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Rise of the Feminine & The Fall of Corrupt Kings

The return of the feminine light is celebrated today on St. Brigid’s Day. Traditionally a candle is lit to honor and celebrate the return of the feminine fire that brings nature back to life from winter’s slumber.

As the ice melts and the flowers bud, I was moved to honor this High Holy feminine day with an article about the Rise of the Feminine and the Fall of the Corrupt Kings.

We live in a very exciting time when the Divine Feminine power returns to earth, just in the nick of time. The earth is sorely out of balance. We are desecrating the land, the air and the water at an alarming rate and many species are going extinct from the destruction of their environment. This desecration has been at the hands of an out-of-balanced humanity that has not respected the earth, innocence, or the sacred feminine. As the destruction still continues at an alarming rate, we are seeing a hopeful turn of events as we witness the return of the feminine and her sacred warriors before our very eyes.

As the Goddess awakens on the world stage, she has some clean-up to do. We are witnessing the exposure of sexual abuses of women embedded in institutions like Hollywood, the Catholic Church and other “spiritual” organizations.

A great change is occurring as the Divine Feminine awakens from thousands of years of forced slumber.

The ice is melting and we have the honor of watching the Goddess shake off her sleep, take off her shackles, and return to earth with the fierce and beautiful force of spring.

As the feminine awakens, there are some old structures of abuse that need to go. The dark nests of corrupt kings are being exposed and the torch of justice is shining on their true nature.

Abusive individuals who have been protected for decades by the megalithic power structures they hide within are being stripped of their protective cover and exposed. Then they are being taken down.

The power of the #metoo movement has spread her fierce and protective wings across the globe — and the world is responding.

The fall of kings is predicted by eclipses.

We just experienced a grand lunar eclipse January 2019. It was officially called the Super Blood Wolf Moon Full Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are historically associated with the fall of kings. It was stunning to watch as the moon slowly turned blood red in color, following the historic fall of some of the most corrupt kings we have ever seen.

In perfect celestial synchronicity, just weeks before in December we witnessed the fall of some of the most immoral and corrupt spiritual abusers in history.

The New York Times reports that Catholic Cardinal George Pell was convicted of “historical sex offenses”. While the ages of the victims have yet to be revealed, the reports that some of the violations took place on a playground suggest his victims were children.

The archetype of the pedophile priest is no longer tolerated. Women and children are now empowered with the knowledge that they will be heard, and their innocence defended by the noble men who still exist on this planet.

Then, during this same time window of the eclipse, we saw the fall of another “spiritual” guru, John of God. He is currently accused by 600 women of sexual abuse! His rape victims include his own underage daughter, who pubicaly called him a “monster”.

Hundreds of thousands of people deified “John of God” while he secretly raped at least hundreds of different women in a dark room. He has also has shockingly been accused of running a breeding business where he kidnapped young homeless women, had his male followers rape them repeatedly, and then sold off the children to the highest bidder, for amounts up to 40,000 Euros. The New York Times and other news outlets reported that the mothers were then murdered after ten years of this torture. The witnesses have already spoken, and so have the perpetrators, who said they eventually “got tired” of doing this and covering up his crimes. Perhaps now he may more aptly be called “John of Hell”.

Another surprising element of this story is the bizarre occult problems that happened to those who sought to bring this man to justice. As reported in the UK Mirror, “Police who grilled him reported “bizarre” incidents during the interview, such as the computer typing the letters ‘OOOOOO’ repeatedly, the printer starting to print without receiving a command, and the mini-fridge in the room exploding, according to reports. Meanwhile, a police clerk, who was meant to transcribe the faith healer’s testimony at the police station in the rural town of Annapolis, was run over in a car accident and broke his arm.”

If this sounds like black magic, you would be correct. This story is very important in that the world is learning that occult forces really can exert telekinetic influences upon our native reality, much like in the case of poltergeists. Whatever was happening with this man, it was not simply a fraud. He was and still is tapping into some sort of genuine spiritual influence, which in this case is obviously very negative. It is interesting to note that the investigating police clerk who was run over by a car did not actually die, but only broke his arm. Very likely the forces involved in this had hoped it would kill him, to “send a message.”

