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The Dark Patriarchy’s War with The Goddess

A couple weeks ago, while dining out with my mother and step-father, I overheard a woman in the booth next to us scolding her child for wanting to go to the bathroom.

“No!” she demanded, “You can’t go to the bathroom alone! Do you know what child trafficking is?”

What? Child trafficking!

The mother continued, “People steal children and make them do bad things, so you can’t go off alone in public places. I have to be with you.”

I was shocked.

I was surprised to hear this mother schooling her child about sex trafficking in a public restaurant. Not only that, but we were in a small Mormon town.

I was also surprised that child sex trafficking has become such common knowledge that mothers are telling their children about it openly in public places and as soon as they can process language.

I felt sad that her children had to be responsible for this information & sad that they were born into a world where bad people do bad things. It is the making of a horror movie… and it is apparently the reality for conservative mothers in small Mormon towns…

As we were finishing dinner, the three year old she was speaking to peeks out from behind the booth and looks at me with the inquisitive innocence only toddlers have. I smiled at him and said “Hi!” wondering if her chiding had any affect on his willingness to connect to adults.

He smiled back at me shyly and disappeared, only to re-appear a few seconds later to play a short game of hiding and seek. I was touched that after his mother tried to make him afraid of strangers that he ventured out to connect. I was also a bit concerned that maybe he didn’t understand.

I pray that all children can one day be safe one day and roam free.

But that day is not today.

Then, only a week later, I was at another restaurant in a tourist area, hundreds of miles away and overheard another conversation about child trafficking in the booth next to me! This time, three older women were sitting together and one was informing the others. The one in her 40’s was was telling the other two ladies, one about 70 the other around 50 the facts about child trafficking today.

This second occurrence in one week drove home the reality that this horror story has made it to the hearts of women in small US towns and is now a regular topic at the dinner table. I don’t know if men are also having these conversations with their buddies, because I only overheard women talking about this. I think that women, because they are entrusted with the care of children, are aware of the present danger of people stealing children and using them for sexual slavery and human sacrifice — because they need to be. Julian Assange Wikileaks Julian Assange Wikileaks

The cat is out of the bag.

The Wikileaks data dump of 2016 ripped the veil off of the dark crimes of the satanic elite.

The dark elite that have created global institutions to enslave the common folk through fiat money, lifelong debt, poison in our foods, and murdering those that created free energy are called the Cabal. Their secret religion is Luciferianism. It’s a lot to process, but that is the dirty underbelly of society that Wikileaks revealed.

Julian Assange who founded Wikileaks is a true noble warrior who exposed institutionalized evil. Please send love and light to Julian — this man sacrificed his life to expose the darkness for us and he is suffering badly.

It is an uncomfortable and inconvenient truth that such dark forces exist on this beautiful earth, but they do. The public has been thoroughly lied to throughout history. Our history books, the Bible and our schools have been carefully edited to keep us unaware of our Godly origins and of a satanic religion practiced by the ruling elite.

Since Wikileaks exposed the dark ruling elite and their nefarious practices, there has been a valiant effort by noble warriors across the globe to expose and put an end to the terrible crimes of child trafficking, pedophilia and the satanic practice of human and child sacrifice. These warriors are regular people like you and me as well as men and women of power inside the government and beyond.

What Wikileaks revealed to the world is that there is a faction of the ruling elite that are child-sacrificing, blood-drinking, pedophile satanists. Seriosly?!!

This is difficult to digest, especially if you are a good, God-loving person who just wants to enjoy life.

The fact that I overheard two dinner conversations about these child-trafficking pedophiles in one week proves that the cat is way out of the bag and that people are taking this seriously. Mothers and grandmothers are educating their children and each other. Women are doing what they can in the face of this monster, which is to tell everyone about it. Hence, this article.

If you are new to all this or if you want a refresher course on what occurred in the Wikileaks data dumps that exposed the dark elite, read my dear husband David Wilcock’s articles here:

ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal

ENDGAME II: The Antarctic Atlantis and Ancient ET Ruins


No only are women spreading the word at the dinner table, but noble warriors in governments, law agencies and good, regular people are busy right this very minute taking the evil ones down. We call them “The Alliance” for short.

Due to Wikileaks’ great reveal of the sick crimes of these ‘elite’ and the ensuing heroic effort to stop them, there has been a world-wide crackdown on child trafficking, sexual abuse and pedophilia. Law enforcement is finally treating the global epidemic seriously!

Since Wikileaks exposed these violations of children, we have witnessed the fall of a number of men and their organizations that have inflicted such horrors.


An exciting new development in just the last 24 hours is the arrest of multimillionaire Jeffery Epstein for child sex trafficking. He was arrested at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on allegations that he paid minors for sex as well as procuring girls as young as 12 for his elite and government buddies.

The new charges claim that “Epstein sexually exploited dozens of underage girls in a now-familiar scheme: paying them cash for ‘massages’ and then molesting or sexually abusing them in his Upper East Side mansion or his residence in Palm Beach.”

Former president Bill Clinton was good friends with Epstein and visited his private island aptly named “Orgy Island” on his private jet called the “Lolita Express.”

Let’s stop for just a second: The soft underbelly of the pedophile elite has just been exposed. Jeffery Epstein serviced elite government officials from all over the world! We are in for an exciting year of shocking revelations as the billionaires and high ranking government officials will not be spared.

Sources said that Epstein was arrested by the FBI pursuant to a sealed indictment that will be unsealed on Monday, July 15, 2019. Yes, the indictments are being UNSEALED.

The scandal involves Queen Elizabeth’s son, Prince Andrew, Duke of York and he is photographed with an alleged underage prostitute. He is also called “Royal Knight of the Garter” giving ‘garter’ here a new, lascivious meaning. She actually looks like a nice girl and I am sure she is cringing at the folly of her youth — gullible, vulnerable… I am sure many of you can relate.

The tide of the goddess rages. The #metoo movement started it. First it was Weinstein in October 2017, which blew the lid off of Hollywood sex-bullying of women to get roles. Sadly, we can’t say that only men sexually bullied women. As you will see in the NXIUM case below, women often become the recruiters that lure vulnerable women into these compromising situations.

Let’s stop for a second and give it up for Tarana Burke for starting the #metoo movement! She did so in 2006 to raise awareness for sexually exploited women. She lit the match that started the world on fire.

 Tarana Burke, originator of the #metoo movement Tarana Burke, originator of the #metoo movement

#metoo caught the world a blaze and gained momentum this past year. Since 2017, we have witnessed some larger than life sex offenders topple. You go Girl!



Cardinal Pell was recently sentenced to six years in prison on March 13, 2019 for pedophilia.

CNN reports that Pell’s conviction “follows a damning report by a royal commission into institutional child abuse in Australia, which alleged more than 1,800 Catholic priests, brothers, lay people, and religious sisters across the country had assaulted thousands of children over the past 65 years.”

The Church is terrified that if the world really knew the extent of their corruption and crimes against children their centuries-long power play would be over. There was a suppression order of the press so not a word about the trial could leak. Convenient.

Cardinal Pell was the Vatican’s Treasurer. He had been a Catholic priest for decades and it is said that he was close to the Pope. If one Googles ‘pedophile priests’ and ‘ritual satanic abuse in the Church’, you will traverse a disturbing landscape of first-hand testimonies and articles, some which have been taken offline.

The cases that the wooden gavel of a judge have closed are enough to see and know that this beast still lurks withing the walls of churches everywhere.


We can see more cases of monsters parading as priests by the recent fall of “John of God.” John of God was a spiritual healer made famous by Oprah and the Clinton’s. He would perform successful surgeries with rusty screwdrivers and dull knives, and cured many illnesses. Despite the success of many of his cures, there is a dark side to his ways.

