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7 Ways to Use A Moon Journal to Manifest Your Best Year Ever!

Seven Ways You can use a Moon Journal to Manifest Your Best Year Ever!

I designed this year’s Moon Calendar with pink and gold tones to warm the heart and lift our thoughts up to the heavens. Imagine the golden light from the heavenly realms blessing your dear heart, hearth and home.

I also wanted to give you some ideas of how you can use a Moon Calendar Journal to anchor in and affirm your highest vibrational choices for this new Lunar Year 2023.


We just entered into the year of the Water Rabbit which brings the energy of excitement, curiosity, innocence, deep relationships with self and others, movement and deep connections with your watery emotions.

We live in a vibrational universe and we are vibrational beings. What we think about most, what we verbalize with energy, and what we hold within our hearts is what manifests – for better or for worse!

If we wish to be conscious co-creators with the conscious universe, we must mindfully choose that which we give our attention.

Writing down your highest-vibrational intentions and affirmations, then dropping in each day to affirm them  is one of the best ways to keep ourselves on track. You can use your 2023 Moon Journal to do just that!

Most of us want the same things: Health, Happiness, Love, Safety, Self-Actualization, but these can be vague ideas if we do not have firm words and action habits that affirm them, so here are Seven Ways You can affirm your highest vibrational self this year using your Moon Journal.

Seven Ways to Use the Moon Calendar Journal to Manifest Your Best Year:

1. Plant new seeds. Every New Moon (Dark Moon) take some time to tune into your heart and find one high vibrational intention to plant into your conscious mind. Write this positive statement down in your Moon Journal. It may be to repeat “I love you” each day as you wake up and look in the mirror. Or it could be to meditate 5 minutes a day on “Who Am I?” and look to the Source of your being. You can also use the Moon Calendar to plan when to plant the seeds in your garden. Whatever we seed on the New Moon of each month grows with the energy of the waxing moon.


2. Plan a Full Moon Ritual. The Moon Journal has the lunar calendar for 2023 on it, so you can plan when to do your ceremonies, meditations or rituals that coincide with the intense power of the moon. for the 72 hours surrounding the full moon, the energy is intense and we can harmonize and tap into that energy to give potency to our intentions.


3. Set a perfect morning routine. Use your Moon Journal to write down your “perfect morning routine”. Then, when you wake up in the morning, before you look at your phone or computer, consult your journal and give yourself the morning you deserve. Wake up, say I love you in the mirror, make your favorite drink, meditate for 5 minutes, put on some nice music and train in qigong, go to the gym, do yoga or stretch. This will set your entire day off on the right foot.


4. Plan a ritual. The full moon and new moon are the most potent moon times to do ceremony. Use your Moon Journal to write down a recipe for a ritual. If you need some ideas, you can check out our Bathing Ritual here which can give you some good ideas.


5. Write that list. You know how they all say to write a list of exactly what you want? Well, you can use your Moon Journal to write that list of your perfect mate, perfect job, perfect home. Then you can turn to that page and read it during your meditation or ritual to affirm its manifestation.


6. Make an Inspiration Page. Dedicate one page of your Moon Journal to inspiring things that cross your mind. Keep your journal with you throughout the day and when that creative idea comes flashing across your mind-screen, write it down so you can easily access it later.


7. Track your cycles. Whatever phase of life you are in, there are cycles. If you are menstruating, you can use the Moon Calendar Journal to track your moon cycle. Sometimes just doing this harmonizes your cycle with the moon. If you are trying to conceive you can use the Moon Calendar to find your most fertile days. If you are in menopause and are taking hormones, you can use the Moon Calendar to track when you are taking certain hormones… there are always cycles… what other cycles can you track with the Moon Calendar?


I hope this has given you some ideas of how to use the Moon Calendar to amplify, harmonize and manifest the best in your life this year. I’d love to hear in the comments below how you could use the Moon Calendar in your life?

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