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Conscious Uncoupling

Last week, David and I announced the dissolution of our marriage. As we navigate the waters of our own uncoupling, I wanted to speak deeper into the idea of “conscious uncoupling” and what it means to me, offering up my process, in the hopes that it may help guide some of you — who may now or in the future be in similar waters with an important relationship in your life.

Here is our announcement:

When we form a relationship, whether it be a friendship, a business relationship or marriage, it may be for the rest of our lives, it may be for a mission, a purpose, or a reason that spans a certain amount of time. It always is important to remember that what was formed in love can be transitioned in love as well.

When David and I got together as a couple after knowing each other for about five years prior, we both thought it was going to be forever. I changed my name to his and whole-heartedly dove into our togetherness. David is a wonderful and brilliant human being and we both stood by each others’ side, fought in each other’s corner, and co-created a full and thriving life together. The fact that he is a prominent public figure with lots of eyes on him, lots of love, jealousy, and intrigue and that he is calling out the most evil forces on earth, made for an interesting journey to say the least.

Recently though, our paths called for both of us to commit even deeper to our respective Holy Causes. My path called me deeper into devotion to my Temple and temple life and his is asking him to go even deeper into his path as a spiritual warrior devoted to the causes he believes in. I continue to cheer him on and support his work, and will always be grateful for his love, laughter, and all the energy he put into me and us.

As our paths took different turns, my desire was to uncouple in the most harmonious, graceful way possible and this is what I call Conscious Uncoupling. While we cannot control how someone else decides to navigate, we can control how we intend and try to go through something. The hope of course, is that both or all parties choose to navigate in the most compassionate and graceful way possible with all the pieces involved.


My definition of “conscious uncoupling” is the intent and action to transition a relationship in the most balanced, harmonious way possible while honoring the individuals involved, and devoting the transition to the highest and best for all. This will look different in each relationship since they are formed by unique individuals.

Transitioning the form of a relationship can be messy and painful if not done with care. When we hold the hearts of our self and the other with compassion and prayer, transitioning a relationship you have cared for deeply can be done in the most conscious way we can.

Breaking up is never easy. No two ways about it. When a relationship ends, it is a form of death. And death and all that surrounds it is arguably the most feared energy on the planet. When a relationship ends or changes form, the death energy can bring out the worst in people. Edit: (I wish to note here that a lovely reader wrote in about the word ‘death’ and reminded me to note that it is a transition to a higher dimension and reminded me that great things shall come.) So yes, let us re-define the word death as well to take out the fear of our deepest transitions and changes into the unknown.

This is often when the fighting begins. Most people would rather feel anger than death. With anger, there is energy, whereas death can leave one feeling empty, lost, and alone. I believe it is the discomfort with the energy of death that drives most couples to transition their relationship in a harsh way, with breakups that get messy, painful, and hurtful.


There are a few aspects to uncoupling in the most conscious way we can. A few stages of conscious uncoupling are:

  • Coming to the decision to uncouple
  • Communicating with your partner
  • Communicating with your family and friends
  • Individuating, or undoing the life you wound together

The first stage of conscious uncoupling is knowing what is in your heart. If there is an uncoupling, there is a reason, and that reason lives deep inside of you and this is where we must go to hear it.

There is a saying: “Pain is unavoidable, but suffering is optional.” It is important to feel the pain in the heart, yet feeling that pain does not mean you have to suffer. When my heart hurts, I turn my awareness toward it. I look at my heart with my internal eye and ask, “what’s up?” I sincerely want to know what my heart feels. I turn toward my heart like I would a small child — with tenderness and interest — as indeed, it is my inner child and and I want to hear her so that I can care for her.


When I do this kind of inner work, I do it in ceremonial space. I go to my sacred space and sit in front of my altar. I light my candle, take a few deep breaths, smudge myself and offer a prayer. I call in the Divine, the angels and my guides and I ask them to help us do this in the most graceful, harmonious way for the highest and best interest of all involved.

You do not have to know how all this will happen when you ask Spirit for help, just put your faith in the Higher Power and trust that you will be guided. This way, I know that I am attended by the highest guidance possible and I am doing the best I can.


In this ceremonial space, is a good time to tune into your heart and write down what she says. I simply turn my internal awareness toward her and listen to how she feels.

She may say that she is afraid. She may be afraid of the unknown, afraid of being left alone or abandoned, afraid of what others may say. She may be afraid of hurting others, hurting her partner, and herself. All of these fears are valid and I embrace them with the part of me that is the compassionate mother. I listen to them. I feel them dancing in my heart without needing to fix or change anything.

All these feelings in your heart are valid and I like to write them down, so I bring them into MY conscious awareness — bring them to light.

After I invite my heart to express her fears, I ask her if there is anything else. Then I just listen. She may say that she is angry. She may share the reasons she was unhappy, hurt or frustrated; the reasons she could not go on. These are the reasons that she is choosing to uncouple. Again I listen without censorship or judgment and I write them down. The heart feels what it feels. When I write, I do not edit or censor what the heart truly feels, I just want to know.

“I am angry that…” “It frustrated me that….” “I closed down because of…” These are such important things to know about yourself and your heart, because this is the real you. These are the delicate petals of your heart’s flower and tell us so much about how we need to be handled and cared for.

Then I ask again: “Is there anything else?” She may express her hopes and dreams to me. This can come with some sadness if these hopes and dreams are in the realm of the future, not happened yet, and this will be your heart’s desires. It is good to know them, for that is at the core of who you are and what you do. I write them down as well:

“I desire….”

After I hear her desires, I keep asking my heart if there is more until the writing stops.

You may ask your heart, what it needs and desires from this uncoupling, with the intention of all being fair, equitable and harmonious. Write this down.

Is there any help or assistance you wish to receive? You may want to consult wise counsel, like a professional mediator, a wise friend for their counsel on how to navigate this in the best way possible.


Then I pray. I pray for the most graceful, smooth, harmonious transition possible. I pray for the protection of the other soul. I pray for all good things to come of this and for the highest and best interest of all involved to be the outcome. You do not have to see or know what this is. This is a prayer to Spirit. Then I let it go. I trust in the greater plan that Spirit has for each one of us and I do the best I can to navigate the transition through this passage of waters.

I ask Spirit for any guidance for this journey right now, then I listen and take to heart what I hear. For me, I get clear guidance on the next steps. I feel into the most harmonious way to do them. Most of these messages are private. I take them to heart and I abide by them as best I can.


When it comes time to communicate with your partner, this is a crucial time to be the most centered and grounded that you can be. Despite any other emotions that may be in there, like anger, sadness, blame, etc. it is important to communicate when you feel strong, clear and loving. It may be best to write down what you wish to communicate and craft your words so that they are loving and positive.

I have a saying that I use when teaching about communication: “Anything that can be said can be said with love.” This is true, yet may take a bit of forethought and planning. I think before I make important communications and take my time to write something that delivers the truth of the situation in the most positive and loving way I can think of at the time. Again, we cannot control how another person takes the words we say, but we can control what we say and how we say it. When communicating during conscious uncoupling, it is best to take care, contemplate what you wish to say in prayer, thinking of how you can honor the dignity of your partner and care for their heart as best you can while communicating clearly and concisely what you need to at this time


For many, there will need to be an announcement of some kind. Being that David has been a public figure for quite some time and that the public knew us a a married couple for the past four years, we needed to let the public know of our decision to dissolve our marriage so that they could be a part of the journey and not surprised when I change my name or when David and I are no longer seen together. I wanted it to be short and sweet and I wanted it to show the respect and love that we still have for each other.

The truth of the matter is that David and I deeply respect each other. We have known each other for almost ten years now and have been present for each other’s journey in various ways for all this time. We have been acquaintances, friends, lovers, husband and wife, champions of each other and now, we continue on in just another form. I am deeply grateful for the time we have shared.

I am grateful for the undying positive strength that David has shown towards me, my journey, my difficulties, my challenges. He is a good man and I know a side of him that few will ever know. I know the hard working part of him, I know his heart and his dedication. I know how he is often misunderstood and how he perseveres in his mission despite this. It is my hope that we will always be kind friends and always be in each other’s corner, cheering each other on.


This process that I shared here can be done multiple times during the uncoupling process. Doing this in your quiet and sacred time will bring awareness, Spirit and your highest consciousness to your transition and ensure that you are navigating the best way you possibly can.

The important thing is that you are trying your best, putting your best intention into it, having your partner’s best interest in mind and putting the power of prayer into it. And remember — you cannot control what someone else says and does, but you can always choose to walk as graceful as you possibly can through these passages.

Thank you for your kind heart and support.

Much love,

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  1. I noticed the tense in your videos a time ago and was wondering what was going on. I wish you both all the love, peace and luck in the world with your now more separate work and lifes.

  2. I’m so sorry to receive this news today. Much love to you and David as you move through uncoupling. I have been through the heartbreak and pain of divorce even though I was the one that wanted it. My spouse wasn’t on board with the concept of conscious uncoupling. Anything that could help ease the pain would be wonderful. You two are in my thoughts and prayers. Much love …

  3. Many blessings to you both as you journey through this pivotal time in your relationship. Sending Love/Light to you both!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your story and advice . I wish you both exponential success in the paths you are following . Thanks to David , I have met you and love your work . Namaste

  5. Dear Elizabeth and David:
    I like you both very much. “Liking” is something even more valuable than loving because we can say, on some level, we all “love” each other. Liking, however, implies so many “reasons”: e.g “I like their hair, I like the way they speak, or they have a nice sense of humor”, so many “reasons”.
    So…. I really like you both and wish you cool happiness.
    In Liking,

  6. Uncoupling, whether conscious or unconscious is similar to death – they’re all inevitable. And we must embrace it much like we aught to embrace death. For in our surrendering lies an underlying love and a great healing towards our transition into what lies ahead for us.
    So as you and David go through this great transition in your relationship, I wish you all well, much as I wish same to myself and to the world.
    Love and light from a fun from Ghana, West Africa.


  7. Thank you, Elizabeth and David. This has been a beautiful teaching and I am sure it will be beneficial to many, even those that went through this process many years ago. I send you both much love and gratitude as you move forward.

  8. What beautiful practice you have created around this often painful transition. Thank you for sharing it with us. Blessings you you and David on the next kegs of your respective journeys.

  9. May the Divine hold you, David and your relationship with love and light at this transitional time. It is wonderful you are applying the guidance of the Conscious Uncoupling at this time. 💛💫🙏

  10. Thank you for sharing this Elizabeth and allowing us to learn from your process. It is much needed in my life.

    I hold for you and David both Harmony, peace, and continued evolution in each of your respective holy missions.

    With much love, compassion and understanding,

  11. Hello Elizabeth,

    You and David are an inspiration. This could not have come at a better time. I am going through conscious uncoupling with my partner right now. We still love each other deeply but our paths have gone different directions and to best support one another we need to uncouple and form a new type of relationship. One based on spiritual love and connection and freedom for each other. I am so grateful you were sharing your process so that we have some tools to use and we don’t feel so alone. We don’t feel like we failed. I think it should be talked about more. Conscious, awake, fully human people who are in love can decide that it is best to change the form of that love and it should be celebrated not demonized and not seen as a failure. You have my deepest respect for sharing your journey and thank you again. I do not feel so alone and so strange in the world we are breaking up a relationship is usually so final and toxic. It does not have to be that way. Blessings to you and to David

  12. My heart goes out to the both of you. Be kind to one another as well as to youselves. Life is a continual process of learning and growth. Love and Light to you both!

  13. Thank you so much for this. I think this is greatly helpful to me, due to changes that are also going on in my life and marriage of 10 years. Best of wishes to both of you on your future paths.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Elizabeth as I have uncoupling episodes in my life as well and appreciate your experience in this new journey that your life is taking…..I am concerned about David as well….please let us know that he is ok….Thanks, Holly

  15. I send you both love . Though I am saddened at the news, I think you two are handling it beautifully. Thank you so much for informing us of your new paths. Sending you both blessings and light.

