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My Top 4 Freedom Tips

Freedom is a huge theme for me. My birth number is five, which is all about freedom. When I was little, I loved to run because I felt free. I quit college after two years on a full-ride scholarship so I could be free to study shamanism. When I left college, I didn’t know it, but I became an entrepreneur (which simply means someone who works for themselves), so I could stay free.

While I barely made any money for many years as an entrepreneur, I was happy because… at least I was free to go where I wanted, when I wanted.  After 30 years of delving into the mysteries, I created a mystery school to support the return of the role of priestess so that women could be free to be who they really are and make a living if they are a priestess soul. I call this The Priestess Path Lineages of Light ™ because I include wisdom from the various lineages I have studied in the school.

After dedicating my life to freedom, I’ve discovered a few key things that go into the recipe of personal freedom I’d like to share with you. These are 4 tips for living a life that is (relatively) free. I say ‘relative’ because there is always Cosmic Law we are bound to, and a few earthly things like death and taxes, so it is freedom on the Earth-plane kind of free of which I am talking.


So if you are a lover of freedom like I am, here are my 4 top freedom tips:


1) Trust thyself: “Know Thyself” was inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, but even more important is trusting yourself. A three-year-old might not know much about themselves, but there is already a fine-honed intuition that, if trusted, will lead you out of bad situations and into good if you can identify it and listen. Trust your gut. Trust your intuition, and love yourself enough to let it guide you.

2) Act on your instinct: Once we love and trust ourselves, then we can act on our inner guidance system with firm conviction. You are equipped with the most refined internal wisdom, but most of us have not been taught to know and listen to it. Not listening to our intuition can cause a lot of problems, more problems than when we deny it. Going with the status quo can be very harmful to your freedom. You may want to tune into a meaningful relationship or situation in your life and ask your innermost being: What does your instinct feel? Ponder it. Think about it and maybe… act on it.

3) Become An Entrepreneur: Entrepreneur is a big word that essentially means “someone who does their own thing” – and makes a living at it. I have been supporting women to become spiritual entrepreneurs for most of my life by helping them find their spiritual path, immersing themselves in it, then making that spiritual path what they do.

How one expresses sacred work looks different for each individual — and this is the art of the entrepreneur! For some, doing their passion will look like becoming a healer for others, it’s music, making bath salts, teaching what they love, taking care of animals, or spending time in nature.

You don’t have to quit your day job to do what you love and become an entrepreneur.

Selling lemonade on a Sunday is an entrepreneurial exercise in financial freedom. Baking something with love and feeding people, making photography cards or sacred items by hand, essential oils for anointing, goddess wear, jewelry, and inspirational t-shirts are all acts of sovereignty and freedom — a way to share your blessing with the world. These are great things to teach children.

4) Soul Retrieval: Calling back any parts of our soul that may have distanced due to trauma, power loss, or power stealing is an essential part of our freedom. When I was 20, I had a powerful soul retrieval experience that changed my life. It was actually the thing that galvanized my commitment to becoming a medicine woman/healer because then, I KNEW beyond the shadow of any doubt that healing and magic were real.

Readers: I’d love to hear from you in the comments: What makes you light up?

What would you love to do if you could do anything and make a living at it?

(Hint: Whatever that is, there are thousands of others that love it, too and these will be the ones to connect to you and support your decision.


Elizabeth Seraphine

P.S. I promised to put the link to my priestess Quiz, “What Kind of Priestess Are You” and you can take it by clicking here. I made this fun quiz as a playful way to connect to the various priestess lineages that have had a strong presence on earth and to see what lineage(s) you might connect to. Take it a couple times and find out!

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