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Legends from long ago speak of advanced beings who gifted people with advanced knowledge. This knowledge held secrets of how to maintain health, longevity and youthfulness even into old age. Time-tested for thousands of years, the art of qigong is one of the most elegant and potent anti aging practices on earth. Thanks to the many masters who have gone before, this wisdom has been kept alive and has been passed down to us.

Qigong means “energy work” or “energy cultivation” and is known to give a great amount of  benefit in a short amount of time. Qigong can greatly benefit our modern, hectic lives by connecting us to the timeless wisdom of nature. IN this practice, we create a new baseline of peace, and connect to the restorative, regenerative power in our bodies and nature.

The goal of Qigong is to establish a daily practice that heals our body, grounds us in peace, and slows down the ageing process. This is why the Taoists are famed for looking young and for being strong and active even into advanced age.

In this online program, Master Instructor Elizabeth Seraphine walks you through the fundamentals of every solid qigong practice. She also introduces you to a more fre form flow called Radiant Light Qigong®. This is a simple yet very effective beginning for those who are new to qigong and a refinement for those who have already been practicing.

The Fundamentals of Radiant Light Qigong® Online Training Program is where you will learn ancient wisdom for modern life

What you’ll get

What our Students are saying…

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Discovering qigong has been life-changing for me. My personal practice is profoundly energizing and calming. Elizabeth embodies the practice with grace power, beauty, strength and a tremendous body of knowledge and experience.

Taylor Morgan
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Elizabeth is a radiant light to the world! Working with her brought me on a deeply personal journey of growth and empowerment I will never forget. Everyone can benefit from Elizabeth’s training spiritually, emotionally, physically weather you are young or old, strong or weak.

Sasha Bujnak
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Each time I practice the qigong you taught me, it’s incredibly powerful! By simply using qigong principles on a daily basis, being aware and conscious of my energy field, I feel truly transformed and blessed. I thank you infinitely for allowing me to see this beautiful divine dance of life while connecting my mind, body, and spirit.

Adriana A.
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Elizabeth’s depth, discipline, and devotion are remarkable. She maintains a living connection with the deep wisdom of her lineage. Through life coaching and Qigong training, Elizabeth helped me awaken to new possibilities, and achieve them.


Here's what you'll receive…

2 E-Books & Daily Tracking Sheet

The Fundamentals of Qigong training manual and The Tao of How You Eat give a solid foundation of the qigong lifestyle.

5 Training Videos

Detailed video instruction that walks you through establishing a successful daily practice. Plus, the traditional Shaolin Qigong practice called the Eight Pieces of Brocade.

3 Meditations & More

Traditional meditations from ancient qigong lineages that are simple to do and profoundly helpful.

Learn the wisdom of the Masters with the Radiant Light Qigong® Online Training Program

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