    Best wishes,

  16. Having recently left my partner of 5 plus years, whom I still deeply love, I found this very helpful. Thank you

  17. As always Elizabeth, you communicate with wisdom and love. Thank you for explaining your heartfelt steps to consciously uncouple any relationship. Wishing the best for both of you.

    Sending Love and Light

  18. So sad to see you two split up. But so much love too to make this easier. Wish you both all the best in life.
    Amazing to read about the way you handle this. I feel so much love between the lines.

    Much love and light to the both of you

    Evelien Pap. The netherlands

  19. I love how you place utmost attention to all aspects of all feelings and observe them without judgement.

    Thank you for sharing. You are a wise woman.

    I wish for you peace in all your endeavors.

  20. Dear Elisabeth

    Thank you for your loving lines.

    To be honest, at first I was shocked and sad. I did not expect that. However, I know how it feels, when you feel that the common path as a couple is over and that you can finally articulate and implement this. Your words about the best inner process are so true.

    Beautiful, that you continue to work together.
    I enjoyed your videos (also with the cute fox) so much. Your dog will probably go with one of you. I hope.

    Elisabeth whatever is most important for your development, for your heart, is right and good.

    I am sure, that many would like to know the main reason for the divorse. I know, that is a privat matter.

    I have great respect for both of you and so I wish you both full love and inner fullfillmend.

    Thank you again for your lovely words. You are a wonderful woman Elisabeth – full of love, beauty, noble and graceful. Thanks you Booth for beeing here on Earth and for the work you do.

    Very warmly,

    Delia Daniela (from Switzerland)

  21. I have the deepest respect for you both and am very impressed with how you are showing the way to a new way to be. This is no small thing. Blessings to you both on your continued journey. Thank you for all you have shared with us.
    Lots of love to you.

  22. I am not surprised by this “turn of events” for you both. I supported David’s last Disclosure class/series out of loyalty. (I have followed his work for a long, long time,) I did not watch it. It felt empty to me?? Going in the wrong direction maybe ??? ….. I sense some of the issues that have brought you to this decision and I support you. You are a VERY strong, good person and I respect your decision to make this transition. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.
    Prayers for you and D.

  23. May God bless and protect you both. You have both given so much to so many. I am deeply grateful not just for myself, but for the planet and for all of humanity. I know you will continue to work together to shine the light on truth, to vanquish evil, and to help usher in the dimensional shift of the ages as we raise our vibrations and break the bonds of this prison planet for all time through the power of love. XXX

  24. Dear Elizabeth,
    The words you have spoken are beautiful and brave. They will help many of us that needed to hear them at this time.
    Thank-You for your honesty and courage.
    Many blessings and Much love on your journey. ❤️

  25. What a professional speech and manner for a separation can be is this. A model to follow and apply anybody walking through this process. If more couples could have their minds a little bit open for this we could say human relationships has evolved a bit. Pain vs. suffer in this particular type of death. Scare to the unknown, what if…, what will people think… say… is what most couples worry and elongate the chain that might choke them to death instead give themselves the opportunity to start over a new path with more experience. The emotional feelings when the relationship begins it’s like a deep breath, now might feel a little bit breatlhess, but remember, it’s time to take next deep breath, the way both of you choose, to continue.
    My best wishes to both of you in your new journeys.

  26. Elizabeth, thank you for your heartfelt wisdom in explaining how to uncouple in conscious compassion with love for yourself and the other. So so many have gone down this path, me included, in unconscious and hurtful ways that have left both people and their families stuck in the heaviness of it all. What you have shared has opened the door even wider on how to live our lives authentically always keeping the love for ourselves and out loved ones uppermost in our hearts.
    I know you each will have so much more happiness as you move forward with your lives, especially because of this beautiful and auspicious time we’re in.

  27. Wow, thank you for this! You are such a strong woman and an inspiration. Thank you for being a glowing light for me always, with everything you say and do. You are a mighty example of how I desire to be always. I love you!

  28. Bless you Elizabeth
    You are fantastic loving powerful light
    bearer and will continue to do great
    work on the behalf of the planet.
    Thank you for all the hard work you gave David and for all your great spiritual videos. You have,a huge supportive tribe that love you.
    May the Christmas angels at this time give you all the strength and comfort that u may need.
    Love, peace and joy in the light

  29. I celebrate your decision as a “couple”, in the loving, healing, lifting up of each other. It shows remarkable love and strength in this decision. You both are bright lights in this time space. Your coming together for a season was by Divine p!an. And so is this! I Am excited for both of you. . .It just gets stronger, brighter and more peaceful. Love you both as a couple and as individuals.
    And so it is!💕💕

  30. I send you both love and blessings. I’ve been through an uncoupling. It was a challenge to walk away from someone I still love(d). We redefined our relationship to hold onto the love. I’m here for all that reach out.

  31. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this deeply personal but powerful story. I think we need more of these stories shared so that more people can be aware of how to have a healthy conscious uncoupling, especially in these changing times. I am so grateful for the work that both you and David have done together and separately and applaud you for continuing on your sacred journeys. Peace and blessings be with you💜

  32. Elizabeth & David

    Granted, I barely know either of you compared to probably most in “The Disclosure” group or even in your “The Festival of Light” webinar, Elizabeth.

    But, I can say I know a fair amount about “conscious uncoupling”. I did it way before the term ever became popular. In fact, I actually don’t understand the bitterness or lack of love and respect when two people choose to dissolve or change the perimeters of a relationship. To me it’s illogical. Why would you love and care for someone yesterday only to hate them and treat them poorly tomorrow? Why does there ever need to be a battle?

    Elizabeth, your email was beautifully written! I admire your courage! It looks as though you put a lot of thought into it, as well as, listened to the wisdom of your heart. I wish you both the best and the enlightenment you seek in following your paths, missions and passions throughout this journey called life!!!

    Take Care!!!!

  33. Elizabeth in a time of suffering and change for the entire earth I am honored to witness an uncoupling centered in Love rather than rage. May the Creator of all Spirits place your steps on higher ground as a recurring light to all others in a darkened world needing many lanterns beeming hope for new beginnings. Biggest Love and Respect to you Both💝🐬💝
    Big Island Hawaii 🌺

  34. We support you. Especially when you are in the public eye. I grew up with a father who was a famous author… the untangling is difficult but I hope you continue to share your journey with us. Love and light.

  35. Dear Elizabeth, dear David!
    Even though this announcement comes as a surprise, you both have your reasons for this conscious uncoupling…. and I continue to respect and support you both.
    May you both be blessed on your new journey and find the greates fulfillment in the many ways you serve.
    Instead of imagining this to be all very challanging, I will support you by “imagining that this conscous uncoupling will flow very smoothly and the now ‘unknown’ can soon feel like home”!!!
    This too will pass and all will be very well !
    I love and support you, Brigitte (Brazil)

  36. It saddens my heart that such a beautiful couple must part ways. From afar I have admired both of you and send love to you each on this new stage of your journey. As a member of each of your audiences I want you to know that you have touched my life and helped give me courage to exist in these crazy times and the birth of our new world.

  37. Oh Elizabeth thank
    You so much for hating this. My heart of compassion surrounds you and David as you transition 🙏💜🙏.
    I will use the process as there hav by many deaths for me in th last 2 years. One is th death of my son. June 11 2020. So I’m no stranger to this and the tenderness toward the heart is primary.
    I am holding you both in the highest vibration and honor you in this transition. You are both important in my journey of awakening.
    Know you are loved and blessed.

  38. I am very sorry to hear about this stage of your life.
    I have come to care and respect both you and David very much.
    I wish you both the very very best. May you indeed be an example to all at this difficult time.
    Much love and light to both of you.

  39. Elisabeth thank you so much for your message. I really don’t know who you are your email just showed up in my box and I don’t know what led me to read it today but it has touched my heart with the gentleness and genuine spirit of the message. I am a psychotherapist and a journeyer on the path. Thank you for your highest pursuit of well-being for all and I wish you well.

  40. Elizabeth,

    You have been a beacon of light and hope to so many.

    With this news that most would keep quiet and swept under the proverbial rug, you choose and continue to share your pain, light and deepest thoughts and feelings with us all.

    You are one of the most authentic and caring women I have the honor to “know”.

    There are great things in store for you. Thank you for all you do. You have an amazing support system… US. You’ve been there for us, it’s time for us to be here for you.

    I know you have your circle but I’m here too.

    Hugs and healing to you.

  41. I’m sorry to hear of your breakup and you certainly presented your reasons beautifully. Both of you have such important missions at this time. Relationships require a great deal of give and take and perhaps can distract from each other’s goals. I love that you will continue to support one another as friends and allies. I wish you both well on your continuing journeys. Bless you.

  42. Dear Elizabeth,
    I will keep both you and David in my prayers. It must be difficult to be in the public eye and have to explain to your tribe that your marriage is ending. I am divorced myself and recall the pain of that loss, but also the sense of freedom in ending a relationship that no longer works.

    I have observed that you carry yourself with highest energy possible. You appear humble and balanced in your male and female energy. I participated in your Priestess Path classes in 2020 and was very happy with the balanced approach you took. It seems to me that you have a great deal of integrity and heart and I wish only good things for you.
    I have been working as a healer for years and teach others how to develop their Psychic skills, plus I work with individuals to help them touch their Soul and clear blocks.
    Just wanted you to know I am sending healing energy.
    All my best,

  43. Wow Elizabeth! Your way words are full wisdom, and a wonderful healing sacrament you have described on parting! I wish you and David well on your separate journeys!

    Your heart is full of love and grace!

    Joy Berman

  44. Thank you for letting us know about your and David’s decision to now follow your own paths, however not as a married couple. I wish you both the best and you will be in my prayers.

  45. It is interesting that you would part while we are in the midst of a war for humanity’s health freedom. But maybe not so surprising. These are strange times. Your roads may converge again. May the road rise to meet you.

  46. Thank you so much for sharing. I understand how this journey can be difficult. The way that you outline your process with such love and beauty is an inspiration!

  47. Wow! Of course, I am so surprised!! I completely understand!! I wish you and David the very best, and, the brightest, most loving future for you both!! I love the term ‘uncoupling’! Thank you for presenting that!!
    With love and compassion,

  48. Hello Elizabeth, You don’t know me but we are many who know you and David. You are two exceptional human being, that brought so much in our lives, fought so much for humanity in so many ways, sacrificing your safety for us… I am so honored to have been born in your time, learning so much from you two, honored to have been part of your journey together. I know that everything you did together was done, and I totally understand your message. I wish you both happiness in your journey , even if it’s not together. I know you will continue your paths and you are a blessing in our lives. Love you both and continue praying for your safety and work.

  49. What a beautiful shining example of not matching the vibration of war in these times when the dark is encouraging it.
    May this transition/evolution be as gentle on you as possible. Sending you Love and strength and you forever have my gratitude.

  50. Thank you so much for sharing this. Perfect timing for me. It’s a long story but after 11 years my husband and I seperated last June. With some unexpected divine intervention we met for a weekend of open communication, and passionate reconnection. Prior to this we both felt we were done (not in a hateful way but not in a loving way either) He was on his way out of the state…so now we are working on our relationship from a distance. I love your suggestions and tools in this article I will use these moving forward. 🙏❤️🌈

  51. Elizabeth – Today December 8, 2021, I’m sending you, and also David now… love, light, joy, kindness, compassion, healing, peace, freedom and wisdom during this time of transition in your lives and on going. May you be blessed as you have blessed others🙏💜Felisa

  52. Thank you Elizabeth…beautiful uncoupling. Love, Light and Infinite Blessings for you and David as you enter this new adventure in your lives….you are One in Spirit, as we all are, and nothing can change that, so it doesn’t matter if you live together or not…you are not breaking a contract…you are following your Heart…so go in Peace. Much Love…

  53. Dearest Elizabeth,
    Reading this broke my heart because it was through David’s work that I was introduced to you. Your combined happiness for your new marriage was infectious and I was not aware of the work that you had done and when the Priestess Path Valkyrie course was offered, I jumped on it. I do understand that relationships have end dates that often we are not aware of until it becomes, sometimes painfully apparent. I am sending both you and David love as you move through this transition. Take care and I hope to see you in future Priestess Path events.