More than 200 women accused John of God, whose real name is João Teixeira de Faria of sexual abuse. He has been accused by these women of of molestation, murder, running a baby farm, pedophilia, and incest.

While João denies these accusations, his own daughter is suing him for raping her as a child beginning at age 11 and continuing molesting her into her teenage years.

John of God’s daughter says “she was beaten and raped by her father until she was 14 years old.”

In my article “The Rise of the Divine Feminine and the Fall of Corrupt Kings” I speak more about John of god, or if we believe his daughter and the other women, perhaps more apt: John of Hell.

 Sabrina Bittencourt, women’s activist Sabrina Bittencourt, women’s activist

I feel it is important to notice the brave women that are risking their lives to out these perpetrators. Sabrina Bittencourt is the woman credited with exposing Faria’s abuses. She was born into a Mormon family and suffered sexual abuse at a young age. She grew up with a “V” for Vendetta and dedicated her life to exposing religions sexual crimes. She said that she was going to expose 13 more in the next year. Unfortunately, it is reported that she committed “suicide” a couple months after Faria was apprehended.

Many more sexual abuses are coming out of the shadows and into the light from Ashrams to Zen and Tibetan monasteries.

You can find numerous headlines now about sexual abuse in “godly places.”

Headlines read:

20 Years, 700 Victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist reforms

Pastor who raped daughter gets ‘soft’ sentence because the ‘church needs him’ (I guess he didn’t get the justice he deserved.)

After Years Of Abuse By Priests, #NunsToo Are Speaking Out. Nuns courageously speak out despite the trend for the congregation to ostracize them for doing so.

Abuse in faith-based organizations has gone unchecked for, basically, ever and is finally getting the justice and the press it deserves.

Sexual abuses are also being exposed in businesses, taking down the wealthy elite. From what we have just witnessed with Epstein, many more cats will be coming out of the bag very soon.


June 19, 2019 Keith Rainere, founder of the self help group, NXIUM was convicted of running a sex cult with ties to child trafficking. National Public Radio reports “Keith Raniere, who was known as “Vanguard,” was convicted on all charges, including sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy, human trafficking and multiple counts of racketeering — including sexual exploitation of a child.” In the group, women were exploited, both sexually and for their labor and kept obedient by blackmail. Raniere was a master manipulator and lured women into giving him nude photos and videos of themselves as “collateral” that he threatened he would expose if they got out of line.

He managed to recruit Hollywood ladies like Smallville actress Allison Mack, and Battlestar Galactica actress Nicki Clyne as well as female financial elite. It is a shame that men and women will try to exploit someone for their own gain, but it happens. It is good that justice is being served.

This is just the beginning. Many more sexual abuses are coming out of the shadows and into the light.

Due to this unveiling of the darkness and the subsequent prosecutions, the lords and ladies of the dark patriarchy are running scared.

While they may have been able to hide them from mass scrutiny for thousands of years, the tide has turned. The trend is now toward the exposure and take down of sex crimes, murder and pedophilia. In my article “The Rise of the Divine Feminine and the Fall of Corrupt Kings” I speak more about this.

There is a rise in feminine power as the energy of the Goddess re-awakens after a few thousand years of forced slumber.

As she awakens, she is taking names.


After centuries of forced slumber, the Goddess returns. She is pissed and taking names!

It does seem that there is a feminine power that is finally being heard. The fact that the #metoo movement had dethroned some of the most powerful men in high places is amazing. Never before could a woman reveal a sexual abuse and be taken as seriously as today. I cannot imagine the work place ever being the same. And now, we begin to see sex exploitation crime rings that shelter billionares and world-government elite coming down. It really is an exciting and historic time that we are seeing good men and women doing the hard work to protect the soft underbelly of society.

I think it is valuable to understand what happened to the feminine during the course of history, so we can have an appreciation for the tide that is coming in right now.


Historians say that matriarchal societies were not characterized by dominance of women over men, rather they are characterized by balance between the sexes, a respect for nature and the view that the Mother Goddess is the supreme creator. The matriarchal societies of our distant past flourished from the Paleolithic era 37,000 years ago until around the last Ice Age roughly 12,000 years ago. Historians like Marija Gimbutas say that these were peaceful times were women had positions of power and high regard with family lines being traced through the women.

Peaceful society remains so as long as everyone behaves in a peaceful way. The moment someone lunges toward another with a knife, you’ve got a predicament. The predicament is that either everyone allows the violence to occur (because they are so peaceful) or somebody tries to stop the violent perp and restore peace. If the violence is coming from a 6’5” burly man weighing 350 lbs. and directed at a 5’3” tall 115 lb woman, she will have a difficult time fending him off. This is where the benevolent patriarchy comes in.

Benevolent patriarchy defends against those that would do the bad things. I actually cannot find a definition for ‘benevolent patriarchy’ and so will offer one myself. I trained for many years in the martial arts under masters and grandmasters that were carriers of benevolent male warrior lineages, so I have been handed down a working definition from these warrior clans:


The definition I received from these male warriors entrusted with the continuation of the lineage of benevolent patriarchy is that they only pick up arms to defend:

The noble warrior defends the feminine, or QuanYin as it is called in the Asian philosophy.

QuanYin represents all that is feminine including the earth, the children and the pure divine aspects of the feminine issuing forth in compassion, hope, and nurturing. The greatest warrior of all time was General Quan. He is dedicated to QuanYin whereby he takes his name and he only picks up arms in defense of the feminine.

With the noble rule of the superior masculine keeping in check the inferior violent energies, human society is allowed to be free.

Women can unfurl their beauty without being raped, children can run and play outside and nothing bad will ever happen to them. This is the ideal of benevolent patriarchy and there are legends of it flourishing in feudal townships in ancient Asia. General Quan or Kwon/Kwan (the English spelling is phonetic) is the most venerated male general figure in all of China. His story has been altered in the past decades to serve a more political agenda, but the ancient myth and meaning are still found deep in the warrior traditions.

Quan in Chinese means ‘power’ and yin means ‘feminine’. The mighty General Quan is the power of the feminine. He is the noble protector of all that is good, innocent, beautiful. His mighty strength and noble spirit is attuned and dedicated to noticing, honoring, providing for and protecting the feminine.

Sigh… I miss these noble warriors.

The venerated General Quan protects QuanYin

Dominant rule by noble men could be wonderful for society, if it allowed women to unfurl their beauty without fear of being raped and if children could play outside without fear of being taken. If this were the case, the world would be a much better place.

Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in. If there is any area on the globe where children run free and women can be beautiful and powerful without being attacked, bless this place! But for most of us, we do not live in this reality. Instead of joyous freedom, we live in a world where a mother in a small town is frightened that her child might be stolen on his way to the bathroom and forced into sexual slavery.


How have we found ourselves in a world where mothers fear their children will be stolen and used as sex slaves? In order to see how we got here, we must explore the rise of the dark powers and the dark patriarchy (because this would not be happening in a benevolent -archy).

Venus of Hohle Fels 40,000 years old

35,000 BCE-7,000BCE: A peaceful Goddess culture flourished: In prehistoric and early historic periods of human development, religions existed in which people revered their supreme creator as female.

The Goddess enters early history as the Paleolithic fertile mother goddess. We see her naked, breasts and vulva exposed as the fertile mother goddess Creatrix of life. Most of the early figurines we find are of the mother goddess in her naked and fecund power.

7,000-5,000 BCE Indo-European Invasions by a warring, nomadic race wipes out the goddess culture. See The Chalice and the Blade

5,000 BCE the first city-states arrive on the scene fully formed. Patriarchal rule. Women can have high rank and rule as priestesses in temples. Enheduanna was the high priestess of the great Temple of Ur, first-known author and wielded power similar to the king.

