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The Priestess Path

The Priestess Path is ancient and modern.

It is a path

walked by countless women throughout time

who love the Divine

and wish to be of service.


This is an eternal path, available to all and owned by no one.


At the dawn of recorded history,

the Priestess Path was available to all women

as a valid and honored station in society.

Priestesses held positions of influence and power

and were afforded a beautiful, sensual sovereignty.

Then, the dark times came,

and the Path and the priestesses who walked it were forced underground

in order to survive, we honor them.

And now, the Priestess Path is being recovered.


A woman who walks this path is a lover of Spirit.

She is beckoned by the Divine,

as a lover beckons its beloved.

You will know this calling as a yearning in your heart

for sacredness, peace, harmony,

and healing.

You will want to unify with the power of Spirit

to heal yourself and help this world.


This yearning will tug on you

like a small child pulling at its mother’s hem

beckoning you to remember

who you truly are.



of all we know and love.

A priestess knows this and

sings love songs, writes poetry, dances in bliss

and offers her soul to care for the sacred —

Just as a fierce lioness protects and loves her young.


If this is alive in you, you will know it.

A priestess feels it in her bones

that the Divine is the fabric of her being

and she sources her power from this place.


Initiations naturally occur and if they are met,

they temper the soul

like a sword that has been


and pounded

and folded

time and time again

until it is sharp and clean.

And then, it is ceremonially dedicated to protect the sacred.

And yet, our true teachers are like a watery oasis on a long desert journey.


A priestess is a Vessel

who has made herself open to be filled with light.

She is married to the light of Spirit–

because this is her wish and will.

Some priestesses walk in silence,

And some are called to build temples.


The Priestess Path is intimate and unique —

a Beauty Way

meant to be walked as a Blessing.

— Elizabeth Wilcock 2020

4 Responses

  1. Very lovely tribute to the Priestesses! Let’s hope the time is soon when we can return to:

    the Priestess Path available to all women

    as a valid and honored station in society.

    Priestesses holding positions of influence and power

    and afforded a beautiful, sensual sovereignty.

  2. My life is in turmoil at this time & I feel lost, not at peace with myself
    Like I’m floating & bouncing off of people & objects. I need to feel grounded again

  3. I truly Love how you described the soul and essence of woman who is called from birth to be on this Path. Seemingly a test of the very fabric of life when all that’s loved slips thru our hands but yet we push on as if knowing we were born to help others. LOVE ABUNDANT IS IN THE EARTH AND SHE IS SMILING ON THE TRUE DEVINE SOULS HEREIN. LOVE N BLESSINGS BE WITH YOU SISTERS!🌺 ALOHA

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