  54. You are so strong to share all that you and David are going through. Such respect for both of you and I wish all the best in your journeys onward.

  55. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your vulnerable honesty and example. Like so many, I wish you both love and peace in your journey. Leadership in these intense times is a tremendous calling and you’ve both given so much to us—the clamoring public who longs to hear your visions, truths, and words of encouragement. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Love, Rachael

  56. Sending loving energy to both of you. Thank you for sharing this with us. I will use the heart questioning for a relationship concern I have. It sounds so powerful and healing.

  57. Dearest Elizabeth,
    Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings regarding the ending of your marriage. I deeply care for you and David and the work that you respectively do and I wish you both the very best as you go forward.

  58. Elizabeth, I have been following David and you for many years. What you are doing is remarkable for couples, people, business relationships and all types of connections we may have been nurturing in our lives; but ultimately may have to transition away from to fulfill our hearts and our soul’s journey and pathway.

    I feel the love you share and admire the way in which you are both handling the uncoupling process. I have had to walk away from friends, colleagues, and loved ones this year. Some of these relationships were long-time friends, colleagues, family, and even what I considered “sisters in spirit”. My feeling is that the cosmos/spirit is asking all of us to step into our soul’s purpose, which ultimately changes the nature of those relationships to some degree or to the point of completely cutting off the energy supply that allows each of us to transition for our higher purpose; which ultimately means that there is an ending.

    But with endings are also beginnings. The death and rebirth process is beautiful, empowering, grounding, scary, but, ultimately, based upon unconditional love. Having the freedom to move beyond is an act of the most genuine love there is; allowing the other(s) to have the freedom, space, and autonomy to fulfill their own journey and life’s purpose.

    The divine feminine energy is now allowed to completely saturate and fill your soul. Drink it in. It is creating the “space” to expand who you already are. I can’t wait to see how your powerful Merkabah will illuminate, radiate, and support the fulfillment of even more divine aspects for your soul’s purpose, passion and plan for life.

    I know that the divine feminine is emerging and the global chrysalis, the call of the Divine Feminine, emerging with the Divine Masculine, will be be a symphony of energies emerging with grace and ease. Everything is Perfect in its time. Both you and David are being perfectly prepared for a greater role in alignment with Mother Earth, Gaia, and the greater needs of the world as we transition into a new way of living, breathing, interacting, existing, and partnering for a new tomorrow.

    Know you have a world-wide circle of divinely inspired women, mothers, girls, and sacred energy that supports and envelopes you in a womb of love, kindness, nurturing, and empowerment.

  59. Thank you so much for sharing. This seems to be happening to so many others as well. nice to have ideas on how to handle this in the most loving way as you have.

  60. Sorry to hear this news, but the uncoupling is a better way to handle it.
    Wishing you both blessings in your future.
    This is not easy and there are so many changes happening on our earth right now. I pray for an easy transition for both of you.
    Love & Light

  61. Sending you both Love ❤️ in its highest forms.
    Thank you for your Courage & Grace during this time of Transition for you both Elizabeth. ✨🌹✨
    You are truly a Goddess of Light.
    Blessings to David. He is as you say a mighty Warrior of Light too.
    In Love, Joy

  62. Beautiful words of love, courage and wisdom.
    I enfold you and David in love and hold an intention for greater ease, support and guidance from each of your divine teams.
    To be true to yourself is the portal connection to the divine within
    Loving blessings today and always.

  63. My Heart goes out to you both! I as well am going through the transition myself but not by my own choice. I just lost my Soulmate/Husband after years of being in the most beautiful loving life I’ve ever had, it’s all gone and over ! I wish you love and beauty on your New Journey and thank you for your teaching and support! May you continue to grow and share your Light because so many of us are here in the Darkness, searchers still .

  64. Sending you both healing and strength. It takes courage to move forward as our Mission is so critical now. The time we have waited fir and prepared for has arrived.

  65. You will both definitively have my love and support ; eventhough I am far away and always on replays you are both very important in my Life, kind of spiritual family
    May you both find happiness, living as a couple is not an easy trip ;some passages are highly challenging ; yet separation invalves being honest to yourselves and courage ; I admire the way you are going through this process
    Yes many events in Life are what I call « small death » some not too difficult some much more and need many years to get over
    This is an end of the year and of a relation, may both of you stay dear friends and find a radiant sun in your lives
    Be sure my love and prayers will be with you every day
    With all my love

  66. I am saddened and happy for you both. I have loved the way you bring the best out of each other and know that the uncoupling will be a journey of love and learning for us all.

    My respect and love for you both will not waver.

  67. Thank you for sharing such an eloquent and heart filled ‘notice.’ I am sorry that as public figures, you must notify us of this change in your lives…. I am grateful that your are both such loving and noble souls and are leading by example, that will surely be beneficial to others to emulate, as they too go through changes in their own lives…. Thank you for being who you are, and for the work you do on behalf of All. I wish you both happiness and love.

  68. This is where Christ consciousness is taking us. Thank you and David for paving the way for this new idea to be in the collective for us to access easier. You are brave and beautiful! Full support and love to you both! ❤

  69. Thank you Elizabeth for your honest and graceful sharing. While I am saddened by this news, I understand that you both made the best decision for your life at this time.
    I wish you both the very best.

  70. Dear Elizabeth,
    May GOD’s Love and Light surround you.
    May you be filled to overflow with the Energy of The Trinity.
    Wishing for you and David GOD’s Very Richest Blessing.
    Thanking you both for the Great work you’re doing.
    Namaste Dear One,

  71. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you for sharing this part of your journey so heartfully and publicly. As you may have sensed, your beautiful working relationship with David has been a source of hope and succor for many of your fans, me included. I have grown by seeing how you and David have navigated your work and relating over the these years. So I read your words with a mix of sadness and gratitude, and also deep respect and love. You remain an amazing teacher even through this huge life transition. May we all continue to learn through your experience.
    With admiration and care,
    Elizabeth Arnold

  72. Thank you so much Elizabeth. You have provided me with much for reflection. I will enjoy being witness to your journey and offer you much love as you move on your new path.

  73. Dear Elizabeth,
    I appreciate your words and actions. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message in your time of uncoupling. I wish you many blessings, peace, love, and strength through this time. I thank you for stepping forward and sharing your heart and your gifts. I thank you for the blessings that sharing your gifts have given me. My father Thomas just passed on 11/11/21. I have been really struggling with the loss. Your sharing of this message has helped me, although I am not uncoupling, I am navigating the loss of someone I loved dearly too. I look forward to walking the path of the sacred priestess with you in your future endeavors.
    Much love and light,

  74. Thank you so much Elizabeth for sharing the insights and wisdom you demonstrate to all of us during this difficult time in your lives. We are all so connected and as my heart goes out to you both in love and respect, I feel hope for the continuing healing and evolving of human relations, especially that of marriage. You are both very Loved.

  75. Dear Elizabeth and David,
    Thank you for both your efforts to enlighten people. Sad to hear the break up but I understand.
    Elizabeth, you taught me something today. Divorce will forever be understood in the way you explained it. It changed my thinking and now I can forgive.
    Thank you, and I will follow your wonderful Priestess Path and may your path be strong like you are.
    In love and light,
    Your friend,
    Dolyna Evans

  76. Hi Elizabeth.
    Thank you for sharing your news.
    I understand what you are telling us.
    I wish you both the very best for your new, separate, future journeys.
    Thank you for the part that you played in David’s work and for your own work that you shared with us.
    Much love,

  77. Thank you Elizabeth.
    In the last few weeks I have experienced the deaths of two very much loved ones, as well as the isolation of the unvaccinated from family and friends. Monumental feelings have overwhelmed me at times and I especially have felt alone and without direction. Your message is perfectly timed for me as yesterday was particularly painful.
    I felt a breath of clarity and direction after reading it. It is a beautiful and insightful piece.
    I have been a follower of David’s work since his Ascension 2000 web site days. You and I chatted occasionally back in the day when I was more active in the Forums. I knew then that David trusted and respected you. I understood that you were a steady hand ‘on the wheel’ and that you had his back. It was a relief to know that he’d finally found someone that was loyal and honest.
    I remember his curious silence and then the happy announcement of your wedding. How both you and David glowed in those pictures. I was thrilled when your entry into his life made him happy, really happy; in your wedding pictures he had the biggest grin I’d ever seen. It was truly a joyous moment and I, and many others, wished for you both a long and happy life together.
    Whatever the unpleasant issues that have come between you are, this message from you points at a civil and loving parting of the ways. It is a communication that is welcome to those of us that love and respect both of you.
    Again, thank you and may your future be blessed with Goodness and Light.

  78. Hi Elizabeth High Priestess,
    You might find great comfort in looking at the Life of Hildegard Von Bigen a 12th Century Priestess, alchemist, Healer, poet, median, musician, composer, visionary! You have been members of the mystery schools for ages including being Essenes.

  79. Dear Elizabeth,
    Although I was shocked and saddened by your announcement, I can only thank you for your profound words of wisdom. I, too, experienced “conscious uncoupling” some years ago, and it wasn’t until my spirit was healed that I could love his own at a deeper level, and I regained my joy of life.
    I wish you both happiness and all good things. You and David have always brought me hope and respite from the darkness that is part of this world.

  80. I wish you both much love, strength and deep peace…and may you both be surrounded in protection ! I’ll hold you both in the light and pray you get ALL the support you need, through this process.

  81. Oh, my heart goes out to you both. You are such a beautiful couple. I know the pain of divorce from my parents. My poor father was so distraught with anger and sometimes violent despair as he loved her so much. Yet my mother could not sustain the alcoholism that arose in their marriage. Knowing how tender this time is for both of you i can only embrace you with my mantra and pray each of you find your own mantra to help you navigate your life ahead.

    ” Beautiful Light, Beloved of my soul, shine your Healing Light/Love upon us.”

    “Holy Mother, embrace our suffering world with your Healing Light/Love”. Blessings

  82. Elizabeth,

    What a wonderful way of seeing separation and divorce. You have opened a door for a Brand New Alternative and Concept to be received by so many that may be suffering the same pain.
    Thank you for your input and experiences.

    I had four different marriages throughout my 76 years of life, which at the time I thought was failed relationships. Only to learn they were stepping stones to know myself better and better, to within deeper and deeper to heal myself, and unlearn all the concepts about marriage and relationships that society has put on us.

    Many years ago I had a vision seeing myself riding on a white horse totally naked, and riding from one town to another shouting.
    “Don’t Be Afraid of Change”
    Over and over.
    That vision has helped me throughout my life to Embrace change. Whenever it comes, because something Fresh and New is on the horizon. And a New part of me emerges.

    “All things work together for my good”

    My 5th relationship has now been 18 years. I never did the legal marriage ceremony this time, yet this has been the most sacred marriage of all. Because I am totally my true self, with no pretense or judgements. Free to be who I truly am and allowing my partner to be his true self, with no judgements or agenda.
    Yet, all the other marriages were precious stepping stones with wonderful memories to get me to where I am today.
    Sending Love & Healing to You and David.

  83. Wishing you both continued happiness and love as your paths change. Both of you have been a inspiration to me and I have grown spiritually from your lessons on life and universal love.
    You both are loved and may a loving heart continue to be your guide.