What is further interesting is that John of God did actually perform healings… many of them. From a spiritual perspective, it is important to note that negative spiritual entities are capable of performing healings. The whistleblower Svali reported that Illuminati victims of ritual abuse, including their own members, could be very quickly healed up by supernatural spiritual forces within their ceremonies, by harnessing the power of the group consciousness. In this way, cuts, bruises and other deliberately inflicted injuries could be greatly reduced, if not eliminated — and thus help to conceal their crimes even further.

My husband David Wilcock and I share the same thoughts in this case. This case is a very sad but very significant example of spiritual warfare that has now become part of our real-world dialogue. We believe the entities who were coming through JOG needed the “loosh” or intense negative energy that was generated from the suffering he inflicted upon these women. Negative entities feed on negative energy. Once a bargain is formed between a human and negative possessing spirit, the spirit will need to be fed by the suffering of innocents. Only then will it contribute the energy needed to perform seeming miracles.

It may not have always been the case that JOG channeled evil spirits. He may have at first have been working with positive helping spirits or Angels, but transgressed and lost his connection. It is Universal spiritual knowledge that the spirits will take their gift of power away if you break the rules and begin infringing upon the free will and happiness of others, or otherwise taking actions in private that significantly contradict your message. It could be that this is what happened with John of God, and instead of humbly resigning or paying his karmic dues to regain his blessing power, he may have struck a deal with negative entities to keep up the work. The problem is that the negative spirits need this pay-off of suffering.

The good news is that the exposure and fall of John of God and the other guru-type sex offenders shows that the light is winning. This also appears to be happening with the greatest planetary villain of all — the Deep State. It is widely acknowledged now that this group has been bombarding us with their occult symbolism through mainstream pop-culture media, film, TV shows, video games and various awards ceremonies. All of the accusations that have been levied against them are now being proven true, as in the case of Weinstein and other monsters and now Cardinal Pell.

Another highly interesting real-life synchronicity is that right while I have been sitting here and writing this article for you, a huge dead tree on the neighbor’s property fell over and smashed into our yard. The branches hit our windows and almost broke them, but our boundaries held.

The tree had died from the California drought and had been leaning over for months. The neighbor has been completely absent for nearly a year, and a variety of intense disputes had occurred before then. This was a very dramatic real-world illustration of the Fall of Kings — the collapse of their dead and rotting institutions.

The unveiling of such horrific abuses by male guru-type authority figures may be harrowing, but the fact that the cleansing of the corrupt king is happening now is of monumental historical importance — and very exciting.

The world will never be the same.

Never before in the entire time of recorded history have we witnessed such a swift and clean takedown of corrupt kings, who are violating women and the innocence of children.

Men have traditionally been allowed to get away with the institutional abuse of women and children for thousands of years with little to no consequence. Now that time is over! As the Divine Feminine awakens, as she has been prophesied to do, she says: No more! And the world listens.

The Divine Feminine returns.

Women have an innate sense of where the honorable boundaries are that preserve the innocent. As the Goddess awakens, she is not having any of this crusty, patriarchal abuse crap — and the support of the world is on her side.

One woman spoke up about John of God’s abuse on live television, which alerted the other victims and gave them permission to also speak up. As of this writing, there are 600 women who had the courage to tell the story they have been keeping silent.

One woman spoke up. One woman.

This is not to say that all women are noble and use their power kindly or wisely. I know many women who do not. Just as the I Ching speaks about the “superior man” in contrast to the “inferior man”, a woman can clearly use her will in inferior or superior ways. The universal benchmark is honor, integrity and nobility. We are calling for Noble rule and compassionate power structures that honor the beauty and innocence on this planet. The predators are being overthrown, and predatory rule is being exposed by the Higher forces.

