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Energetic Protection

This is the simplest protection mini-ceremony that I do.

I have to thank my mother for teaching me this when I was nine years old as I was experiencing the world of spirit very strongly at that time and was in need of a simple practice a child could use to protect oneself.

This is also one of the best to teach a child as it does not require a lot of explanation or discussion. It is so simple, you are going to say, “I already know this!” and we all do, but often need a reminder to actually USE our tools.

So this is a reminder for all of us to use this tool over and over again, day after day, situation by situation. Let me re-introduce to you the simple white light protection tool.

I will initially share this tool the way my mother shared it with me.

It was so simple, yet, at nine, it was the first tool that anyone had ever given me, so in gratitude of mothers teaching their little medicine children, here is the simplest protection tool on the planet.

This tool is great to use before you go into work, into any interactions with people, when you travel, etc.

White Light Bubble of Protection

The white light comes from God, the One, the Divine, and is the manifestation of the love, light of God carrying all its healing and protection.

You can, of course, choose any color of light that you like to surround yourself with. It can also be golden light or rainbow light.

  1. Surround yourself in a bubble of white light
  2. Know that you are safe and protected by the light of the divine
  3. Rest in the safety, clarity and protection of the white light


Now, I will elaborate a bit on this one, as I add a few more layers to this after many decades of using it.

Pyramids of Light Protection

This is really a three dimensional star of David made of two, three-dimensional pyramids of light, also known as the Merkaba.

Now that you are surrounded in a bubble of white light, I like to add another layer of protection — one that spins around and, as it does, it deflects any energy coming towards you like negative thoughts from others, psychic attacks, etc.

Imagine a pyramid of light, the tip pointing towards the heavens surrounding your body, with the tip just above your top chakra.

Now imagine a second pyramid of light, tip pointing towards the earth. I like to align the base, or wide, flat part of the lower pyramid at clavicle level or over the top of my head (not at my throat or my heart).


Now see these two pyramids of light rotating, the upper pyramid rotates one way, the lower the other way. Now see any and all lower vibrational energy coming your way bounding off of this rotating wonder.

You can also see any lower-vibrational or negative energy from your own mind or emotions being transmuted or “blended” into a higher loving and positive vibration of light.

I am a big fan of using our intuition to feel things, no matter what other people say, so see what feels best: the upper pyramid rotating to the right, the lower to the left OR the opposite?

Leave a comment below and let me know which way feels best to you!

(You can also now put the white light bubble on the outside of the Merkaba if it also feels best — let us know in the comments below!)

Much love,


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