600 BCE- 394 CE: Women of Greece and Rome could serve as priestesses in many the temples devoted to the Goddess, but were under patriarchal rule. A priestess could be punished by death if she broke her vows. Otherwise, “Women in the ancient Greek world had few rights in comparison to male citizens. Unable to vote, own land, or inherit, a woman’s place was in the home and her purpose in life was the rearing of children.”

Goddess temples flourished in ancient Greece and Rome along with priestesses — The Parthenon, Athens, Greece

0-394 CE: Christianity wipes out the Goddess culture. “No other god before me” makes Goddess worship illegal then later, punishable by death.

394 CE: The last of the temples to the goddess The Temple of Vesta closed, priestesses are illegal. The last Goddess temple of Rome was closed, outlawed by the rising power of the official Roman state religion, Christianity. This is the last we see of the western priestess and goddess worship, until now when the priestesses and the presence of the goddess can safely return.

100 CE—on: Church Fathers vilify women:

Tertullian, the Father of the Latin Church 155-245 AD made it clear his hatred of women is quoted: “Woman is a temple built over a sewer.” He also asserts that woman is the “devil’s gateway” because she is responsible for the fall of man. He makes the following statement directly to all womankind:

“You are the devil’s gateway: you are the unsealer of that (forbidden) tree: you are the first deserter of the divine law: you are she who persuaded him whom the devil was not valiant enough to attack. You destroyed so easily God’s image, man. On account of your desert—that is, death—even the Son of God had to die.” De Cultu Feminarium (On the Apparel of Women), Chapter 1

Thomas Aquinus, Doctor of the Church, 13th century says this about women: “But woman is naturally of less strength and dignity than man . . .” Summa Theologica

Statements like these did not come from the Bible but because they came from Church leaders, they colored the view of women in the western world and everywhere the Christian/Catholic religion spread.

1231 CE – 1826 CE: The Holy Inquisitions murder untold numbers of men and women. Women were brutally raped and tortured by “holy” men.

The Malleus Maleficarum (a simply evil book) translated as the Hammer of Witches, was a Satanic torture Bible written by a Catholic clergyman that gave men of the Church the ‘right’ and recipes for torture and murder. (I think I remember this crap. No wonder I was attracted to the martial arts this lifetime.)

1500-1727 CE: Witch Burning killed thousands of innocent women who were in tune with nature and the Divine. The last legal witch burning was Scotland’s Janet Horne in 1727 CE. The last witch execution in Europe is reported to be Anna Göldi who was tried for the crime of witchcraft and decapitated in the year 1782AD.

1919 CE: Women get the right to vote in the US

1919-current: Women become prime-ministers of countries, serve as CEO’s of global businesses and can do almost anything they set their sights to.

But the challenge to the feminine on a global scale is not over.

2017-2019 CE: The fall of corrupt kings and the dark patriarchy. Note the cases above: Cardinal Pell, Epstein, etc.


This suppression of the goddess had negative consequences world-wide. The Dark Ages were full of pestilence and death. The Inquisitions, witch burnings, and women being treated as property without rights are all results of a negative and controlling relationship with the feminine and the earth.

For thousands of years this dark ruling elite, also known as “The Cabal” or the “The Deep State” has ruled over the feminine from church and state suppressing and exterminating entire populations for having a voice, being different, and having their own spirituality.

We shake off the dust of these times as women are able to rise once again.

Today, as the power of goddess rises, she exposes the dark crimes of the old guard.

She is taking names saying, “no more!”


The biggest threat to evil of the Deep, Dark State is the Goddess. The Goddess is life-affirming, the Creatrix of humankind, the nurturer, provider of sex, and her power threatens dark rule. The dark patriarchy knows that to control a people, you must control the feminine and they have. But this oppressive rule is breaking.

In a recent article, Benjamin Fulford says that the Cabal believes that the burning of the Church of Notre Dame was an attempt by the dark elite to gain enough satanic power to defeat the Goddess they think they are at war with.

He writes, “The sacrificial burning of Notre Dame Cathedral to Molech (Ba’al, Set, Satan) was a desperate attempt by superstitious… satanists to somehow reverse their fortunes… It’s difficult for normal people to understand the superstitious mindset of these satanists, but essentially they seem to think they are in a battle against a goddess. That is why they chose to burn “Notre Dame” or “Our Lady,” because this refers to Mary. Mary, of course, is the Christian name for the Goddess Isis, who raised an infant until he could defeat Set or Satan. It is for this same superstitious reason that these satanists created a horrific terror organization and tried to call in ISIS in order to weaken support for the Goddess in the minds of humanity.” It is also said by insiders that the fire was intended to destroy pedophilia records that were kept in her tower.


In summary, the Cabal see the Goddess as their greatest threat. The secret religion of the Cabal is Luciferianism. In it, they believe the most power is generated when you ‘sacrifice your own.’ They are intimidated by the rising power of the Goddess and the concomitant expose of their sick crimes against children and the feminine. They are running scared and are trying to use sorcery to diminish her power.


Notre Dame, Our Lady, refers to Mother Mary as well as the Goddess herself. The goddess was originally an aspect of the One Creator God in its three parts. The Gnostic Gospels clearly state that the Holy Trinity was Father/Mother/Son before the Church fathers demoted the goddess to a ghost.

Notre Dame was built over a temple to Isis

The Celts were the original founders of Paris. In 250 BC, they settled in what is now Paris, France and brought their religion and Goddess rites with them from the East. Paris was named after a Celtic tribe, Parisii during the Roman era of the 1st to the 4th century. It is said that the Parisians were followers of the goddess, Isis, who was known as the chief goddess of the Greco-Egyptian empire.

When the Romans invaded and conquered Egypt, they absorbed the Egyptian goddess Isis into their pantheon. Notre Dame cathedral was built over the preexisting temple to the goddess, Isis.

Of the four main temples in Roman Paris, one was devoted to the worship of the goddesses Isis and Ceres. Both are goddesses of fertility, motherly relationships, rebirth and resurrection.–Temple-of-Isis.html

In 1163, the site of the Temple of Isis would be the location where Notre-Dame de Paris (IPA: [n?t?? dam d? pa?i]; French for “Our Lady of Paris”) would be built. The original statue of Isis was preserved in the Abbey of St. Germain until the year 1514 when the Archbishop of Meaux had it destroyed.


“Isis was first mentioned in the Old Kingdom (c. 2686–2181 BCE) as one of the main characters of the Osiris myth, in which she resurrects her slain husband, the divine king Osiris, and produces and protects his heir, Horus “

The similarities of the Goddess Isis Nursing her child, Horus, and Mother Mary nursing the baby Jesus

The second century CE author, Apuleius , writes: “Isis in Rome is worshiped with supreme devotion and, for the place where her temple rises up, she is called Isis Campensis.” (Ap., M., XI 26)

Isis, being worshiped as the mother goddess predates the worship of Mother Mary by 2,000 years. It is interesting to note that the statues of Isis nursing her child Horus, are very similar to the statues of the Mother Mary nursing the infant Jesus.

Purist Christians say that the worship of Mother Mary “has far more in common with the Isis mother-goddess religion of Egypt than it does with anything taught in the New Testament.”

Not a coincidence: Notre Dame was sacrificed during Paris’ festival to the goddess

The Parisian’s celebrated the goddess in their festival of Isis/Ceres, called Cerealia. This celebration is in Spring April 12th to April 19th — during the time when the fertile goddess births the many forms of life.–Temple-of-Isis.html

It just so happens that the cathedral of Notre Dame burned on April 15th, 2019, smack dab in the middle of the goddess festival!