Thankfully, the noble men, the superior men, are here to listen to the call of the sacred and defend innocence. Once corruption is exposed, they are the ones are carrying out the difficult and dangerous task of manually putting the corrupt masculine in it’s place. The archetype of the noble man has always honored and protected the sacred feminine. The fact that there are inferior men in this world that will prey on the innocent creates the need for a superior man to keep the inferior in check. The I Ching speaks a lot about the ways of superior men. I have been extensively immersed in ancient warrior societies for much of my life having been trained by martial art masters and grandmasters, owning five martial art schools myself and earning five black belts. I have embodied many of the codes that have been passed down through the sacred warrior systems for thousands of years and, as a master instructor in the martial art schools I was and still am responsible for transmitting them. Without our noble men who are willing and able to protect the sacred feminine which includes women, children and the beauty of this earth, then the inferior men will desecrate Her. This is just the way of things. So a huge thanks goes out to those noble men, many whose names and faces will never be seen, who are the muscle for the takedowns of these corrupt kings.

Due to the increased vibration energies of this time, there is no place to hide. The tide is strong and justice is swift. The immoral and corrupt kings will fall, and we will witness it. This is definitely a case of “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”. This is the tip of the iceberg. Many more will follow, and the feminine will be much more honored in the generations to come. The feminine, in my definition, is the noble aspects of beauty, innocence, trust, compassion, and nurturing. To delve deeper into why the vibration is increasing on this planet, you can reference my husband’s work on interplanetary climate change and Ascension.

This is the earth-changing power of the noble feminine at this time.

I am deeply grateful to be alive on this planet at this potent time, and to witness the return of the exalted and noble aspects of the feminine. I feel the immense importance of this time as well as a responsibility to anchor in a template of the feminine that is strong, sacred, and empowered, while also honoring the noble aspects of the masculine. As we expose the injustices, it is important that we do not turn to the negative. Women have a responsibility to come into our power in a noble way — an topic for another article at another time.

The alchemy between the noble masculine and the sacred feminine is inseparable. As I said earlier in this article, the noble masculine protects the feminine and thereby, gives her a safe place to unfurl her beauty and her innocence. Again, I speak of the earth and her creatures when I speak of the feminine. If there are no noble men to stand with the sacred feminine, then the feminine turns masculine herself, hard and harsh to put the inferior masculine in its place. We can see hints of this in our society and in our relationships. We need our noble men strong, vibrant, and awakened not castrated as the dark forces would prefer and it does the feminine no good to castrate good men. Noble men allow for sacred feminine. The noble masculine force whether it be in men or women, allows for the innocence and beauty of the feminine to unfurl in a safe and sacred space without the fear of being raped, used or abused. Having been raised inside of warrior societies, I can go on and on about this but I will save that for another article as well. I do speak deeply about the alchemy of the uplifting relationship between the masculine and the feminine in my Priestess Path courses.

We are witnessing the results of the Divine Feminine returning to the world stage. As she awakens, she looks around at the state of affairs and has some housecleaning to do — and justice to be served.

The exposure and the fall of corrupt kings has a holographic imprint in each of our lives.

I can clearly see it in mine. You may ask yourself: Where in your life is the immoral and corrupt king, boss or guru who is being exposed? What are you doing to state your boundaries and speak up for how you need to be treated — to clear the way for your innocence and freedom to safely unfurl?

In keeping with the holographic medicine of the time, I am right in the middle of this myself. I am making clear spoken boundaries to state how I can and cannot be treated by a certain male authority figure in my life. I am willing to “shoot the hostage” (a term one of my martial art masters used frequently) and leave this environment, or I am open to this person respecting me. I will only remain in his orbit if he can hold a safe space for my innate innocence. [Just to avoid confusion, this has nothing to do with my husband, any family member or professional affiliate, past or present. Thankfully, I am fully loved and supported by those closest to me.]

It is important that we keep our focus on the positive as we are setting boundaries and cleaning up abuses in our personal lives and on the world stage. Very positive change is occurring. If you read any of my husband’s work, he will say that the Ascension energies are upon us — and the wheat is being separated from the chaff. The epic collapse of abusive patriarchal structures, much like the tree I just witnessed come slamming down, is paving the way for a re-birth. The Temples and safe places are being restored, where the feminine can be in sacred communion and unfurl her beauty without being energetically or physically raped.