  84. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for taking the time to share such a personal journey. Sharing the steps you took is so helpful for many of us who have navigated these waters perhaps not quite so gracefully in recent years. In this trying time we are experiencing, it is so valuable for me to read your words, remembering that always we can go within, find our strength of spirit, and choose to walk the path as gracefully as possible. I have great respect for both you and David…..and I believe I always will. I have followed each of you through your programs, and have gained wisdom and knowledge from you both. I am grateful to know you, and I feel you both have benefited from being together and sharing these last few years as a couple. I am sending so much love to you both, and I feel certain there are many wonderful things in store for you both in the coming years.

    1. Indeed Janet,
      I love the parts of Elizabeth in her continuous journey inward. She is such a treasure to know and be so open with her journey.

      So good to see so many good prayers and wishes for these two angels,
      Sallie Ritchey Culler 💗

  85. Aloha Elizabeth,

    Mahalo nui loa for sharing your parting. You have expanded my view of conscious uncoupling. All the steps you have listed makes for a loving and caring process.

    Much success in your endeavor(s).

    Again with Aloha,

  86. I love and support you in this, dear Elizabeth. By sharing your process, you are teaching and guiding many others from your strong and beautiful heart.

    If and/or when you discover another romantic partner, I pray that person will have the capacity and skill to appreciate and love you with the devotion and attention and time and energy that you deserve. I have nothing but complete admiration for you and your integrity.


  87. Hello Elizabeth,
    I am so sorry to hear this but I think it is wise to follow your heart. It is good that you and David can part in amiable ways because of your respect and friendship for each other. Life can certainly bring challenges for us to work through but you are an extraordinary person. Years ago, I went through something similar, so I know “time heals” is truth.
    Blessings and much love,
    Loretta Huinker

  88. Dear Priestess Elizabeth,

    Thank you for sharing this teaching and for being a wonderful example of how to do a very difficult thing well and with integrity. I agree that most do not know that relationships can last for a day, a year and sometimes a lifetime. Not all are destined to continue. Uncoupling is a process, and yes, sometimes the process does need to be repeated until complete.

    I appreciate you so much for sharing, caring, being as transparent as your personal integrity, safety and boundaries allow and for inviting us to be a part of your journey. May the Goddess continue to guide you and David in all you do together and apart in the future.

    Blessed Be.

    Priestess Aeyrie

  89. I have known David since 1991 and he is the smartest human I know! I trust him and his research! He brings so much to our planet and I admire and appreciate him!🥰.

    I have not known you Elizabeth as long, but you likewise are a wonderfully powerful person. I thank you for sharing your journey as well!

    I thank you for sharing and I honor your decision! love to the both of you!🙏🥰

    1. Thank you Kathleen,

      I too have followed David over the years and found so much joy in Elizabeth joining him. I admire the cohesion as it took place and will miss their classes.

      The best is yet to come,
      Sallie 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  90. I always dread endings, it can be a painful experience even when I focus on the good times. I personally haven’t handled this kind of thing very well. You are handling this with grace and class. Thanks for your guidance.

  91. Dear Elizabeth and David,
    My heart goes out to you both during this difficult time. I have taken courses from the both of you. I can read through the lines and understand. I wish you the most conscious heartfelt uncoupling possible. My love to you both.
    KT Mellon

  92. Love to you both. I know it is difficult, and I appreciate you letting us know. You are both considerate and caring. I care about you both.

  93. Hello Elizabeth,

    I honor your decision made in wisdom, and appreciate your candor. And I am so grateful to see you discover a way to uncouple gracefully. For all we know, this was part of your soul agreement with David – to teach others by example how to do so gracefully! As a society we have always needed more of that, and an evolving society requires it.

    I bless you and David sincerely.

  94. Dear Beth and David,
    Much love to both you and David during this difficult time. ❤️ I deeply respect and honor your path you have both chosen and thank you for sharing. As always your sharing is a teaching experience for us all and greatly appreciated. My husband and I just celebrated our 41st Anniversary and understand that this life’s journey takes many twists and turns and the paths may not always stay the same for both couples! May love and joy always be in both of your lives! All the best to both of you! 🙅‍♀️💗🙏💕🌺
    Ida Mattson

  95. Thank you for sharing this message with us. I’ve learned that paths can cross for a short time, a long time, or for a lifetime. There is always something to be gained from this crossing, no matter the outcome. Your words remind us that our paths are dynamic, not static. I applaud you, Elizabeth, as your life’s journey moves forward. You are a shining star. Please keep us informed of your journey. Blessings, Jude Gray

  96. This is a beautiful way to live in this world and actually brought tears to my eyes (Truth tears). Many blessings to both of you.


  97. May the full force of the infinite ‘3 6 9’ be with both of you now and continuing forward. Thank you for the gifts you have shared with us.


  98. Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much for sharing your story. Although I know that “breaking up is hard to do”, I understand. Sometimes it’s better to walk your path in life alone. May the Creator help you and David to heal as you move through this process

    “People always come into our lives for a reason, a season and a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you will know exactly what to do”. I admire your strength and courage and wish you both all the happiness that you deserve.

    Nola Robinson

  99. Elizabeth,

    I wish you health and true happiness as you continue on your path. While I don’t know you personally, I have always sensed in you strength, courage, and grace. These qualities will support you through difficulties and joys, bringing you to people, places, and opportunities for your spiritual and personal growth. Your presence, although only through videos, emails, and website activity, has inspired me in many ways. I am grateful that I learned about you through David, and I hope you both continue on to create what your heart desires!

    I look forward to hearing from you.



  100. Elizabeth & David,
    I am deeply sorry that you two have decided to go your separate ways & I wish each of you the best in life & May both of you find peace & fulfillment wherever you go! God Bless & Keep you both!

  101. It does sadden me that the two of you will no longer be together but I can easily see the need for autonomy with your respective paths. I feel like you both are a part of my family that I have journeyed with and learned from for many years. I wish you both the easiest transition possible and will continue to support you and appreciate all that you share with the world. Love and light to you both 💜⭐️

  102. Elizabeth,

    Well said! I can honestly say I really have no feeling one way or another regarding your uncoupling. As I do not know either one of you personally, I feel that is as it should be. I want to thank you deeply for the information you provided regarding how to go about the uncoupling process. In reading your words, my soul recognized them as truth.

    Chin up!

  103. Thank you for your kind heart–take care of it, always–

    Ofcourse, you and David have my support, and I only say this to people I support–in the road less traveled–

    “I got your back”

    Stay in touch, Elizabeth

  104. Blessings upon you as you continue on your path. I would very much like to say a most heartfelt thank you for what you have brought to me by your grace, teachings, and sharing of knowledge and showing who you are in your sacredness. You have walked in my heart and will always reside there. This expression of uncoupling is so needed in the world today.

    My greatest gratitude and prayers will continue for you and for David. I would like to continue to know of your work and you progress on your path. In love, gratitude and grace. Charlotte

  105. Thank you for your guidance on this matter as it will help me to move through my own path of separation from my Son and a Sister. This was very helpful and I will use the sacred path for my own inner child.
    Blessings to you, Elizebeth.

  106. I thank you for sharing your intimate spiritual journey with us. May the creator hold you and David during this time of uncoupling Love, Annunziata

  107. Dearest Elizabeth and David, no words, only deeep respect and admiration, and ETERNAL LOVE to both of you. So thankfull for having you both in my lifes journey.

  108. Sending you both loving, healing energy and thoughts. May you both have the Best outcomes and future. I’m so grateful for you both. 💕

  109. Sorry to hear you two are uncoupling. You two have been quite the dynamic duo. Father- mother- god- great spirit bless you both on your journeys and may the love in your hearts continue to grow now and always.

  110. Dear Elizabeth,
    Very well written, and thank you for sharing! Transitions are never easy and you always have to follow your heart. I always have enjoyed your perspectives on the shows, your singing bowl intermissions, and your prayers, energy and strength. Keep up the good work and may your travels go far. Looking forward to seeing your next chapter! Keep your beauty shining to inspire us all! Namaste and blessings!

  111. Hi Elizabeth-
    Thank you for sharing this really beautifully thought out explanation of what you’re going through right now. If I/we/others heard about your uncoupling without these thoughts it’s likely, I hate to admit, erroneous conclusions might have been drawn. So it’s both an explanation and a lesson.
    Best of luck with your new path. It’s been a beautiful thing that you and David have accomplished together. You should both be proud.

  112. Many thanks for your email. I did not know anything about this until I saw the email. I am sorry that this had to happen but I wish you all the best! I am not drawn to the Priestess Path but I have watched some of your videos and have learned about it. My main interest are UFOS and the Law of One. I will continue to watch David. I am 78 and have been obsessed with UFOs all my life. I met the late George Adamski when I was twenty and he had a huge impact on my life. I have been married for almost 52 years but my partner does not share my interests. Fortunately he is generous with money so that I can watch David. Sometimes Life goes this way.

  113. Thank you, Elizabeth and David, for modeling ascended behavior. Years ago, in the 70’s, my 7 year common law partner and I felt complete and each drawn to go deeper individually in our own work. We seized the opporotunity to crew on a friend’s sailboat in the FL Keys for a few weeks as our parting gift to each other. The first one to be unkind would have to walk the plank!! It left us with wonderful memories of being good friends through some pretty amazing adventures on the high seas!! A Beautiful Completion and tribute to our 7 years of shared life-work. Blessings on your journeys!!

  114. i am so very shocked to hear this new honestly, but if this is what makes both you and david happy and happier than i truly wish you both all the best this universe has to offer in delving deeper down your individual paths… you will both be in my prayers and continue to be in my prayers so that god sends you both all the radiating unconditional love and patience to help navigate this process – you both have been a source of incredible guidance, direction and passion in opening my eyes and more importantly heart to change my lifeand continue working on myself. you both have taught me about consciousness and how to grow spiritually and for that words are not enough to show my thanks – god bless you both and i send so much love and light..

  115. Hello to both of you: I will join the many friends and family that are ‘saddened’ by your recent (difficult) choice to, end your marriage relationship. You are showing us how strong you can be, when being confronted by such an important change, in ‘both’ your lives! Some of us have gone through the same change and after MUCH hardship, have (finally) made it through to a better happiness!! Sometimes we need to move away from our ‘best friend’ and continue on our own path. (It’s great to see that you will continue to support each other.) “We will continue to ❤️LOVE and follow our family: ELIZABETH and DAVID❣️“

  116. Although I am saddened by this news, I am grateful for the thoughtful way in which you are working with your feelings and communicating your feelings to each other and all of us. I wish both of you happiness and love.

  117. Thank you precious soul.🙏❤️🙏May you find new joy as you continue your life path with Courage, Grace and Ease. May your grieving create new insights that raise you to greater joy and fulfillment.
    Thank you, for this IMPORTANT demonstration of how uncoupling can be done with respect love and mutual support.

    I have uncoupled more than once, both in marriages and friendships. I KNOW it can be living and supportive. Our paths don’t always grow in the same direction. This doesn’t make anyone wrong, as you clearly point out. Love is what life is all about and fulfilling our life purpose is all of our goals. I am GRATEFUL for ALL with whom I’ve shared my life. Each gave me gifts I may not have received in any other way. I have grown from each coupling and I am grateful for the courage I had to jump in and share and move on when the lesson was over.
    Blessings to you Divine Goddess. You are loved respected and appreciated for who and what you share. God/dess blessings in each step you take.❤️

  118. Beautiful expression of spiritual love. To give ❤ freely without conditions is a blessing that can on expand the light of wisdom. As even your God is is helpless and powerless against Divine Love. AMEN.

  119. My husband and I left each other 2 years ago and it was just like you wrote. I have been criticized by everyone in the manner that I have handled this however this is exactly how my soul told me to do it. The only part I still have not been able to accomplish is sit still to listen to my heart. I cry too much. And even though I know I need to let that happen I just hate to cry. Thank you so much for writing this and confirming that I am on the right path.