At the time many people would have been observing traditional ceremonies to the Goddess — and the dark forces wanted to use this energy for their sacrificial ceremony.


Power can be used for good or for ill. We are co-creative beings in a multidimensional universe full of spiritual beings that can be allies — for blessings or for curses. Because we live in a free-will universe, people can use this power according to their will. The Deep State, Dark Forces, Luciferian satanists have been aware of this for thousands of years and use power for ill.

Because the Deep State is on the ropes, their religion believes that they must sacrifice “one of their own” to gain more satanic power.

The Luciferian satanists are aware of the power of ritual and magic and they make sacrifices to their satanic god in hopes of gaining favor and control. They attempted to sacrifice the Goddess during her festival in order to appease their dark lord and to, hopefully, buy more time for their crimes against humanity to lurk in the shadows.

The Cabal would rather burn than be captured

When the Romans entered Paris territory, the original Gallic inhabitants, the Parisii, started burning down their own homes and possessions to prevent the Romans from being able to take them. The account is found in the Commentarii de Bello Gallico and seems to be what the Cabal is doing with Notre Dame.

If reports that Notre Dame’s tower contained pedophilia records, it has historical symmetry that, instead of having the records seized, the offenders are willing to burn one of their own churches the ground to avoid persecution.

Bad things happen to good religions

Notre Dame is one of the most majestic and beautiful cathedrals of the Church, but bad things can happen to good religions. Good people align with religion to gain a closer connection to God. It is unfortunate that religions have also been used to perpetrate crimes against humanity and to hide wolves in sheep’s clothing. Throughout the course of history, the Church lead a number of Inquisitions, spearheaded witch burnings, and has been marred by reports of corruption and pedophilia.

In 2000, Pope John Paul II made a public apology for the Inquisitions, stating “”We cannot not recognize the betrayal of the Gospel committed by some of our brothers, especially in the second millennium,’ and “we humbly ask for forgiveness.”


Mother Durga vanquishing the predatory masculine

The mother goddess of India, Durga, vanquished the evil and corrupt demon Mahishasura who represents the corrupt masculine inflicting harm on innocent victims.

As the goddess re-awakens on the planet, she brings her fierce justice. “Ma Durga as the divine mother can guide humanity into a new era of peace and happiness. But she does so by first eliminating the powers of darkness.”

We are witnessing the Durga energy of the protective goddess as she now has the opportunity to reawaken. At first, she looks around and is quelling the most obvious injustices. Noble men are realigning with honorable values and choosing to be protectors of the innocent once again. Courageous women are speaking out and asking for help. Current news headlines reveal the success that these good warriors are having at expunging the dark creepies.


When I first posted on social media that I was writing an article about the dark patriarchy and it’s war with the goddess, a few people were uncomfortable about the word ‘dark’ and ‘patriarchy’ being so close together. History speaks for itself — and I have clearly noted that I believe rule by noble men would be just fabulous! … less work for me.

I only wish benevolent men would keep things in order! But it seems it is not the case. Chaos careens lives and situations out of control and we all must step up to the plate. Hey batter… throw your crazy satanic curve ball!

The solution is not rule by women, it is rule by decency and love. The solution is simple, yet difficult. It is simply being a kind person with a good heart doing good things, like not going out of your way to harm a being. The solution to darkness is being a force of good, not giving power to the bad, but we must expose the evil and we expunge it out of human dignity.

Despite the darkness, we must cleave to the light.

In the face of hopelessness, we must find hope.

When we are afraid, we must find courage.

For the masculine, I feel the solution is to shine your natural strength, dominate with love. Be more dominant with love than the creepy crawlers are with evil. Snap the line of goodness, make your voice known. Don’t just let evil attack without a benevolent challenge.

When someone tries to hurt you or your loved ones, bring it up. Don’t be apathetic, say “ohhh, that’s just so and so” or cower in fear, impotent. When benevolence rules with virility (and it may need to be dominant to rule) the shady, evil twerps that rape children and harm people will know they will not be tolerated.

The solution for all of us is choosing a sacred stand like creating a life and a business that saves whales, turtles, children and seals. The solution is to stand erect in the universe and do something that IS the solution — out of love, with love, not hatred. Don’t just try to cut someone down, try to lift someone up. This is heroicism. This is nobility.

Each one of us can think about it and find what we love and choose to nourish and protect it. This can be something as simple as volunteering at an animal shelter, picking up trash at the beach, saying a kind word, offering an uplifting talk or workshop. Being a part of the solution could also be more complex like creating a machine that turns trash into pure drinking water and useful products like carbon and fuel (which has already happened and we hope to see this in every city across the globe).

The solution is the preponderance of the good — and we are the ones to preponderated it!

 The Way of the Sacred Warrior with Elizabeth Wilcock The Way of the Sacred Warrior with Elizabeth Wilcock

What will it take for good to preponderate? We cannot sit idly back while evil perpetuates. Something must be done. This is how a sacred warrior is formed.

See my video on The Way of the Sacred Warrior:

Just in the last few months, my family has been the target of a number of ill-willed creatures with the clear intent to harm, making me wonder where is the good in the human spirit? These people seem to lack a good message of their own, perhaps trying to gain notoriety by attacking those who have been standing for the sacred for decades.

A real warrior takes a sacred stand. A sacred stand is founded on love, not on hate. Those lacking life force of their own will try to suck off of those that shine. Scientific studies show that low level energy directed at something with more life force can siphon off that life force. (See Burlakov’s fish egg experiments.)This is why it is important to have a practice that fills you with chi, life force energy. I will not let haters deter me from continuing to share a message of peace, tolerance and aligning yourself to a higher mission of love. I choose to connect to those that love and are creating a world of love.

Better to find a message that inspires than dedicating yourself to hatred. The creepy crawlers will become well known, but not for the reasons they may have hoped. Standing for something sacred is different than being against something in hatred. I’ll say it again:

Standing for something sacred is different than being against something in hatred.

Aligning with the power of the light of the Divine is a choice. It is a choice that is made by an individual — by you.

Only in your most sacred moments will you know if you are in Divine alignment or not. The purpose of ceremony and prayer is to realign our personal will with Divine will — to check ourselves and see if we are in or out of alignment and to allow the higher will into ours.

This takes humility and an ability to let go. The ultimate hubris is forcing our will against the grain of Divine will in an attempt to gain something we do not trust will come to us.

Divine alignment is a personal journey. One must desire it. One must be willing to trust that there is a higher power and decide to be in relation with it.

This world is a classroom. It is meant to be a mish-mosh of free will. The results of free will inform us and the ultimate lesson is love. It sounds cliche, but it is true, hard work LOVE— the work of masters and sages. So the solution is personal.

What do you do in the face of darkness, evil, betrayal, ill-will?

This is the test — both personal and planetary.

You are the laboratory and the beneficiary of your choices.

Or… the solar flash, the Rapture, or some other mystic event will just vaporize the whole issue out of existence. But until then, in my humble opinion, we need to find and align with noble qualities and make a stand for that which is sacred.

Keep up the good work of loving and doing your best.


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  1. So well put together, Elizabeth. Succinct, clear and full of good orderly direction for so many of us.

    Thank you for taking all the time and effort needed to produce such a significant essay.

  2. I believe it is VERY important to note that the Paleolithic Headless Goddess is THE PINEAL BODY of the brain! Please see the connection in this photo…
    I LOVE your article and I have lived many lifetimes of the suppressed feminine. I feel her uprise! Please let me know if you want to discuss this pimeal body connection any further. This came to me in my research, meditation and dreams. Thank You

  3. I had no idea when I began reading this paper it would dig so deeply and speak so clearly. I am amazed and shocked. This is incredible work. Thank you for this insight, alarm and direction. I will share this far & wide. Prayers for more power to your work & protection to your family!!