So, keep your head up. The process is going amazingly well and civilization-defining changes are now upon us.

The Divine Feminine is arising. She is awakening through each and every one of us, bringing her wisdom and guidance and a renewed spirit.

How is the Divine Feminine shaping your life?

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You are resilient.

You are strong!

For the love of earth and beauty!


25 Responses

  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    thank you for your insights. This encouragement is reaching me at the right time to remind me of the strength to show up for the Goddess within all of us, birthing her into real life, not being discouraged by old structures of power: in my "personal" life as well as when witnessing the threatening behavior of US and Russian leaders, annihilating the INF – contract of nuclear dearmouring.
    There is hope, and we must act on it. As does wonderful Marianne Williamson, considering her candidacy for US president in 2020. Her articulate announcement is on her website As a non US citizen, I cannot support her directly by donation, but I can at least spread the word and thus make the invisible connections visible.

    Marie, a fierce devotee to peace and healing

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth, for speaking your truth❤️ I’ve lit the candle and join my sisters and brothers on this high vibrational BEARTH of GAIA.

  3. Wonderful article. The power these words possess is outstanding. I agree 100% with ever word you have written and thank you for helping the Divine Feminine in all of us feel safe enough tocome out and take our place in this world. The fear is leaving with ever word of truth that is spoken.

  4. Andrew Bartzis the Galactic Historian did a series about mystery schools where I learned that at the top of light or dark schools/spiritual paths the opposite of each ALWAYS manifests in our duality. The Vatican was said to have “the best of the best” from 200 mystery schools for its evil intent, bringing in adepts who could project 1,000 lifetimes into existence, not just mastery of the 80 or so lives of a student in training. One note, Feminine rule does not ensure integrity about the collective. Apparently, this happened in a major timeline of domination offworld and aeons ago.

      1. A ‘short" update may not fully integrate the seriousness of your mission and previous comments.
        I believe the saying is "Behind every great man, there’s a great woman"
        Works both ways, "Behind every evil man, there’s an evil woman."
        I have found personally and anecdotally, that many survivors of "male" sexual abuse have a greater anger at their female guardian for not protecting them and most times enabling such abuse by "looking the other way".
        It’s easy to see the toxic "male" kill or rape energies and point all fingers at that. Less obvious and perhaps more insidious is the toxic "female" submissive energies that even a 2nd density animal would show of a mother protecting their young from all male attackers.
        In other words, what many women are lacking is exactly that male energy of protection/ability to fight/pure aggression that is seen as "toxic"

        Evil is evil. Service to self is service to self.
        Please remember the balance as pendulums tend to swing in unhealthy ways in correction to unhealthy polarities
        All polarities (male/female) have their distortions until one sees past the need for identification with polarities at all.

  5. Thank you for your article and all you do Elizabeth. When I take my morning walk, I am feeling there is some morning Goddess ritual we did in ancient times?

  6. Thank you for this dear sister. You write with dignity regarding these evolving times/energies of disclosure of abuse and the return/rise of divine feminine!

  7. Wow I just going through some very strong emotions about the abuse I went through and I’m like where is this coming from?. I was trying to find someone I feel comfortable to talk to but I didn’t. I happen to click on my emails that I haven’t checked in quite some time and saw this email. Talk about synchronicity. I had this dream last night of wearing a purple dress and I was hosting a event. I don’t wear dresses but I’ve had a lot of conflict about my sexuality. Before I came to this email I was super emotional saying they did this to me, meaning being a girl/ sexual being is wrong. I use to dress and act girly but I stopped painting my nails and doing things I liked. A lot of sexual, mental and other kinds of abuse.

  8. Dearest Elizabeth,
    Thank you for all you do! I truly appreciate connecting with you and these lovely ladies in the facebook group. I am entering a time where I really need to explore and understand more about dominant Males in my life, and setting boundries. I have left this issue for much too long and enough is enough. I need the help of my Sisters and am really happy to have the community. Thank you for offering this mini series. I am looking forward to it. Much love to you Sister!