  120. In my life’s journey I have been called to uncouple in many ways as my life River has flowed. As a wife, a mother, a friend, a business partner etc. Life is short and it’s best in these times to find your feet and walk your path and your feet match your mouth. Hard to do sometimes when we’re tied to another by heart and word and it’s time to fly individually. Prayers and communication and strong boundaries are the bridge for sure. Also your girlfriends can be life lines. I have divorced 4 times all of them I am on good terms with and we did our work to untangle and support out children – chamge is hard, scary and exciting….as a unpartnered senior woman I have no regrets to my decisions…
    Thank you for sharing your experience, hope, strength and love and May the angels and all heavenly realms be called on in the highest good and brightest light to surround all those going through these hard times in the years of the shaking..( these prophecy times) in deep respect – Marza – Grandmother Two Clouds

  121. Dear Elisabeth. I’m an old Lady of 76 years, and have experienced a divorce twice. The first time after 25 years of marriage.. the second time after 1 year!! You are so clever, so loving, so empathic….thank you so much for sharing this. I love you and David and will always do!!!! Peace Love and Light on your New Path.. both of you ❤❤❤ much love, Lilian

  122. I empathize with you both, but when your heart speaks you must follow. This time we are in plays havoc with all our relationships, husband & wife, son/daughter & father/mother, siblings, friends and family. It is happening all around us. I find myself searching for solitude, blocking the outside noise, looking for peace. For those that I once had a relationshipI visualize giving them a big hug like we’ve done in the past, then visualize saying “I love you, but I must say goodbye now.” I know in my heart I can’t save them…I’m in charge of only myself.
    GOD bless. IN love and light.

  123. Blessings to both of you! May God ALWAYS guard and protect you from any harm and negative energies, always be guided on your spiritual paths and in the world. Love and Light and His Strength are always within you. ❤️

  124. Dear Divine Sisstar….. I am saddened by this news as I was inspired by your joining story. I hope the best in your conscious separation…. Much love to you both…. Go forth rejoicing in love and light….. Adonai….

  125. O h Elizabeth! I’m so sad and sorry it has come to this for both of you. Before I say more, I want to say how much I appreciate the way you have announced and explained everything so far. very gracious and caring, as is your nature. Thank you for letting us/me know of your difficult decision. I am sure, given who you are at your core, it was the best decision you could have made for you and your true path, and I am also sure you did it with the highest love you could have in your heart for the outcome. I am sorry for this news and for David, but I guess if I am being honest I am also sorry for me. I liked having the two of you together and working together, kind of like one-stop shopping I got the best of both worlds. I will continue to support both David and you, for I love both of you. I look forward to what you have to share with us as you journey on and as you continue to explore, create, and embrace temple life. Many blessings.

  126. I am of course saddened by this announcement…however i understand that it seems to be what is best for both of you as you are not a person that does things lightly or frivolously and neither is david. I will miss the together you two were but I know in my heart that i will always appreciate you coming into my life through david. Many blessings moving froward for a very happy life! God bless us all. I Was at the conscious life expo workshop where george Noory let the (cat) announcement out of the bag so to speak…my has the time flown!

  127. Oh Elizabeth I feel so much for you and David i can understand that it’s time to move on to different journeys. I love that I got to know who you where through following David’s shows. You seem like a beautiful person and I wish you the very best in life. thanks for your honesty in letting us all know

  128. Thank you so much Elizabeth for caring about others enough to share this news with us. Of course; I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear the news, but each chose to give to the Creator his or her very best. I have found in my own experience that in order to be worthy to do God’s Will you have to be willing to let Him carry you through until each is strong enough to stand on their own. May God carry each of you through to your own source of Divine strength. Peace and Love to each, along with many many thanks for all each of you do for the enlightenment of humanity. See you both in the harvest.

  129. I’m very sorry to hear this news and quiet surprised. You and David seemed a perfect match but as you say , you are on two different journeys. I wish both of you happiness and love.

  130. Elizabeth…
    As I said in our private page… My heart and prayers are always for the highest good if all. I feel the deep sadness (might also be some of my own stuff). Transitioning is critical in this life, as one who wishes to grow and heal, not an easy process.
    I have no judgement, no preference, no protection (as far as I’m aware)…I wish for as much grace, love, healing and growth as you both need during this beautifully painful time.
    My support is offered.. Without fear or expectation. My love is offered unconditionally.
    May you both find the strength and wisdom to navigate this time with each other and with yourselves.
    Much love sister….

  131. I am sorry you are going through this. We all really appreciated your work and respect you both. Thank you for sharing your uncoupling process as an example for others. Be blessed and be well!

  132. Grace and blessings to you Elizabeth. Your love and courage are woven with your heart inside this letter. Thank you for sharing this
    time of your unfolding with us ❤️.

  133. You are both such truly wonderful people that have touched my life very deeply. I send love and light to the both of you and wish you the very best on your journeys going forward.

  134. I wish you both well on your new journeys into the future. When a door closes a window opens. Bless you both for what you do for humanity.

  135. Dear Elizabeth,

    I truly in my deepest of heart know what this means for you and for the world.
    You are a brave and courageous human being. I respect your journey and will continue to remain your friend, essential feminine priestess sistar and hold you clearly with strength and love in the light. We are on the path of light , true healing and life force. Perhaps our paths will cross in this new lifetime we are co-creating.
    with love and appreciation, Cherie

  136. Dear Elizabeth,
    as always for me, when I hear of a marriage dissolution, my immediate response is one of sadness, unless there has been violence or abuse in any form and then only if it has been publicly obvious. As you and David are apparently doing, if separation is seen as the best for both parties and the relationship then at least a clean and amicable split is the best way. I still feel the sadness but at least I have supportive understanding. I would like to wish the both of you joy and contentment in your new journeys wherever they take you.
    Stay safe and strong in these tumultuous and troubling end of times as we await the wonders of a life to come.

  137. Oh Elizabeth,
    I don’t know what to say. You have been more important to me than you could ever know. This fills me with so much emotion. I’ve also recently had ‘uncoupling’ with important people in my life. I appreciate your wisdom, compassion and vulnerability.

  138. The way you shared David’s and yours personal situation with such sage wording to say the least, is amazing. I wish you and David the best as you both have been a guiding light for myself personally, and I am sure many others. How can I continue to follow your light work, as well as David’s?


  139. Namaste. I appreciate your sharing, as well, your authenticity and clarity. You are modelling an important process of sacred union. I extend the best outcome for both you and David.

  140. Thank you for the revealing of your heart.
    I wish both of you all the very best through, and beyond this transition.

  141. Thank you for your guidance. I have a renewed spirit and a new perspective on how my husband and I can “consciously uncouple”

  142. Dear Elizabeth,

    It does take great courage to write what you are going through. Thank you. Have gone through this process before myself as have you. Be the warrior woman and know that our thoughts and prayers are for all of us who in the end choose to exit a relationship that is not working and of course for yourself in this difficult time.

    Many blessings.

  143. This is the most beautiful concious transition decoupling! I have known this, in my life, well before my separation with my former husband I simply knew it was over, and I need to focus on the Light. The guides and angels did most of the working, I just needed to follow their prompts and guidance. Energy shifts and healing takes place……I live in gratitude and appreciation! truly a blessed life! yes, we are chosen and missions to fulfilled. Stay on your path..thank you for sharing! namaste!sarah

  144. Praying for the best for both of you. We hope the future will be good to you. It is not an easy decision by any means, but God Bless you both.

  145. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you for sharing this with us, your soul family.
    I read this with some sadness, as it is, but also feel so much love and respect for you and David. I honour you for recognising the time to begin moving forward in a different direction.
    Listening to your guides and then acting on that guidance is courageous. Staying where you are can feel safe and secure, but ultimately our souls need those challenges presented to us, to keep leading us forward to what we are meant to do and where we are meant to be.
    Much love, and light, always.

  146. This is beautiful – thank you for sharing. I will keep you and David in my prayers as you both continue to shine your divine light. Peace & love to you both.

  147. Dear Elizabeth & David,
    You are both in my prayers during this delicate transition.
    May your beautiful hearts be free of any pain or sorrow.
    Many blessings, peace, love and light,
    Juliet Perkons

  148. Sending Blessings to you and David. 💕🙏💫
    May you continue on to your individual paths with grace and love.

  149. Thank you so much for sharing Elizabeth. Beginning a similar process and I so needed to read this. Many blessing and support on your journey ahead.

  150. Good Afternoon Elizabeth,
    When I opened up your email I was in shock. Thank you for sharing this valuable information. It has taught me how to do things differently. My first marriage of 20 years did not go very well. My second marriage of 15 years ended in physical death. Now I realize that it is all dying to the old and transcend to a better image of myself. My oldest son was with his girlfriend for 10 years and they parted ways respectfully. That taught me a lesson as well. I respect what you are doing and know that everything is in divine order for both of you. May you walk in the sunlight of the spirit.

  151. Dear Elizabeth,
    I have known respected David as an author and teacher. I was elated to “meet” him via his zoom classes and website. That is also where I met you in all your grace and wonder.

    Thank you for sharing in such grace and love, the way that you and David are changing course in a marriage. In a world of many changes, it is a blessing to us all to be shown a different way to meet the end of any type of relationship. This brings hope. This shows the power of grace and love and prayer. I present you both in prayer.

    Blessings and Love,
    Glenda Jackson

  152. Many blessings for both you and David in this transition period. Endings and beginnings are both integral parts of life as a human being on Gaia, yet both can be very challenging and require much care and awareness to navigate them with love. You have laid out a beautiful plan for doing this, and you have my gratitude, Elizabeth! I too am getting ready to uncouple from a relationship that isn’t working for me in the ways I had hoped for originally. I intend to communicate with kindness and love as you have spoken of and hope Peace will forever reign between us. Thank you, both Elizabeth and David, for being a wonderful model for uncoupling in the new energy of Ascension. Namaste

  153. Elizabeth, I am profoundly touched by your announcement, but not entirely surprised. You and David have much to offer humanity in this period of transition.
    I trust that the process of awakening will continue and be viewed as a gift from
    you both and now experienced more fully as you embrace a separate journey.
    I shall follow your beam of light.

  154. New beginnings are refreshing sometimes. No one will understand what another person’s experience is, hopefully things will go smoothly for these two who have given much to others.

  155. Elizabeth,
    Such a beautiful reflection of love between you and David. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Your story fills me with hope and love.

  156. Oh my dears. What courage and strength you have to do this so publicly. And you are setting a beautiful example of how to do it lovingly and spiritually. When I divorced, I prayed for it to be done with ease and grace and that we could remain friends. It worked, it can be done. Ours was a 25 year relationship, 23 being married.
    I have so much respect for the both of you. I will add my prayers to yours and David’s for ease and grace and divine healing.

  157. My heart goes out to you both, David and Elizabeth,
    I could feel the energies shifting, my love and respect on your respective journeys, you supported each other so well both on and off camera, wishing you guys the best in the future as you move forward. I’ve been through a messy divorce with small children, so I know how hard it can be with property and starting again but you’re being true to you, so take all the time you need before making public appearances again, I really got to know you during the teachings you both shared, and am so grateful that you guys worked so well together.
    Please stay in touch,
    love to you both
    Eilish De Avalon

  158. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you so much for sharing this deep and sacred journey, and your valuable process as you go through this transition, and for the vision and possibility of graceful, harmonious, and respectful uncoupling. May you both be blessed, guided, and supported every step of the way.
    With much love and appreciation,

    1. Dearest Elizabeth and David,

      I love you both and admire you also !
      I know that sometimes our heart show us a different way in our journey…
      When it is done with so much Love and Kindness it brings a lot of respect and it
      honer’s both of you…
      I know that what you have done together is a success and that you have both everything
      in you heart to do the same in this special moment of transformation.
      I wish you both Light – Love – Guidance – Peace and Serenity.
      May God bless you both and May God surround you with his Love in this moment !