  4. Beautifully put dear lady. It is you and your husband that will and are assisting in returning humanity to Gaia. Love and light. Perry Welsh

    1. You mean the one who flew just ONCE with the Lolita Express and never again? Hmmm, to keep thing in relation, why don’t you mention Bill Clinton’s 26 flights to Orgy Island?

      1. He SAYS he only flew once with the Lolita Express. You believe him? He also called Epstein a great friend. When he says he only flew once, it’s like when he said Michael Cohen was one of many lawyers, didn’t do a lot for him, and wasn’t with him that long.

        1. From one Gary to another, you can be sure, Gary, that if HRC had the Oval Office, Jeffery Epstein would have NOTHING to fear and would NEVER be arrested.

          Trump haters are now being gradually awakened … not by rhetoric, but by action … and by results.

          1. I like how you gave the BIG picture.Past/present/future religion/pagan male/female etc. Then wove it all together and made it relevant to average everyday people.

        2. In order to trap a piece of crap, you sometimes have to pretend to be friends with them so as not to alert them or make them concerned.

    2. Time will eventually change your perspective on our POTUS, my dear.

      Here is some sage wisdom: Do not require ANY human being to be 100% perfect and without blemish. That’s black-and-white thinking aka a logical fallacy. All humans are shades of gray, including President Trump.

      Eventually, it will become public knowledge what is happening behind the scenes. The long-awaited arrest of a notorious, high-profile pedophile a few days ago is the first domino in the avalanche of swamp draining about to play out on the world stage.

      Fasten your seatbelt. The wildest ride in the History of Earth is starting NOW … and we all have front row seats.

  5. Thanks you so much from the bottom of my heart, this article is both so amazing and inspiring, as I am already working into helping out the power of the Goddess back, after reading this timeless truth my already existing mission as man/Warrior has even gained more strength and clarity into the mission of protection of the sacred Goddess!

  6. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! Great article. I can’t wait for these evil forces to be made public and for the earth and humanity to heal! Also thanks for posting your video from DOD! Would really love to see more videos from you (:

  7. Thank you so much for writing this, I loved what you wrote about with love you can conquor the things in this world. This is so true. Divine justice exist and nobody will escape it, the golden age will come, it is up to us how fast it will be on the earth.

  8. What a beautiful summary of a positive Red Pill. Yes, the Goddess has returned. Blessings to you and David for your courageous work.

  9. What a fantastic article! Loved it all. Keep up the good work, your an inspiration, Thank you.

  10. Notre Dame of Paris is/was an inactive portal and has been for several hundred years, thus the ‘sacrifice’.

    The Notre Dames of Amiens, Rennes, and Chartres are fully active.

    And ‘yes!’, the noble warriors ARE here…

  11. Wow!! Jumped over from David’s recent post to read your, ma’am and just wow!! Excellent article and so very timely. And thx for all that both you and David do – proving there’s a lot of truth to old saying, ‘behind every good man is a great woman.’

  12. Beautifully composed.
    All that you noted here, I’ve been keeping abreast of as well.
    Thanks for compiling all the examples and links of historical accounts across cultures and religions that share the same threads.
    It is so wise to study history in all its good and bad, helps us discern in the present and hopefully we recognize and choose the good!
    Remembering how things worked out poorly in the past is a great motivator for me in choosing a ‘new’ path. The love of my life, Jesus, whose Spirit guides and consoles my worldly feminine journey, provides all I need and strengthens me in my many weaknesses, keeps me assured that I can have hope in life. Not to abandon it in fear or depression when seeing the absolute horrific evil perpetrated on the most innocent. His loving presence saves me from feeling victimized and overwhelmed when there is concrete evidence of why we should just crumple as a society knowing what is taking place, by grace I am reminded of the mystery of God and rest in that love.
    We are all connected, sharing the light is the source of my existence. I am a warrior of faith; faith in the knowledge that the Kingdom of Heaven rules and daily I must ask myself, ‘am I living in that truth? Where is it revealed?’ Some days completely and it is divine! Some days I need to remind myself that the separation is only the dark, I need to bring the light, I just need to call upon it – from which way I do not know where my help will come but I rest in the assurance it will – Love rules my life.
    Feels good to profess that and give all glory to Our Loving Creator.
    I’ve been trying to discern the female described in The Book of Revelation. Now I’m wondering if you have written about that, I will have to search your web page. Thank you again for participating in the good works!

  13. Excellent article. Thank you for your research and for persevering with this extensive historical document! Thank you, thank you for bringing this to light!
    Another example that comes to mind is the way that Hawaii became US territory. The sovereign queen of Hawaii (a Matriarchy) was taken prisoner by X US Marines lead by the Dole (pineapple) family, and kept under house arrest and writing letters (that were ignored) to appeal for help to the British and US government. This happened in our century! In a short time after the opportunists came and cut down the indigenous koa tree forests to grow pineapple, the pineapple industry proved to be unprofitable, so they moved elsewhere and left weeds to grow up instead of Hawaii’s indigenous vegetation. The only place in Hawaii where the indigenous matriarchal culture still lives on is Molokai, a remote island which is now being exploited by the Monsanto criminals.

  14. Very well written Elizabeth! I don’t think real change happens over night, and I do not think that aggression is the answer, as suggested by others. I think we can clearly see from history where aggression has gotten us. I also agree that love is what we need, and for people to speak up in a loving and well thought out manner. When someone feels attacked, how much do they really listen and learn from the other party?…(they don’t). Battles like that are never truly won in my opinion, they just continue to oppress another. Thank you for being a warrior for us all. Sending you my love. ♥

  15. I have been hearing about the divine feminine for a very long time . It is embraced often by very Pissed off women. That hold attitude men are inferior I Have watched it turn many men away from attempting to find their own Spiritual Life.
    I’m all for women being in the fight for Good but please be mindful of are you just propagating more divide in duality.

    1. My take is that Elizabeth was quite clearly not propagating gender duality here. It’s understandable that some men might interpret her message as unbalanced depending on unhealed wounds affecting perception.

      Elizabeth and David shared a powerful conversation all about male/female relationships with their Ascension Mystery School audience a few months ago. Perhaps they will make that available to the public at some point … for the benefit of everyone.

    2. I dont think that is her message here, but resistance to it could indicate there might still be work to do, for you. I thought her message was quite moderate, and one of regaining BALANCE. to get there, the divine feminine needs to rise up and match the devine masculine, not better it or be stronger or more important, but equal….this creates the balance that the earth needs at this time. This isnt about feminists or pissed off women, its about balance and ultimately love. men also possess devine femine energy within themseleves, as women possess devine mascline energy so dont create a battle in your mind between the sexes. Resistance or fear of this ultimate oneness, balance and harmony are blockages within that you might need to focus on.

  16. Here in UTAH, As I am about to comment on the treadmill at the gym , I looked up and sure enough Epstein on the news and the reporter asking any one to come forward who are victims, timing couldn’t be better. Being a ethical professional massage therapist/instructor for 10 years I have been propositioned on several occasions. These things are real. On Friday I resigned from the most dominant church here now being a minority in a dominant religious neighborhood in Utah yet feeling free that now I can deepen my commitment to my spirituality standing up In goodness and fullfill the divine feminine Goddess defending myself, the children, the innocent. I remember as a child I would run free and play outside without fear, I can’t say the same for my children yet naturally they want their independence and trust/pray for their safety and SOON once again we can feel Trust Love and safety. I can feel the shift. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing and reminding us all! You are truely a gift !

