with Elizabeth Seraphine and Zi Xiao 资晓

A Special Invitation to Train With Us


In traditional daoist Qigong, both the principle and the goal are the correspondence between nature and the human being. In the philosophical view of traditional Daoism, the human being is considered as a microcosm. To reach the state in which nature and the human being work as one, the flow of Qi in the body should closely correspond to the flow of Qi in nature. Chinese or daoist medicine describes the human being as a microcosm that responds integrally to the macrocosm. Cosmic energies reach a point at the center of our being. These energies constitute the power of life, the generating force of the universe. In this center, the energies of the cosmos change, merge and are reflected in concentric systems. Learn traditional Wudang Qigong from a real Wudang master and lineage holder in our first US in-person retreat! Join your Wudang family!

What Makes Wudang Qigong Practices Different

Few realize that many powerful internal practices such as Tai Chi originated in the Wudang Mountains of China, where the deeper teachings were only taught to initiates.

Secrets of immortality, inner-strength and youthfulness were kept secret for thousands of years within the lineages of Chinese families to maintain and protect the integrity of the teachings. Access was almost impossible to outsiders and what has reached the West was often incomplete or water down.

Only recently have disciples like Zi Xiao been allowed to learn these ancestral arts because of the massive cultural shifts in China, and then only after taking a vow of devotion and dedication so that the real teachings can survive.

Steeped in legend and mysticism, Wudang Qigong draws on 5000+ years of wisdom that, when practiced correctly, can give you access to greater energy, health, vitality, and deeper states of meditation.


LEGACY #1: Techniques to connect to the healing power of nature

Develop your connection to the earth and spirit world through natural flowing movements and practices


LEGACY #2: Philosophical

Learn to live in alignment with your highest good through the principles of virtue, integrity, valor, commitment, and perseverance


LEGACY #3: Physical


Learn the Daoist movement practices designed to alleviate pain, develop internal awareness, and that promote exceptional health

LEGACY #4: Ceremonial

Honor the divine masculine and feminine principles within yourself through intention, discipline and gratitude


LEGACY #5: Spiritual


Awaken to the divine essence of who you truly are, beyond attachments and limitations

Join thousands of years of masters who have trained in these high-level cultivation arts!

Refund Policy: We have the right to refuse service to anyone. Any rude or harassing behavior is not allowed and participants will be promptly removed from the course.

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