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The Mystic Arts of Wudang Mountain: Secret Practices of Youth and Longevity

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“Felt my body waking up! Felt tingling hands and legs and all this energy stored in my lower dien-ten, first time I experience qigong movements…loving it!!”

Milisen Corella

Dive Into the Mystery

w/ Taoist adept Elizabeth Seraphine & 16th-generation lineage holder, Master Zi Xiao 资晓
in this 3-Part Webinar Series

EPISODE ONE: Tuesday, September 27th @ 12pm Noon Pacific Time

Uncovering the Divine Mysteries of Wudang Mountain

An Introduction to the Ancestral Daoist Practice of Wudang Qigong Internal Arts

  • Discover the Origins of One of the Most Ancient and Powerful Daoist Arts From Authentic Disciple Zi Xiao 资晓
  • Learn How to Transcend the Limitations of Many Traditional Methods of Health like Yoga and Modern Breathwork
  • Discover the Secrets of Immortality from the Secret Art of Wudang Internal Cultivation
  • Learn How to Youthify Yourself and Boost Vitality
  • Become a Beacon of Light in a World of Strife and Struggle

EPISODE TWO: Saturday, October 1st @ 12pm Noon Pacific Time

Awakening the Divine Feminine with Wudang Arts

Discover the Hidden Feminine Source of Wudang Practices 

  • Learn How to Use Simple Flowing Movements to Awaken Your Feminine from Within
  • Connect with Your Sacred Feminine Through the Five Foundational and Flowing Movements of Wudang
  • Hear the Fascinating Story of the Goddess Kuan Yin as a Vital Creative Energy in the Origins of Wudang Daoism
  • Create Harmony and Peace With Yourself and Others
  • Explore the Opportunity to Connect to Wudang Internal Arts as a Woman

EPISODE THREE: Wednesday, October 5th @ 12pm Noon Pacific Time

Creating a Powerful Practice for Health & Beauty

A Path For the Aspiring Wudang Practitioner to Unlock the Secrets of Immortality and Youth

  • Learn How to Put it All Together to Generate Ultimate Health and Beauty in Your Life
  • Release Negative Physical Tension, Subconscious Beliefs and Energetic Blocks
  • Honor Your Sacred Path with Consistency in your Practice
  • Prioritize Your Health With Simplicity, Serenity, and Joy
  • Participate in a Live Question and Answer Session with Elizabeth Serphanie and Zi Xiao 资晓

Join Elizabeth Seraphine & Zi Xiao 资晓 
for this 3-Part LIVE Webinar Series!

The Mystic Arts of Wudang Mountain: Secret Practices of Youth and Longevity

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“So beautiful and graceful. What a wonderful
way to gain strength and health.”

Diana Schmidt

Meet Your Teachers

Zi Xiao 资晓

16th Generation Wudang Sanfeng Pai Lineage Holder Zi Xiao

Alex Mieza (Taoist name Zī Xiǎo 资晓) is an international master of Chinese Traditional Martial Arts and Taoist Internal Health Cultivation Arts from Wudang Mountains. In 1997 he was initiated and since 2012 has been an official member of Wudang Sanfeng Pai’s taoist official lineage.

He is master Yuan Xiugang’s first official disciple in Spain in a lineage dating back to 14th century since its creation by historic Taoist monk Zhang Sanfeng.

He has trained with the most recognized Chinese Martial Arts masters, including:

Yuan Xiugang (袁修刚), Yu Tianlu (于天路), Chen Lisheng (陈理圣), Yu Liting (余理庭), Su Yuzhang (蘇昱彰), and Wu Zhongxian (DengXian (吳忠賢).

In addition to these renowned masters also had the opportunity to go in 2006 to Beijing’s Sports University, attending various trainings with the Wushu elite team.

During his time he also traveled to Shaolin Temple (少林寺) and Dafa Wang Temple (法王寺), training with several monks such as Shi Yan Fang or Shi Heng Yang, Shi Heng Dong and Shi Heng Fa.

In 2009 he began to focus his studies in the mountains of Wudang (武当山), which he regularly visits since then to deepen the Taoist internal arts, mainly under the supervision of his master Yuan Xiugang of the Sanfeng Pai lineage. Also the teachings of master Chen Lisheng of the Xuanwu Pai lineage. It is with sincere gratitude that I share these teachings with you.

Elizabeth Seraphine

Taoist adept & Creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light ®

Elizabeth Seraphine is the Creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light ® Mystery School. She has trained with masters and grandmasters over half her life apprenticing ancient lineages of wisdom, which she calls the ‘Lineages of Light’.

She has co-owned five martial art and qigong schools, earned five black belts, and is the first female master instructor in her martial art organization. Her priestess path  has initiated tens of thousands of students worldwide initiating a new generation of wisdom keepers.

A note from Elizabeth: One of my master teachers said, “A true master makes masters” and my journey to master instructor took many years of devotion and daily training. Recently, I felt the call to go deeper in my practice, and fate led me to Zi Xiao.

As my teacher for Wudang Qigong Internal Arts, Zi Xiao has opened my eyes and heart to the power and mysticism of the Wudang Temples. In a sense, I feel as though the mysteries of Wudang echo the mysteries of my own soul.

Wudang Temple Arts are one of the most mystical and ancient Daoist traditions in China. This mystic lineage focuses on the internal cultivation of vital energies to promote healing, flexibility, strength, immunity, peace of mind, and spiritual awakening.

What I like most about Wudang is how it honors a connection to the Divine Feminine Principle, which is alive in every movement of the practice.
Incredibly, the secrets of Wudang have never been shared before outside a family lineage of dedicated disciples. We are deeply honored to be sharing this practice today at the request of Zi Xiao’s Grandmaster, Zhong Yun Long, to bring true healing into the world through you.

Becoming a part of this profound mystic lineage has forged a great determination in me to use this opportunity to share these teachings to bless and protect this world. I have been fortunate to have been trained by Zi Xiao and am deeply honored to have the opportunity and blessing to carry these lineages on to you

Join Elizabeth Seraphine & Zi Xiao 资晓 
for this 3-Part LIVE Webinar Series!

The Mystic Arts of Wudang Mountain: Secret Practices of Youth and Longevity

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