  159. Elizabeth, I am so surprised to read this news on this Wednesday afternoon at 4:00PM. I have never seen such an enlightened mindset of concious uncoupling as you described. My husband of 5 years (married 2016, together since 2012) and I are headed towards the path of uncoupling, although not completely concious yet. It has been a slow goodbye. I have followed you both since 2019 and will certainly look to you as a guide into this loving way to uncouple. How correct you put it being a death, feeling the emptiness, and how we must guard ourselves to recognize our suseptibleness to anger as at least it is an energy. I will start with creating my sacred space too. Thank you for sharing this. With love, Darlene

  160. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your process of conscious uncoupling so that we can learn from it. There is a part of me that is sad, as you said it is a death as well as a transition. I guess I was just so happy you had each other. But then again, you both will still have each other, just not in marriage. I will hold you both in prayer and loving intention as you navigate these waters.

  161. First, thank you for your sharing. I have been reading all David’s books and his blog since he first appeared on the Internet. I have been enlightened by his work. I was very happy to observe your joint partnership and marriage. You appeared to be a match made in heaven. I understand the workload David shoulders and the difficulties of public pressures weigh heavily. I can see into other frictions and frustrations. I understand his new mission is another giant leap that perhaps is not your path Elizabeth. I appreciate that your sacred pathway may have surfaced calling for your attention .Your ability to express all the threads of your new direction with love and respect is a gift to others who tread this path. Good fortune and grace follow you both, from my heart to yours. Much love and blessings, Emily Donelan

  162. I will always love you both. My respect for both. I really believe that both of you will do great in any area of your life. I will continue support Elizabeth and David. Love you for ever.

  163. I wish for you both, grace to make this so and support each other in dignity through this transition. Be well, Elizabeth! Bless you for this beautiful piece.

  164. Dear Elizabeth, my heart is opening and pulsing with great reception to your wise uncoupling thoughts feeding my soul at a deep level of knowing that you are initiating true heart intention in my delicate soul. Your way of navigating through your experiences are so incredibly valuable to me. I will follow you in your light and great awareness you uncover and guide me towards, in grace and love is your path I also wish to walk and live and breathe and move in. All my respect, gratefulness and divine beauty, joy and peace, love in the light of Christ 🤗🙏🙌 💛

  165. Thank you for sharing. God bless and be with you both as you continue your individual work and journeys. It is so special when individuals can dissolve a marriage while continuing genuine love and support for one another.

  166. Wow. You are family. Thank you for sharing such a personal aspect of your life. I am saddened to hear this. You complemented each other so beautifully. I believe you helped fortify each other in areas where the other may have been lacking. It appears the purpose of your union has been fulfilled and it’s time to move on. I’ve been there and fully understand. I’ve been following David for years and saw his spirituality thrive with you. I tried to find information on you as I saw you as a calm, wise soul. However, when I found your website I felt sad there wasn’t more. It appeared you were so supportive of David’s work, your work may have suffered. When you engaged in the meditation with the crystal bowls it was beautiful. I remember you also conducted a few discussions that were so lovely and heart centered I wished at the time you were doing more of that work. I want to complement you both on handling this transition with such grace and wish you well on moving forward. We should always be grateful for those who have crossed our path and left us more “whole” than we were before. I look forward to learning more from both of you and will continue to support you both in the future. May kindness and love always light your way🙏

  167. Dearest Elizabeth,

    Thank you for allowing your experience to be a learning tool for others so that more of us may, if led, embark on the journey of conscious uncoupling with dignity, grace, and honor. You continue to be conscious and aware in such a wise and gentle way that is a medicine in this world and truly inspirational. Thank you for honoring your spiritual path and allowing yourself to walk in a new direction of strength and empowerment in your continued dedication to serving humanity and the return of the Priestess.


  168. I honour your choice… It take courage to chose one self’s path despite the challenge.
    Thank you for your presence on this planet.
    I wish the best to both of you…
    All my love…!!!

  169. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am deeply saddened, you have both had an incredible impact on my life. I know that you will both continue to incredible things and I wish you all the best xxxx Sending you both so much love and gratitude xxx

  170. Thank you so much for sharing, Elizabeth. I will call it The Most Important Message of The Year!!! We all have been in similar situation and familiar with all range of emotions and pain. I have been married 3 times, and still recovering from my 3-d uncoupling (sounds much better then divorce) and it’s been about 2 years. I even ordered the book “Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After”by Katherine Thomas, but I probably was not quite ready to dive deep in. Thank for bringing up the subject – still lot of work need to be done. With Love and Gratitude to you and David.

  171. Dear Elizabeth: To say I admire so much your beautiful, flowering language in describing something earthy such as divorce. Conscious uncoupling puts it into a way of thinking in different terms. I am also aware of own divided selves, meaning we think and feel and put in writing how we think we are but in reality there is the other side to us of anger, jealousy and hostility and conscious of our inability to overcome these ugly, hurtful (to self) emotions. I see you as super-sensitive, all-knowing and giving total fidelity with the expectation of the same from another and then finding the impossibility of that. I could go on and on but won’t (not enough space), just to wish you lots of new knowledge. I live in New Zealand. Sincerely.

  172. Elizabeth, I wish you and David all the blessings you can each hold and all the grace to hold them.
    I send love to you both.
    May both your lives hold all that is sacred to your own hearts and souls.
    Here’s to you both!

  173. Empaths, perhaps like myself, saw this ending coming. I said as much to another friend about a month or two ago. Prayers for both of you.

    And, wishing you the very best during this change-filled time. Praying for David’s peace and comfort as well. I sense that he needs more grounding and spiritual guidance in his dealings with and how he projects to others. How can I say this delicately—well, his ego comes through quite often. We can all struggle with this, of course. We are all in this school of learning for a reason. And so it is.

    Blessings to you both. And thank you both for your dedication to share truth with so many in this uncertain world.

  174. Thank you for sharing. As always, it’s an honor to be a part of The Temple.
    Endearing Love and Gratitude to you both, Sister.

  175. Dear Elizabeth,

    Thank you for your courage in sending out this notice, but also for seizing this special opportunity to teach, guide and advise those of us that may be dealing with this type of separation, either now or in the future. Your method of enlightening us is both appreciated and honored. I am not dealing with this type of life change (as I’ve never been married), but I certainly did reap the wisdom that you so eloquently conveyed, and I know this can apply to all types of relationships.

    I wish you and David every possible blessing, now and in every future moment and timeline. I will also continue to support both of you, and wish you deep soul peace, and true heart happiness.

    Love, light and laughter,

  176. Beautiful words of heart felt meaning. May you both find peace, happiness, and light. These decisions are never easy, but time heals all. My husband I appreciate you both and will be forever grateful for your wisdom thru these past few challenging years. Be well.

  177. Elizabeth , This message you sent out was so powerful. I remember the first time I saw you Contact in the Desert conference. You were like a beautiful cocoon wrapped in flowing garments your hair was like the Wheel of Time. David needed you then. I love you both in the frequency of the universe. You are a lead Monarch butterfly . I am planting what I eat , raising chickens and grounding with the earth, nothing is easy until the shift. Thank You you for being fearless and sharing your heart so eloquently. Please let us be there for you . Peace to you, friend.

  178. Elizabeth,

    That was so helpful for me. I recently quit my job to pursue my own independent path and it has been so hard for me. I am going to start journaling more the way you suggested.

    Thank you so much. You are an amazing woman. I feel so blessed to have met you if only just online.

    May you be free to soar to new heights now.

    Jeanne Nagy

  179. Dear Elizabeth,
    thank you for letting me know. I do understand and still it hurts. Thank you for making me a spiritual warrior and priestess as far as possible. You are so beautiful in and out. Please go your further path in love, peace and fulfillment. Love from Holland, Susan

  180. I am sad that certain cycles in life end. With one ending is a new beginning and for the divine feminine we have work to do. We honor and cherish your work and the Earth and God need for us to remember our contracts and be focused. Much love to you both.

  181. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thankyou so much for sharing this very personal experience. Deeply moving and an incredible example to us all. You are a beautiful shining Light.
    All respect and Love, Suzanne.

  182. I have always felt that the work that you are doing is infinitely more important than UFO contact or anti-gravity cars. You need to not divide your support from the Empowerment of women. No one can do this but you. You are unique in your gift of ascension teachings for women in this patriarchal world. Training other women to be spiritual leaders is really a divine calling that I would love to participate in. We have a non-profit rural location that could house 12 women in southern NM if some of your students want to start a community of their own. At the moment it operates as a shelter for marginalized women, however ,I need to retire and turn it over to someone else to operate

  183. I have “uncoupled” twice. The first uncoupling was my decision; an escape from the nightmare. The second uncoupling was answered prayer; a prayer for relief! God intervened & he left me. Praise God! Been married now 25 years, to my third husband. God put us together! All glory to God! We don’t have control over other people. We are only responsible for ourselves. Godspeed to you both. PS prayer & journaling is great medicine.😉

  184. My dearest Elizabeth, it appears that most of the comments made were from women, no surprise. Well, I’m a 70 something year old man and would like to share a few words about your situation. I’ve been following David for ten years. For a few years before you and David got married I had been praying that if it was God’s will that David could find a good mate. I was overjoyed to learn that you and David had gotten married and it seemed that it was a perfect match. I know that David is presently under immense pressure that can make relationships very difficult. Your absence in his life may cause him and you to see where improvement is needed. In time, a reunion may occur. Some say that it is better the 2nd time around. Either way, both of you will always be loved and respected.

  185. Atma Namaste Elizabeth,
    Thank you for your courage in sharing this personal decision. My husband and I appreciate you both and you will be in our prayers. May you be surrounded by Divine Light, Divine Peace and Divine Happiness!
    Brigitte & Stephan (Calgary, Canada)

  186. Much Love and Light to you both! ❤️🙏🙌🙏❤️

    May each of your journeys be bright and filled with all sorts of love and joy! It’s never easy to go through an uncoupling of any kind.

    I wish you both peace and the wisdom knowing you did what was needed for each of you to continue growing in the best way possible. ❤️🤗

    Blessings and Namaste ❤️🙏🙌🙏❤️

  187. Dear Elizabeth
    Thank you for sharing your journey. I wish you and David much love and peacr during this transition.

  188. Dear Elizabeth and David I send my love and respect to you both for the wonderful impact your work has done in my life. I have been on this track now three times and each one echoed the early themes of my childhood that needed the healing each of these partnerships gave me. I suspect the world will need to go through such deep healing in the coming years as people wake up to the realisation that the vibrational connection has/had changed direction.

  189. Thank you Elizabeth for your wise, enlightening communications. I wish you and David all LOVE/LIGHT as you go on your separate soul journeys and thank you both for what you brought to the public as a couple in support of oneanother. With Love, Vanessa.🌹🌹🌹

  190. Thank you both for all you have given me thru your work, faith light and blessings will be there for you both. Elizabeth you have inspected me to learn to do mediation with crystal bowls since your mass mediation which I hope you will continue to provide for us all to bring peace and light forth. David journey is a tuff one to say the lease you were always a wonderful example of the famine warrior who never wavered. I do wish you both many blessings. Thank you for your sincere heart and helping us all go thru this journey.

  191. I am so shocked and sad to know that you and David have parted ways. I never expected this since you two seemed to be a perfect match made in heaven. Much love to you both, and good luck in your future endeavors.

  192. My highest respect to both of you, on your continued paths. Being open and honest enough to share take courage. There is always room for teaching in every moment that is shared. Bless you both. This brought me to tears. Take care in your lives. Elizabeth, I learned from you a sense of grace I may never reach in this lifetime…but I always hope to acquire. David, I learned from you that you can never be too prepared no matter what the circumstance…I am far too spontaneous to be truly prepared. lol. Much love to you both on your new journeys. I felt both your presence strongly on this earth.