  9. Thank you for the insightful article. Perhaps an article about the Divine Masculine would be informative to us as well.
    I have another symbolic synchronicity in regards to the death and collapse of the tree, which seems quite apropos.
    Take a look at this link, which shows a picture similar to the Tree of Life but maps out the dark infrastructure, which I correlate to your tree collapsing:

  10. Thank you for this article Elizabeth. I think you have really captured the essence of what is happening here. The mask is falling and this type of guru-worship is no longer in alignment with changes that our planet is going through. I have recently had this happen in my reality where someone who I looked up to and followed revealed his true colours. It was very upsetting but I am glad that I saw the light.

  11. Thank you for this message Elizabeth, we need to hear this to remind us there is light in all this darkness . I really enjoyed the YouTube David posted, it’s always great to hear him. I’ve learned a lot from his wisdom teachings and hope to learn from you in your webinar series.

  12. Thank you Elizabeth for the article, your work and the space you continue to hold for the good of our world. Truth always rises and will topple the lies! Your sister in love and light!

  13. I have been observing with amazement to see an unfoldment of understanding about my own life and the events therein. Your article clearly mirrors what I am now seeing to be true. A recent reading my guides directed me to do (with a Goddess tarot deck) was all about the unfolding purpose of the Divine Feminine. The synchronicities have gotten to be so frequent and obvious it makes me gasp.

  14. Thank you for your eloquent narrative! It thrills my heart to hear about the Divine Feminine arising from others! I have been a Wise Woman working for this for many years. This news is synchronistic to the rebirth of my Divine Feminine Temple of Light. (I too had, not one but two, giant trees almost crash into my house in May of 2013) I am so thankful for our protection. May many blessings pour down upon you, you are deeply appreciated and loved.

  15. I’m a bit skeptical about the whole thing to be honest. We have never been further from the divine feminine than now where modern feminism teaches women to behave like men, to compete with men like men and to look down upon archetypal feminine characteristics which are seen in modern times as ‘weakness’.

    A hermetic magus I greatly respect says that long ago the power of the feminine was active and the power of the feminine was love that was transformative. She was able to focus magnetic energy on a man and through the power of love transform him so that he became the best version of himself, and by doing this she could transform the world.

    Modern day feminism is the opposite of this, it is about masculinising the feminine and removing it from the world. Dark 4th dimensional entities aren’t stupid, they know that a critical human weakness is our susceptibility to false dichotomies and polarised thinking… being given two options which are both bad and choosing one, instead of a third path. So these clever 4D chess-players take someone like Weinstein, pervert him, and then make him fall at a specific time. Yay, we shout… the fall of the corrupt masculine. Then you get the metoo movement, and hatred and distrust of men takes hold of society. Men then reject their divine masculine core, seeing it as evil, women continue to become more masculine and the genders become splintered and distrustful of one-another while pushing their sexual cores into the shadow. The transexual, gender-fluid movement then gains more traction since the ‘natural’ is demonised.

    So if you’re playing 4D chess, what’s the next move?

    1. Absolutely agree with your comments, thank you for pointing out this other perspective. I will add too that the victims of the Abusive Kings are not just females, blatantly, they are young boys who fall prey to the warped sexuality of perverted males in positions of religious and secular power. Must also add that there are perverted Queens who assist these males or are perpetrators themselves. What we are witnessing in this Ascension dynamic is more to do with an uprising in a small number of souls, to the Restoration of Order within themselves, a reclamation of their Sovereign Beings, and yes, I agree, a much needed resetting of strong and proper boundaries to protect the untarnished, pure and innocent. I am an Asian born, middle aged woman residing in the West with teenage daughters. I have witnessed in profound detail the tearing asunder of my marriage, and concomitant estrangement from my Divine Masculation, his soul capture and manipulation by toxic males and females close to home, within the Judicial and Social Care systems. Their combined agenda was to keep us apart and fighting, to tear the children away from their mother, even to imprison her, and to humiliate both parents by proposing foster care for no crimes committed. End result being utter devastation of our family unit, the father fallen so prey to false agendas that he started clinging onto a False Twin Feminine embodiment, for dear life. To date he has yet been unable to break free from the emasculation of her control. So I am pleased to watch Elizabeth’s most recent webinar about the Shadow Feminine, because the uncovering and Fall of the Dark Kings must go hand in hand with the Sovereign Divine Feminine defusing the captive power held by Dark Queens, whose actions prevent and even regress, the Divine Masculine from coming into his ennobled Manhood to protect and nurture what is Truly His. This daylight robbery of Divine Unions HAS to STOP NOW, Rightful Order restored.

