energy pours onto the planet from the cosmos.

During this time (July 28-August 12th) Sirius, which the brightest star in the sky, “rises” and can be seen in the early morning after having been hidden from sight by daylight.

This is return of a cosmic body to the visible area of the sky is called a heliacal rising.

This time was sacred to the Egyptians. As Sirius visibly returns to the sky, Orion’s Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza. This alignment signaled the New Year and the rise of the Nile.

This meant a time of rebirth and renewal strongly associated with the fertility of the Goddess.

As the water of the Nile river rises, it overflowed onto the land, nourishing the the crops and trees with  rich silt and the earth was revitalized by the element of water.

The star Sirius is therefore associated with the Goddess Isis, the Priestess-Queen carrying the similar power of resurrection. Sirius is also associated with the Goddess Hathor, the nurturing mother Goddess.

Art by Cosmic Collage

How You Can Benefit From the Lion’s Gate Portal:

The Lion’s Gate Portal offers us a potent time to connect to the light of spirit and to fill our body and being with literal light from this great cosmic body.

You can do a practice that aligns your spirit to the cosmic center and absorb as much of this light from our spiritual sun as possible.

This is a time to attune your soul to Your highest and brightest potential and to get the downloads from Spirit about the direction that is right for you now.

It is also important to Navigate your waters with love…

In order to support you in going deeper into your personal power, and to work with the light from the spiritual sun, I am holding a very special Lion’s Gate Initiation on August 8th 2023 at noon Pacific.

Join Me for a Spacial Lion’s Gate Initiation on 8:8

I have been offering Lion’s Gate activations online since 2016 and this year we are continuing the tradition making it even more potent, powerful and useful.

Don’t miss this powerful opportunity to unite with like-minded others on the spiritual path and be guided to your highest light.

Join the Lion’s Gate Initiation here


This will be another beautiful gathering in safe and sacred temple space.

I look forward to sharing sacred time with you!

Many Blessings,

Elizabeth Seraphine


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