  193. My heart is crying to hear this Elizabeth. When I read this news I could feel the pain between the lines, the words cannot explain this trully. But deeply inside I know that Universe is with you and you are wisly guided and protected to fulfill your purpose in this reincarnation. Thank you for sharing this with us. To be honest, I adore you. You are amazing woman. I am learning so much from you. This world need more you and your beautiful nurturing energy!
    Shine sister! You are loved unconditionaly! 🤍🔆🥰

  194. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you for sharing something so intensely personal with all of us. I’ve got to say I am sad to hear this. At the same time, I understand how your path and his could diverge as they each carry so much energy in their own right. Because you are moving through this sharing, processing and transitioning with such grace despite what you may be feeling, it is a lovely example for anyone to follow that needs to separate from their partner. I can how this applies to friendships or business partnerships as well. Any person can relate to one of these. It has occurred while reading all you have written here that perhaps a higher reason for your marriage was for this particular outcome to be experienced so that the medicine may be taught to others. Regardless, I am so glad you have David in your corner and he has you- no matter what. This should be the lesson for us all- to have each other’s backs even if we’re not “together.” I’m so grateful to you both because your relationship is what brought You and The Priestess Path to me.
    Blessings and Love, Catherine

  195. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing this intimate part of your journey. I think it is so important for other couples to have this example of how to conduct a breakup with love. Now the world can see that anger does not have to play a major role.
    My heartfelt sorrow to both of you for this loss. So many aspects of your relationship were public. It must be very difficult to continue in public while mourning the loss of the private.
    Please convey to David my love and support. I am aware of how acute this loss must be for him.
    I wish you both peace.

  196. Sad to hear of your parting ways. But Spirit knows best and it must be for the best outcome of all. Surrendering it is the hardest thing. Sending love and prayers your way. Thank you for sharing this sensitive time in your life and a pathway to model in which move forward. God bless both of you with His/Her grace, peace and continuing caring from the heart.

  197. Dear Elizabeth, I realize that everyone follows their own soul’s journey and far be it for me to know or understand what is best for anyone. I carefully read your announcement and came away unsettled. I would like to contribute one comment which is really a heartfelt question. It most likely reflects my own personal journey but may be of some value here.

    It seems that the earth is transitioning from a 3-D timeline where fear driven egos and personalities create individualism, separation, identity confusion and gender imbalance to a New Earth where the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine come together in balance and synergy. I see this as uniting of these aspects in holy matrimony both within myself as an individuated spark of the Divine Creator, and also In my relationships with my husband and others.

    Would this shift from 3-D to 5-D be best served and supported by choosing to remain within the crucible of the transition, especially when the going gets difficult as it is these days? How we are being is probably more important than what we are doing or believe that we wish to do.

    I have reaped such benefit from what you and David have both offered the collective individually and at the same time what has been most meaningful to me is the beauty and inspiration of your coming together as two wings of a bird longing to fly.

  198. The beauty and grace of the relationship yourself and David have shown the world shows how “Conscious Uncoupling” is a healing journey. It provides for a loving path through what has been rough with turmoil and destruction in most divorces.
    To both yourself and David:
    Thank you for your wisdom and courage.
    Thank you for being Way-Showers.
    Thank you for helping us grow.
    You are greatly loved.

  199. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for sharing and explaining where you are at in your journey. Although you make it sound like a very positive step you are taking, and I’m sure in many ways it is or may eventually end up being, I know from personal experience that sooner or later, break-ups can be very difficult and painful for one or both people involved. For some, for only a short time after wards. For some, for a long time afterwards, and for others, only after a brief time of experiencing a euphoric feeling of immediate freedom. For that painful time that is or is to come, for both of you, I wish you complete and speedy healing. Although I know that only with the passage of enough time and allowing yourselves to grieve the loss of the relationship can you make a full recovery and move forward. You expressed this very well in your letter.

    No matter how noble and loving the parting and intentions of the one who leaves are, it is always more difficult on the one who is being left. I know this from my own life, having been on both sides of the situation. I’ve been following David’s work since the early 90s. After learning of David’s painful relationship history from his talks and his books, I was very glad when he finally found love, support and companionship with you. It was so nice to see you both so happy. I think he was greatly blessed by the time you spent together. I am sad that you will no longer be together. I just hope and pray that he will be able to recover from this and someday, when he is ready, find someone that will love, appreciate him and join him on his journey. I remember you’ve shared that you’ve been through a lot as well. I wish you all the best and everything you need to feel fulfilled and to attain all your goals and aspirations.

    Thank you for taking the time and making such a great effort at a peaceful parting and for sharing your experience with us. Your example is a blessing to many.

    Much love and many blessings to you both.


  200. Oh, Dear Elizabeth,
    I am so sorry that your marriage did not last as expected.
    How so disappointing and painful for you and for David.
    I thank you for sharing this very personal information with us, the
    general public, and for your valuable info on ‘uncoupling’.
    I actually feel sad about your uncoupling, but I know on some level it is what must be done.
    I wish you much supportive love during this time of uncoupling, and I wish you comforting blessings and peace.

  201. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you for once again sharing your strength and heart with so many. Your wisdom shines through in everything you do and say. Following the heart can be our biggest challenge at times, and yet it is what keeps us moving forward. I have no doubt in yours and David’s path expanding your heart and mind, being the visionary you both are. I am looking forward to seeing where the path takes both of you and am sure as a loyal follower, I will only gain more heartfelt wisdom from what you both will learn and share. I love you both. The two of you have brought so much knowledge and wonder into my life.

  202. Dear Elizabeth,
    First, this does not come as a shock for me, nonetheless, saddening.

    Being a Warrior Priestess (Qigong & Martial Artist) I resonate with your energy and heart. You and David have I inspired me over the past 5 years and to that I am grateful.

    I wish you both abundant happiness, health and success in your journeys. I admire you both greatly. Being a science nerd (Sacred Geometry – 19 years) I feel apart of you BOTH within in me.

    Blessings always and I look forward to seeing how both your paths unfold and flourish.

    Sallie Ritchey Culler
    Align by Designs
    Washington USA

  203. I have love and respect for the both. I send love and light to you and David. It is good to be happy both of you and this new form of life for both will continue your journey of spiritual elevation. Thank you for sharing your uncoupling procedure, as it is very helpful, as fact to help others who have the same situation. May you continue happily on your journey, and what spirit has for you.

  204. Thank you for sharing the story of your conscious uncoupling. It is inspirational and beautifully articulated – a role model for those navigating similar waters. May you both find peace and love in your hearts to move forward to the next exciting & fulfilling phase in your respective lives.
    Thank you also both, for your contribution to understanding what is happening in our world today. Each of you conveyed a different but resonant message as a take-way for our own journey. Elisabeth, I am loving having revived my Qi Gong practice thanks to your inspiration. Blessings to both of you

  205. Love to you Elizabeth .
    How awesome to have been on such an amazing journey together with David , and to know you will always have a very special bond .
    I’m looking forward to the New Year and what it brings to all of us .
    Take care 💗

  206. Strength and love and protection to two beautiful people .
    How amazing the journey has been that you have shared with us , all the growth and lessons and depth .
    The pains of pushing above and beyond is harsh and gruesome at times .
    And the two of you are so much appreciated in all of this .
    Your worlds will always be connected and the experiences have transformed you in many ways we will never understand .
    I am grateful for all of your lectures, full of energies and wisdoms and fruitful blessings you have allowed us to participate in .
    I’m looking forward to the New Year and future teachings .
    Thank you Elizabeth 💗

  207. Dear Elizabeth,

    I was shocked and saddened to hear this news. I was shocked but not surprised. You are such a strong force and have so very much to share and teach. That being said, so does David. I am so very happy that my following him has lead me to you.

    Your such a strong and wise role model and one that I truly needed. My first thought was “Oh I don’t want to lose Elizabeth!” I’ve always followed David so I know how to find him and his wisdom, but to lose you after finally finding such a perfect teacher and strong woman to lead me with such valuable wisdom would be such a loss.

    I am so sorry for this loss for both you and David. You’re wonderful souls and this journey on this planet isn’t easy and can really be challenging to say the least. You and David are so loved by me and so many others. Sending you both love and hugs.


  208. Elizabeth , your strength and wisdom shines thru brilliantly – all will be well – keep up the great work. – I look forward to meeting you in the future !

    with much respect,
    Nelson E. Lewchuk

  209. Dear Elizabeth and David,

    Thank you for all the wisdom, compassion and knowledge you have shared with us while working together on all the great seminars you delivered. You fulfilled your mission as a married couple, and now a new mission starts for each of you, necessary in your evolution for you to shine as the celestial stars that each of you are in your own unique and special way. I congratulate you for the courage to pursue your own missions that will lead you to even greater contributions to the evolution of our Planet.

    Elizabeth, thank you for your enlightening guidance on “conscious uncoupling” – I’m sure it will help many people going through life changes. I hope you will continue to share your presence and wisdom in David’s seminars – We’re looking forward to seeing you again.

    With much love and gratitude.

  210. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your journey with us. Having gone throught 2 divorces myself many years ago it’s not an easy transition and yes it’s a death which requires a true grieving process too. I can say that I’m not surprised to hear this news sadly to say but as you know there is a time, a season and a reason for all realationships and now yours is complete.
    I wish you and David many blessings and thank you so much for all the service both of you have given to the world and beyond and all that both of you will continue to share.

  211. The true meaning of “warrior” is not being afraid of who you are. Or where your warrior within leads. I share a mantra for New Beginnings… “Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha” This can be interpreted: Salutations to the remover of obstacles.
    An inner tuning inviting the removal of all energetic blocks in life and blessing the auspicious journey undertaken.
    Consulting Grandfather Tzu it is also shared:
    In ruling the people and in serving heaven it is best for a ruler to be sparing.
    It is because he is sparing that he may be said to follow the way from the start;
    Following the way from the start he may be said to accumulate an abundance of virtue;
    Accumulating an abundance of virtue there is nothing he cannot overcome;
    When there is nothing he cannot overcome, no one knows his limit;
    He can possess a state; When he possesses the mother of a state
    He can then endure. This is called the way of deep roots and firm stems by which one lives to see many days. LIX 137
    If we do not embrace our unique OM Compass it can feel like a pyre set afire at our own feet by freewill -uninformed, censored, fettered. It takes great courage to intend new levels and healthy risk to surrender to any unknowns. Gaia smiles upon you both for we are all One regardless. May you endure and honor the deep roots and firm stems by which you both live to see many days. ~Adonai

  212. Hi you two beautiful earth angels. This is perfect and in alignment with the feminine and masculine energy of many life times building up to this point and you both have done your best and this is to be acknowledged.
    With that being said, I highly recommend the book Unplugging From The Patriarchy” by Lucia Rene. An absolute must!!
    I feel your tears and I cry too because it is a loss of a dream no matter how beautifully expressed this uncoupling has been. 🙏namaste 🙏

  213. One thing I’ve learned in this life is that it is full of change. It is the same in our personal lives. For each of us to be truly healthy human beings, we must grow and learn, advancing in knowledge and experience, follow our intuition and taking the steps forward that propels us towards the Paths we are destined to follow.
    Along the way, we’re drawn to special people who become the “Anchors” in our lives. Somehow we instantly recognize, feel a Spirit to Spirit; a “Twin-Flame” connection. They may become a part of our lives forever or only for a short time. During the time they are with us, we know in our hearts: they are meant to be there, a part of our life for a reason: to teach, or grow or learn. You know there was a reason for your being brought together at that moment in your lives: to share with one another something the two of you needed at that “Pinpoint of Light” in your lives.
    As one who has lived many years, I tried to allow my faith and intuition to lead me along my life’s path, I’ve experienced this kind of Spiritual Friendship many times, I’ve experienced some wonderful friendships, made close ties and shared beautiful spiritual experiences and the knowledge I’ve received is priceless, as I’m sure you both regard your own times together.
    It is my prayer that as you part and go your separate ways,
    you will always treasure the things learned from each other that
    helped you in achieving your goals and enabled you to advance confidently along the altered paths you each have chosen to take.
    Love and Peace to you Both…

  214. Dear David and Elisabeth,
    You are both a great shining light !
    I am so honoured to learn from you both !
    All blessings for you !