    1. Congratulations, Debra, on your high accomplishment of extricating your heart and soul from the Only Troo Mind Control Cult! I am b.i.c. 1950 and freed myself from spiritual bondage back in 1980. It is beyond ironic that the much-feared Spirit Prison taught as Church doctrine turns out to be the Church itself!

      Enjoy your newfound freedom to truly practice Free Agency and take back control of your own life. You deserve to chart your own path and find your own life mission … as opposed to serving the self-serving agenda of the Parasite Geriatric Authorities aka Spiritual Dwarfs who literally brainwash babies for a living.

  17. you need to read john lash lamb’s book, Not in His Image. He will teach you about Hypatia.

  18. you have to understand that according to the nag hamadi scrolls, christianity was created to destroy goddess worship, ie murder hypatia, and bring on the patriarchy.

  19. I enjoyed reading this and learned a great deal. Interesting about the celts and Paris, I had no idea. I read one time where there are hardly any statues of women around the world, they are mostly of men due to Male do.inance and female suppression. This article brings the whys of that to light. In one of my lifetimes I was kept in a convent which is where they put many girls coming of age for protection. I feel sad knowing this had to happen to girls and how many life experiences were lost due to church indoctrination and control by a Male dominated society. I do finally feel and see the tides rising of the beautiful goddesses around the world. I do hope one day men and women can indeed live with support and love for one another equally.

  20. Elizabeth thank you so much for putting this article together. I will be reading it several times! I just got back from a very high vibration Kryon gathering at Mount Shasta. In one of the meditations, the first energy to make herself known to me was…Quan Yin!

    I know we are all learning to embody these energies and bring through more light. A return to the benevolent patriarchy will come. And the matriarchy will resume its’ rightful place.

    1. Beloved Saint Germain showed me just who Kryon is and I can tell you he is very dark and very evil. Using another individual to project his painfully controlling energies to manipulate me, I was attacked by this very deceiving individual who says one thing and does another. And DO NOT allow him to place an implant into your aura because this is how he controls. When you say no to his dark agenda, you will learn just who he is – PURE DARKNESS.

      To keep the dark forces from entering your world, body and energies say OFTEN: “I send all negative entities into the Light now. I AM free and clear of all psychic debris. INTO THE LIGHT NOW!” And it is forced to leave.

      The dark forces are not stupid or simple and they know just how to get you to serve their agendas by feeding your ego and giving you false feelings. Think for yourself at all times or pay the price of deception.

  21. Thank you very much for this timely and optimistic article. Many good males are currently feeling threatened by the growing (and wrong) concept of toxic masculinity. Evil did not come from too much masculinity which is all about creativity, protection and honor. Evil came rather from too little protection and honor. People should realise that both males and females have both male and female potential inside, so the war between the sexes is futile. Harmony will come only when all creative effort(male principle)passes the test of infinite compassion(female principle).

    1. Unfortunately, because males have allowed themselves to believe themselves to be superior to females, without whom you would not exist in the physical world, the human male is losing their ‘Y’ chromosomes (color/Light); from the original 1500 ‘Ys’ to the present 50 ‘Ys’ and some children are being born with only the female ‘X’ chromosome. For that to be reported at this time means it has become a norm and a serious problem. Males cannot war, rape, abuse and suppress females and their own female energies (left side female, right side male) and not pay the price. I say this to you because I have had many male body lifetimes and understand how easy it is to encourage each other to do what they can get away with, instead of standing firm for what is right. There is nothing more desirable and appealing than an energy balanced male. Give me character, not good looks. Not the size, but the energy of love and respect!

    1. A few days ago at ECETI Ranch I had the distinct pleasure of listening to Dr. Miceal Ledwith pull no punches to expose the dark underbelly of organized religious tyranny and introduce his audience to the real Jesus … as opposed to the enslaving, disempowering Jesus manufactured by evil geniuses to control and exploit hundreds of millions of defenseless humans for millennia. Dr. Ledwith’s pull-no-punches expose’ of Christianity offended a few "believers" in the audience, but the vast majority cheered with joy to hear Truth spoken … by a former advisor to the Pope … of all curious messengers.

      Check out Dr. Ledwith’s latest book Saving Jesus if you are curious about his empowering message revealing what Jesus truly brought to humanity.

      1. Excellent. There have been many masters who walked the Earth but none so exploited and misquoted as our Brother/Avatar Jesus. And when he said “I AM the way”, he meant the I AM Presence within each of us for we are each children of our Father-Mother God/dess

  22. Thank you for a very empowering message. Sending you love and light and asking The Divine to protect you and your loved ones as you stand at the forefront of this spiritual war.

  23. The evil shall fall in the shadow of love but only when good men and women stand tall and do something about it. You and David and many others are those good men and women.

  24. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing this historical perspective and your insights! I wonder if you have studied our galactic history. Aurora FlyingRainbowLasagne is a fabulous teacher of this subject, here is a link to one of her YouTube videos:

    Also, Lisa Renee at Energetic Synthesis provides a veritable plethora of amazing information. This is a great starting page, with recent posts on related topics on the right.

    I’d love to hear your comments if you watch/read any of these!

    1. I just met Aurora for the first time at ECETI Ranch a few days ago. Her presentation was awesome; her FlyingRainbowLasagne dance was an explosion of joyful energy, not to mention wildly inspiring.

  25. Neopaganism in action. Luciferism worships the goddess, lucifer / satan disguises herself as an angel of light and is androgino, goddess and god and all kinds of false ancient and modern gods. It’s a shame that today instead of advancing spiritually fall back into the same old paganism disguised as modernity.

  26. Greetings Warrior Goddess,

    Thank you for your immense contributions. In reading above you touch on the (true) myth of general Quan as the noble protector of the feminine. Perhaps it is implicit or has been made explicit elsewhere, but it occurred to me that the entity / phenomenon of "Q" is among other things an allusion to Quan, in particular Q anon spelling out ‘Quan on’ – with just the "u" (and me and a critical mass) missing, needed to awaken and do the right thing, such as General Quan… The synchronicity deepens as the connection with "Q" being a possible alias of Trump and quite possibly a reincarnation of General Patton (see the Edge of Wonder video) – clearly not a perfect human, but here on a mission like us all… Thank you again, endless blessings to you and all!

    1. Trav, thanks for sharing your notion about "Q" and Quan. I had the same thought when I read Elizabeth’s wonderful post!

  27. Enjoyed, both, reading article & your presentation on You Tube. Have followed both David & Cory for about a year now. They have a balancing affect in an otherwise world that seems to be challenging any semblance of perceived order life. And, now, you too, have offered balm to this strange journey. Thank you

  28. Thank you for writing this article! Happy to know you are ok after the earthquakes. Stay safe ✨?✨

  29. Good news, let’s keep it up.

    By the way, Guan Yin is written 观音 while Yin Yang is written 阴阳 and General Guan’s name is written 关于。Interesting observation that they all sound the same though.

  30. I have followed David for a few years now, a very warm welcome to you Elizabeth. Your article touched my heart and my mind. Very much looking forward to hearing more from you. I will check out your pages right now!

  31. Thank you so much for this brilliant article. I have been asking myself why everything you are doing is so appealing to me, "although" I am a man. In this article, I found the reason. The idea of the sacred warrior that is dedicating his/her life to the benefit of humanity/the whole cosmos is very helpful for me as a man to gain the strength of the Goddess that you have described. May you and your husband be blessed for all your wonderful service to humanity! Thank you for letting us connect to our own sacred warrior nature.

  32. I felt the need to say something since I know that I too have scared my children with the bogeyman of being snatched. I used to live in Maryland, in a DC suburb and at around the age of 3, I think most mothers can attest that children get bold and fearless at that age. They are stretching their legs and trying to see more of the world.