  16. Dear Elizabeth,
    forgive me for having to put this here, but I need to clarify some points about the JOG case.
    Of the 600 women who accused him, only 19 decided to go ahead with the charges, the others disappeared. You must have seen in the media that one of the whistleblowers committed suicide, which is a lie! She is part of a group of women here in Brazil who set up these schemes of collective accusations to overthrow specific men, look for the Roger Abdelmassih case … it happened the same thing and a woman in specific became very famous and makes money until today with this case, without ever being a real victim … but at the time we did not have social media like today.
    Not only the suicide is false as such the "farm" is also … we do not have photos, bodies, nothing!
    We have just come out of a left-wing government (of which this whistleblower was a part) and now their followers are using everything to stop the new president, whom is changing everything here.
    JOG was also wanted by Interpol since 1985 for having been involved in a scheme of radioactive ore smuggling and arms trafficking … I found it even more strange when a friend (who used to visit JOG site to treat her father health) told me that the new president visited Abadiania (the city of the JOG) shortly before him be stabbed … There is much more behind what we can understand … and unfortunately this "wave of female empowerment", at least in this case, is a fraud!!!
    If you want to understand more about it, look for the case of Paulo Pavesi’s, who was accused of attacking this whistleblower, but in fact he was the one who unmasked her and her scheme. This man lost his son to an organ trafficking scheme in my country almost twenty years ago and keeps in the fight to punnish the ones responsible for his son’s death.

    My king regards.

  17. Through his death, Jesus put across the meaning of sacrifice

    Without the knowledge of both good and evil, we could not know the good, and that is worse than evil. Life is not all about the light but a harmonious balance, it is only in the dark that you can become enlightened.

    We are all willing participants in this game we are playing and helping to co create. Life is a cycle and this one has required darkness, pain, evil, and slavery. Yet it is these very things that have allowed us to know our light, find meaning in pain, given us the choice to be good and to truly know what is to be free. Sometimes the only way you can truly know freedom is if you are free to be enslaved.

    This place wasn’t meant to be comfortable, it wasn’t made to be easy, it is meant to be a challenge, it was made to test you, to be the catalyst for your growth. The truth is we can’t always be happy, we can’t always live in peace; we can’t always know what it is to feel true love. We have to experience it ALL to be able to experience any of it; only by accepting the pain and suffering can we overcome the need to experience it. You will look back at all the pain and hurt, all the alienation of our adolescence as a great gift that shaped our beautiful destiny.

    If life hadn’t been so challenging we never could have risen to become champions, if it had not been so dark we would never have able to shine like stars, if it had not been so fearful we could never have known this beautiful love we now share.

    For Everything A Reason
    Life changes with the seasons
    Rain and pain make way
    For a glorious new day.

  18. I have seen in a video of David Wilcok (could find anymore), mentioning John of God in Brazil, lots of people in Brazil knew about his actions, but he was covered by an ilusion. But, what really touched me in that video, was when he mentioned about the Spiritual warefare (a little bit pushed 🙂 ). I personnaly agree about this spiritual warefare, because me and my wife were in a midle of this warefare, and almost cost her life. But this expirience took me conciouness and a lot of strenth, fighting against dark forces(normally called dragons) in this planet. I had a lot of help, but this is a long history. God bless you both (you and David).

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