  215. Elizabeth, your energy and internal integrity is extremely positive and genuine. That always came through in your presentations. You have a beautiful grounding effect which cannot be hidden. Change is always inevitable in our existence; all of us! That is the only mechanism in our physical existence that is consistent. I look forward to keeping your energy entwined with myself and my spouse. Stay at peace and your transition is supported.

  216. I wish you both love and wonderful blessings as you go separate ways. Life is a journey with experiences from which we can choose to learn and grow from; and evolve into a beautiful spiritual being.

  217. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey with us. We help each other and are teachers for each other. . . Each person we have such a relationship with transfers part of themselves into us and we into them. When there is nothing more to share it is done. Well done for both of you. I too have been on this path of needing to let go of those I have loved. Bright blessings!

  218. Dear Elizabeth,
    I am sad to hear the news no matter how gracefully you present them to us.
    Recently I heard or read David saying he was tired and wanted to go home to his wife. So your news are shocking and come in the midst of global crazy times.
    You are both beacons of light for me, in different ways. From my vantage point you complement each other beautifully and are an inspiring couple.
    The Bible says in Deuteronomy 32:30, “one man will chase a thousand and two put ten thousand to flight”…
    I truly hope to see you together sometimes. Until then I send you my wishes for peace and wisdom.

  219. Thank you, Elizabeth for sharing your uncoupling with David. It saddened my heart.
    Love and light to you both.

  220. That was truly beautiful.
    To take such personal pain & offer others a solution to it at the same time is healing for all.
    May you have all your unconscious coupling desires.
    May you find the peace you obviously deserve.
    May you be always blessed.

  221. Dear Elizabeth…Several decades ago I went through a difficult divorce that I initiated. Looking back, I did everything ineffectively, so thanks for your helpful suggestions as they will encourage others to avoid needless emotional pain. Judging from the previous comments, it already has. At first, I was surprised and saddened by your news, but then I recalled watching David’s recent video of him in that huge, vacant building that will serve to house hover cars. I admired his enthusiasm as always but recall thinking that this did not look like Elizabeth’s kind of “temple.” I have avidly followed David’s work for over ten years, and this eventually led me to you and your Priestess Path course. I look forward to keeping up with his work and continuing with you as a priestess “initiate.” I’m grateful to you both and wish you a smooth transition as you journey on your separate ways.

  222. Dear Elizabeth,
    I feel deeply sad to hear about you and David uncoupling after all these years and everything you two went through with the non-stop attacks from the negative people of the world. I understand that sometimes things changes and we have to chose a path that may be different for our partner. I really salute you for the amazing way you are approaching this, with such a beautiful respect, love and kindness,  thank you for sharing with us.
    I have been following David passionately for 6 years now and I discovered you through him as well and I truly love you both for the kindness that you bring in this world, the dedication to help others evolve spiritually, and for the amazing way you have to shine a bright light on everything positive that surrounds us and within us. You both made such a difference in my life, every time I read, listen or watch either of you on video, my heart resonates with you and I feel an immense joy and happiness. I will keep you both in my heart and I wish you the very best in your respective journeys.
    Bless you both
    We are always here with you.
    Love and light.🙏

  223. Dearest Elizabeth and David-You are such a beautiful couple. Having been married over 50 years, its as if we wed and decoupled 15 times, its an ebb and flow, a constant meeting in the middle, more to his side, then to mine, and back, a constant shifting as needs and growth arose, a 100% forgiveness and understanding, giving space when needed, alot of space sometimes, but then a reunion of support that was so special and couldn’t be beat. But one does give up some, as well, from time to time, but the resulting couple was worth more than the ego accomplishment, when one stepped back and looked at the larger picture. That’s how it gets to over 50 years. For me, the resulting couple was worth the most out of all the accomplishments. There’s still plenty of room to accomplish very very much, even if it’s not everything on the buffet plate.
    Have followed David since the 1990’s and vote him in the top three ever, its quite the sacrifice he’s made to give the rest of us so much, the accomplishment is really quite phenomenal. Being a technical geek and science fan myself, I totally love his take on everything.
    I just know he loved you more than you may ever know, I am truly so sad to hear. But your writings are so beautiful and inspirational. I did not see any friction, it was just life, its how it is, that’s the 100% forgiveness and understanding I discussed above, a temporary ebb and flow, it’s just that way if one wants to get to ‘forever’, it goes both ways, it always does. Maybe 6D will be better for all of our human condition ? In the meantime . . . . Love you both so much, please share with David, both be well, Blessings and peace,

  224. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you for sharing your process. I wish that a meditation facilitator that you both trust, facilitates a deep meditative state for both you and David and creates a sacred space, where you can talk to each other with the understanding of your higher selves. Wishing you both the highest and best outcome!

  225. I am sorry for your loss. Grieving the beauty is never easy.
    We so get to complete our karmic missions and free our chi into what is ours to do.
    My hat off to both of you for having the courage to come together and the courage to separate when it was time. Not easy, and so public. Please take good care of yourselves. We see you.

  226. Dearest Elizabeth,
    As so many know from listening to and watching you, you and David are both such extraordinarily wise and powerful beings that it was almost inevitable that you would one day go your separate ways after supporting and loving each other throughout these turbulent times for humanity. Thank you for your courage and honour in sharing your conscious process in doing so. You both have, and will continue to have, the love of countless friends all over the world.
    Thank you too for bringing me a timely reminder of Ho’oponopono forgiveness here on your beautiful website! For me it isn’t a partner but an acquaintance who has published a text online, about people he doesn’t know, that I believe he will soon regret. Instead of countering this and risking more conflict, I’ll use Ho’oponopono and take the responsibility that I know is ultimately mine, forgiving myself at the same time. Quantum forgiveness heals all. Love to you both.

  227. Dearest Elizabeth,
    As so many know from listening to and watching you, you and David are both such extraordinarily wise and powerful beings that it was almost inevitable that you would one day go your separate ways after supporting and loving each other throughout these turbulent times for humanity. Thank you for your courage and honour in sharing your conscious process in doing so. You both have, and will continue to have, the love of countless friends all over the world.
    Thank you too for bringing me a timely reminder of Ho’oponopono forgiveness here on your beautiful website! For me it isn’t a partner but an acquaintance who has published an unfortunate text online, which I believe he will soon regret. Instead of replying I’ll use Ho’oponopono and take the responsibility that I know is ultimately mine, forgiving myself at the same time. Quantum forgiveness heals all. Love to you both.

  228. Dearest Elizabeth,
    As so many know from listening to and watching you, you and David are both such extraordinarily wise and powerful beings that it was almost inevitable that you would one day go your separate ways after supporting and loving each other throughout these turbulent times for humanity. Thank you for your courage and honour in sharing your conscious process in doing so. You both have, and will continue to have, the love of countless friends all over the world. Looking forward to seeing where you both go from here! Bon courage!

  229. David and Elizabeth,
    Announcing your decision is meaningful to members of this community, however this is your personal life and you are entitled to your privacy. In the uncoupling article, you mentioned all possible feelings from this experience, including hurt and fear. But, there is no need to fear what life could bring you after this departure because as long as you do good, there is no reason why you should not continue to succeed. You certainly enriched your lives and the lives of the members of this community working together as a couple. My hope is that you will continue to create value and shine in your own realms. Wishing you all the best.

  230. Elizabeth, thank you for sharing this difficult part of your journey, and your suggestions for others. I feel that it was a gift that I encountered you through your work with David. I look forward to your continued unfolding and blossoming in your own right in the time to come. I wish you healing, nurturing and blessings.

  231. Dear Elizabeth and David:
    Thank you for sharing this important milestone. “Conscious Uncoupling” is a fitting term, it is decidedly a positive upgrade of the dated D term, befitting of the new world and new energy that is emerging and energizing our world. Many years down the road, younger people will recall how Elizabeth and David redefined “separating as a couple”and moved it into a new paradigm, let the negative energy signature be gone, let it be just another transformative event in the life or lives of anyone and everyone who experience it. Let it be a transformation and transition into a new phase.
    I can understand why you used the word Death in your letter. However I think this word should also be carefully reexamined by society at large as both you and David both know that the vernacular word really means a spiritual transformation. Your iteration may speak to many who still see and end of one things as Death, but isn’t it high time that we elevate ourselves higher each time we finish a lesson to the next plane?
    Good luck to you both. Take time to reflect, recharge, be in the loving energy of 5D dimension. I want to thank you for demonstrating what the sacred feminine is, and show younger generations how to navigate in their relationships; I want to thank David for his tireless work in this epoch battle against darkness, and his generosity in using his gift to shine light and disclose the true human condition. I have know David’s work since the early 2000, he and many others like him are the vanguards of this revolution, evolution we humans are experiencing. Your respective work are deeply admired and appreciated. I know you both will be fine and I wish you the best.

  232. Dear Elizabeth and David:
    Thank you for sharing this important milestone. “Conscious Uncoupling” is a fitting term, it is decidedly a positive upgrade of the dated D term, befitting of the new world and new energy that is emerging and energizing our world. Many years down the road, younger people will recall how Elizabeth and David redefined “separating as a couple”and moved it into a new paradigm, let the negative energy signature be gone, let it be just another transformative event in the life or lives of anyone and everyone who experience it. Let it be a transformation and transition into a new phase.
    I can understand why you used the word Death in your letter. However I think this word should also be carefully reexamined by society at large as both you and David know that the vernacular word refers to a spiritual transition. Your iteration may speak to many who still see Death as definitive, bleak and oblivion, but isn’t it high time that we are shown that end of a period in life put us on a higher plain for the next phase?
    Good luck to you both. Take time to reflect, recharge, be in the loving energy of the fifth dimension. I want to thank you for demonstrating what the sacred feminine is, and show younger generations how to navigate in their relationships; I want to thank David for his tireless work in this epoch battle against darkness, and his generosity in using his gift to shine light and disclose the true human condition. I have know David’s work since the early 2000, he and many others like him are the vanguards of this revolution, evolution we humans are experiencing. Your respective work are deeply admired and appreciated. I know you both will be fine and I wish you the best.

  233. Elizabeth and David,

    I have always had a lot of respect for David for many years and was so happy when he met you as I thought you were so beautiful and of high consciousness. You have been through so much struggle to help out humanity and we appreciate all you have done. Wishing you both happiness and divine help to navigate this difficult time.

  234. Beautifully said Elizabeth as we are all on our own individual paths….stopping at times to unite a new, gathering information so desperately needed in that moment of truth….as our truth in growth expands it bring us to

    “Our truth today might not be our truth tomorrow”

    Here in lies the real timeline knowing….should I stay or should I go.
    Brilliance emerges from the fear, seeing growth no matter the struggle is the Epiphany.

    Congratulations! For both of your new starts and an honoring that your eyes saw clear to stop to unite the new. How fortunate you both are to have known this coupling. Such a gift.

    May the Blessings Be

  235. Virginia says,

    To Elizabeth and David,

    I’ve been following David’s work since 2004. The experience of doing so has been like watching an amazing Soul/personage grow from a young man (almost just a teenager) into a mature man of rare intelligence and knowledge. He has been an inspiration for me to continue my search for truth and understanding. I have learned a great deal from reading his books and listening to his presentations over the years.

    Elizabeth, your work with David in the past few years has also been astounding and has added a new level of knowledge that is most enlightening. I will continue to follow your work. The example you both are making of a mature and loving way to separate from a marriage has been remarkable and unusual to say the least.

    David’s steadfast effort to continue with his work is remarkable, considering the criticism and outright danger he has endured, to say nothing of the lies and defaming that he has encountered that continue to be broadcast around the world.

    I wish both of you much happiness and continuing evolvement and growth in all that you do.

    May The Creator and The God of this Universe keep you both safe from harm.

    My Love Always to both of you, Virginia

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