    Mom’s universally try to protect their little ones and this urge to wander can often make a child difficult to manage in a restaurant or in a store. I don’t think it’s that uncommon for a parent to start to tell cautionary tales to their small ones when they reach this stage of development. It’s a hedge against that fearlessness because babies will just wander and explore and sometimes the price is too high for children to learn through trial and error.

    In the past these cautionary tales might have taken the form of fairy tales. In modern times though, the child kidnapper is probably the easiest bogeyman to conjure. He looms up so easily to a mother with a wayward curious and exploring child because it is the first thing she thinks of when her child storms off walking and refuses to even look back. Mother wants her child to fear that he will never see her again so that maybe, just maybe he’ll start to stay in a slightly closer radius.

    This sounds good on the surface and as I said, I’ve told these tales to my own kids especially when I was feeling desperate to keep them closer when out on errands, not necessarily because I was afraid of them being taken, but because I wanted them to start being more aware of their own environment.

    Unfortunately, the fear became even more real when I was still living in maryland and a neighbor of mine had the horrible experience of her small daughter actually being picked up by a stranger in the local Walmart. Strange men grabbed her daughter out of her cart and tried to make off with her. Fortunately she caught them in time and took her daughter back. I think all those cautionary tales I might have told my own daughter (who was of a similar age) might have come back and loomed big in my head when I learned of that, but I understood then why the woman was selling her house.

    I don’t live in that area anymore, but that stress and anxiety that something like that could happen to my babies. There is nothing wrong with cautionary tales. It would be nice if I could trust my community to help ensure my little ones were at my side when I strolled out of the local grocery store, but I can’t rely on that. My children are my responsibility and sometimes I have to try to teach them that there are things to fear.

  33. Hello Beth,
    I was so happy that you ended up partnering and adding such valuable content to the Ascension Mystery School series. I’m an artist and teacher and I try to begin each class with my young students with some Chi Gong movements to clear their minds and get the creativity flowing. This blog post inspired me to post a new image of a recent painting…Return of the Goddess Energies, on my studio blog page :

    Namaste to you and David as well as to all of your followers this summer!

  34. Great article Elizabeth, most enlightening. I love the idea of a balanced rule of both masculine and feminine where respect for each others strengths is of more importance then ‘rule or power’ in and of itself. With your permission, id like to use "you are the laboratory and beneficiary of your choices" in a spiritual workshop I am putting together…really like that, of course will credit you. You and David are like a spiritual power couple – very cool!! Blessings and stay safe.

  35. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for this wonderful article and your ability to call to the goddess in each of us. I really enjoyed seeing you and David at CITD 2019 and being in the Mystery Ascension School in March – May 2019. I appreciate your work and sacrifice as you awaken the planet to the Love and Light of the Source ~
    Lovingly Brave,
    Cheryl Lynn Sherman

  36. Elizabeth,

    Great article and thank you. You (and your readers) might like this video that goes into even more depth than Benjamin did on the symbolism of the astrological timing of the Notre Dame event. She has been exposing the Illuminati astrologers for the past ten years and even predicted the Wikileaks pizza-related dump a couple week before it happened. This video ties in Julian Assange and a little bit of Trump. Well worth your time.

  37. There seems to be certain kind of identifying with Christianity in your and David’s texts as well as many alternative spiritual Americans in general. So I wonder if this has something to do with the psychological rootlessness of people in the new land, as the US was founded at a time when this religion was prevalent, so it’s kind of the only root energy for many people there. Where I’m from many spiritual people are ready to let go of it completely and understand our own spiritual ancestors that go back tens of thousands of years, so just curious about these cultural differences and if it is somehow related to the energy of the immigration.

  38. Thank you so much Elizabeth Wilcock for this article. It’s well written and well researched. I look forward to reading more of your articles in the future.

  39. Beautiful article! More and more writings like this spreads the Light and the Truth that the world so needs right now. Blessings to you and your family for all that you do. I AM grateful for your presence with us ALL now.

  40. Elizabeth,
    It is interesting to read the comments and see how people are taking offence to something that is meant to uplift and inspire. Thank you for taking the time to explain this as I have not come across much information explaining the divine male aspect.

  41. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments! This article is meant to uplift — like all that I write. My intention is to inspire respect for the sacred, which includes life in its many essences and rainbow of colors. Sacred feminine, sacred masculine, sacred innocence. This place is sacred and you are sacred. I am open to seeing things different if anyone wishes to offer a dignified and respectful share. I do not accept hate or abuse, so those comments get deleted. Verbal assault is violence. This entire article is about standing up against abuse and making a stand for peace. Most of you get this and I write to those that can understand what sacred is and how to care for it. Those that have the kind heart of a sacred warrior — you are my audience and I speak to you so that we can remember. Thank you to those that understand. Blessings and love to you!

  42. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments! This article is meant to uplift — like all that I write. My intention is to inspire respect for the sacred, which includes life in its many essences and rainbow of colors. Sacred feminine, sacred masculine, sacred innocence. This place is sacred and you are sacred. I am open to seeing things different if anyone wishes to offer a dignified and respectful share. I do not accept abuse and neither should you is the spirit here, so abusive hate-speech gets deleted. Verbal assault is violence. This entire article is about standing up against abuse and making a stand for peace. Most of you get this and I write to those that can understand what sacred is and how to care for it. Those that have the kind heart of a sacred warrior — you are my audience and I speak to you so that we can remember. Thank you to those that understand. Blessings and love to you!

  43. How about nobody dominating anyone else? Dominance by men has clearly proved to be a really big mistake for the past several thousand years, no matter how "noble" anyone thinks they could become. The pattern has been war, destruction of nature, rape and suppression of women and children, and it is still going on all over the world. Men in general haven’t changed. Why would they suddenly start running things in a compassionate and peaceful way? Thank goodness that cycle is ending! And thank goodness the Goddess is returning – though I don’t believe she could ever be forced out and certainly not sacrificed. She will not be dominated by anyone. She is Sovereignty Goddess of the Land and all leaders must bow to her if they are to have peace and prosperity in their lands. She had her own reasons for stepping back and allowing things to go so far astray, but she is not going to let us destroy the world. …Otherwise, really good article!

  44. Thank you so much for the education on Religion. I was spared growing up I was raised by the Golden Rule. Thank you for sharing. and Congratulation to your marriage to David, whom I’ve been following for years

  45. There’s nothing here that I disagree with, but you are leaving out a major piece of the puzzle. The Goddess is not merely a victim in all of this – she shares some of the responsibility. She has abandoned us.

    Why do you think there’s so much anger in men? Read those quotes from Tertullian and Aquinas again. These men are ANGRY. They clearly did not arrive at their profoundly misogynistic views through simple, dispassionate logic. They suffered. They were probably ignored by women for their entire lives. They didn’t come to hate the wellspring of femininity "just because." They came to hate it because they were denied the ability to drink. The Goddess abandoned them.

    And it’s even worse today. As time goes on, more and more men are left out of the Goddess’s world. Just go and have a look at an incel forum, and you’ll see the damage caused by her apathy towards an ever-growing swath of the population.

    If you want to restore balance, you’ve got to address this.

    1. Daniel, Could it be that as much as she has abandoned us, we have also abandoned her? To find the Goddess’ world, go within, and learn to surrender and forgive. This is but one way can you become what the Egyptians picture of the male with his hair parted to indicate a balanced male between the male and female energies.

      Agreed, many posting here seem angry.

      1. Some men have abandoned the Goddess, but many more have tried their very best to connect, and she ignores them. Visit an incel forum, and read the herculean efforts these guys make to get women to notice them, to no avail.

        1. Daniel, if you are talking about sex, women have been used as sexual dumping grounds for centuries, most of which was from rape. It wasn’t until Alexander the Great that rape was outlawed. And men continue to refuse to accept the responsibility of how they affect women with the simple act of washing their hands before taking it out to urinate. Everything they have touched, including animals (parasites worms, germs, bacteria, etc.), the ground, is left on their penis to infect any woman they have sex with. Today because the Earth of being sprayed with insecticides and herbicides, we have to say no or die slowly from the cancer that begins to grow within us. And unfortunately, what men say to get what they want cannot be believed. Today we know better and men are forced to pay the price of their deception and indifference to our health and well-being. There is a price to pay for everything and “we will not change” heard again and again from men is no longer acceptable for the price we women continue to pay for our programmed compassion is too great.

    2. I’m not sure these quotes can be defended but I will say I can sort of agree. Women can be cruel to men in many ways… the article says that woman themselves can be aligned with the "dark patriarchy" and I agree, though does everything bad have to be corrupted masculine? So we have noble masculinity, toxic masculinity or "dark patriarchy", women that perpetuate the dark patriarchy themselves… does anyone want to talk about toxic femininity and what it is? It gets confusing when we’re trying to talk about masculine and feminine aspects seperate from the gender of the individual. What is really going on here? "Slut-shaming" women for example bring other women down and men are brought down with it. Sexually-suppressed women are depriving themselves of course, and then of course men end up deprived, and we’re shamed for being sexually frustrated, too sexually forward / focused, because women are afraid of being sluts and "God said" you have to be in a contract with someone for sex to be okay. Is this example the fault of women, or did it start with men?… Is it a toxic masculine viewpoint that women are embodying? Is it still men’s problem if it started with them but so many women are adapting the worldview? Confusing. All I know is a lot of human’s viewpoints irritate me, I can’t be bothered to try to separate it between gender or masculine / feminine aspects.

  46. I liked the part about "the Trinity was Father/Mother/Son before the Church fathers demoted the goddess to a ghost." I’m a physicist who was brought up Catholic. I always figured God was a she. You see if Jesus was the Son of God and Mary was a virgin logically God must be a she.

  47. Shocking reading,why not include the horrors against women in the muslim part of the world?Then we have the enormous ghastly picture in front of us.GR.

  48. There’s a Hermetic Magus I follow and he says "Give a man a spear and his masculinity is 100 times greater than the femininity if you give a woman a dress" or something to that effect.

    Humanity doesn’t really know the power of the feminine, the masculine has always been hundreds of times greater in power on the earth than the feminine. That’s why we’ve had so many wars, there’s not enough counterbalance from the feminine. Every now and again a man is born who has such masculine power in his soul that he will almost conquer the entire earth. Or one may be born that develops weapons that could destroy the earth hundreds of times over. But never in the history of humanity has there has ever been a woman born to match and counterbalance that power. Not even close. It’s part of the human condition for whatever reason. Maybe that will change.

    In modern times empowering women seems to mean making them more masculine, which just exasperates the issue. From a hermetic perspective, masculine power is hot and expansive, like fire or electricity. Feminine power is cool and contracting, like water or magnetism. There’s nothing weak about feminine power, it’s just not really well known on our planet.

    The Magus says that a woman in her true feminine power can concentrate on a man and unite him to his highest purpose and dissolve all malice within him, through a kind of loving and nurturing energy. She’s able to effectively control the world in that way, through love. Without that feminine energy, you get the Weinsteins of the world, burning in eternal pain without any true release. We cheer as we watch them hang in the public squares but I wonder if really anything is changing for the better or if it’s some kind of sideshow.

    We should also take care to pay attention to nuance and not get caught up in hysteria. I assume I’m meant to see that picture of the Prince with the young girl and feel disgust and violence. I wouldn’t put that remotely in the same category as actual pedos. Back in the day you had Elvis in his mid 20’s marrying a 14 year old Priscila. That would be unthinkable now, but was he evil? If we were to use our post-modern wisdom to demonize Elvis and see him as evil, are we now wiser beings more in tune with the divine? Did God look down upon the 90 year old Joseph with anger and hatred when he was hooked up with a 14 year old Mary mother of Jesus?

    There is something deeper and darker going on with all this. Girls are hitting puberty much younger now than they were in Elvis’ day, they are being sexualised more and on top of that feminism is turning older women into more masculine creatures. What’s that a recipe for? And this is going on at the same time as the demonising of the masculine attraction towards sexually developed young women with the attempt to equate that to actual pedophilia. What kind of mind-split self-hating schizophrenia will that create in half the population?

    It’s a very clever one. I actually think this is the most clever one they’ve done so far imo. It has enough fear and shame behind it that nobody will speak about it openly without being labelled a predator, that’s the men handled. I was having a conversation about Hugh Hefner the other day with some friends, a few years ago we would have thought he was a legend. But now some of my female friends were calling him a pedophile, since he was in his 80’s and sleeping with girls in their 20’s. Just casually like that. Women readily take onboard this programming since after the age of about 30 they have more trouble attracting a partner, so subconsciously they feel it’s in their best interest to demonise men’s attraction to younger sexually developed women since it lowers the competition.

    I don’t think it’s really all very simple, there’s a lot of layers going on.

  49. "Why don’t I talk about the dark side of women?" Actually, I do. It’s just not what this article is about. Just this Spring, I did a webinar series on the feminine and devoted and entire 1.5 hour talk about the shadow feminine. You can see the post here: It was part of a series that is not live at this time, but I will transcribe it one day and post it here. It is about all the dark ways that women castrate men and backstab and betray women that leave scars. I will surely get scolded for singling out women and asked, why I don’t talk about how darkness of men? If I write about women, people say "what about the men?" I make it very clear in this article that the solution is just being a good person as hard as that is. I am not men-bashing if I look at the events of history and I am not women-bashing if I talk about the dark feminine. Also, if I talk about the Divine Feminine it does not mean I hate men. I am a proponent of higher function and nobility in humanity and I talk about the things I see that degrade this on the planet and offer solutions: be a good person and take up a noble cause. Most people who really read my work get this. Be a good person, take up a noble cause.

  50. Thank you very much for this article as I am going through some really hard times, especially trying to awake my inner warrior as he has been wounded really bad in the past, especially due to my mother. My self-defense mechanism has just been off for…. and I love the Earth, I love you beautiful women of this planet, I love the children and it’s been just so frustrating to hasn’t been able to find the strength to protect her ! Anyway your work kinda help and… I know that if I want to end this nightmare I need to work everyday and at some point I am going to awaken the beautiful beast with full potential ! Anyway thanks a lot <3

  51. The difficult part throughout history has always been that the kind, peaceful, and loving beings will stand back and tolerate evil to creep in and take over to the point of genocide. Under the guise of not being viewed as a violent undeveloped person. So Jesus’s “Love One Another” and “Turn the Other Cheek” as well as the hippies’ “Peace & Love” is used by the evil least tolerant people to pacify people into total tolerance and acceptance of everything and everyone under the sun. “everything’s cool man” is not true just cause we say it. And once evil has power, we quickly find out that everything is NOT cool and our tolerance of them has led to our destruction.

  52. I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. This kind of
    clever work and coverage! Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve added you guys to our blogroll.
    I could not resist commenting. Well written! I could not resist commenting.
    Very well written!

  53. Thank you so very much for this article, both you and David have a way of putting the same information out in different ways to reach different people; AS for all the hater’s put your SHEEP Clothing back on and go back out to the rest of negative flock

    Thank you again for all you are doing
    Love and peace

  54. You have good and positive energy and I appreciate your message. I’ve followed David’s work for years and I am glad you are becoming a public figure. This planet only benefits from messengers like you.

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