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Strawberry Moon and Summer Solstice Newsletter

Happy Strawberry Moon and Summer Solstice!

This full moon brings the focus and clarity of Sagittarius, the archer, into our lives lending a refreshing energy after a tumultuous spring.

The Native Americans called it the Strawberry Moon because strawberries are ripe for picking at this time of the year in the western hemisphere. Therefore this moon also brings sweetness.

Astrologers say that the alignments this spring brought change and disruption. Luckily, this full moon we are getting some relief which will help us focus on our goals and dreams and not get so distracted by the swirling energies all around.

According to Astrological insights from, “Spring of 2019 has been a tumultuous season. The stars and planets have been positioned in a way that promotes change on both a small and large scale, culminating with the new moon rising in Gemini on June 3.

For people and communities, disruption and big decisions have ruled the day. As you head into mid-month, expect things to come into sharper focus as you set your eyes on a new goal.”

Yes, Spring has been tumultuous. As the polarization between the light and the dark increases, we see some people reach near hysterical levels of anger, ill-will and hate. The energies of Ascension are high and they are shining the light on the darkness. There really is no place to hide. I do believe that 2012 — the approximate date the Mayan calendar ended — has entered us into a new vibration that is separating the chaff from the wheat.

What we focus on grows, so it is important that we use the energy of Sagittarius to aim at our highest goals. The added power of the summer solstice will give this focus wings.

Some people cannot handle the current increased energies and are flaming out. We are seeing this on a personal and planetary scale. While others may be losing it, keep to your light.

Karmic cycles from this life and others are culminating and completing. This brings situations into our lives that may not be fully understandable if looking from the perspective of one single life. Many times, the people we have trouble with or the situations that occur are coming in from other lifetimes.

The great polarization is upon us. It is important to be aware of the shadows but stick to the light. Being unaware, like a Stepford wife, and denying that there is a shadow, only allows it to thrive. It is only by shining the light of awareness and love that things may be transmuted. Anyone shining with hate has missed the point.

On the other hand, focusing only on what is wrong or out of sorts can exacerbate the problem and can bring more of it into your life. Dealing with the shadow in ourselves and others is an art. A healthy dose of observational detachment along with prayerful contemplation can help bring clarity and loving right action.

What we focus on grows, so let us focus the powerful energies of this full moon and summer solstice on our higher goals and dreams! Sagittarius will help us focus on that which we want to create in our personal lives and for our world.

I am looking forward to some focused time on my goals this Sag moon. I just completed a three month conference tour that took me to the islands of Hawaii, the red rocks of Sedona, the bays of San Francisco and the Palm desert of California. I have been on the road for three months now. David is editing our first joint talk from Contact in the Desert this year and it will be up on his Youtube channel soon.

As I was traveling and giving talks at conferences, I was also completing the final months of Priestess Path Valkyrie training. This year we had many beautiful sisters embody the sacred goddess warrior tools with many beautiful results.

Some of our Valkyrie graduates say this about the course:

“I have an inner calm and acceptance of who I am and what I have to do here with my time on Earth.” — Julia

“Working with Elizabeth’s teachings has given me tools to be who I came here to be. It has also accelerated my life teachings and brought me more in touch with my divine nature.” — Ingunn

“I could never have imagined how much my life could transform during this course but it feels like every spool has been aligned and I am so excited to go forth and live each day as if the shift is tomorrow!” — Natolie

I am deeply grateful and honored to have guided such a beautiful group of women in the temple this year.

I offer Priestess training once a year and our 2019 group has just graduated. For those that are interested… stay tuned for next year.

After this concentrated time of outward giving, I am feeling very quiet and wanting to draw into my own process and life. My next project is writing my book and I am looking forward to some quiet time to do this. I will be finishing one last article before I go into book mode, which is about the Cabal’s war against the Goddess. Shining the light onto the shadows.

For this Summer Solstice, I will be going out into the canyons to meditate, pray and contemplate as soon as I am done writing this.


 Art by Michael Hayes
Art by Michael Hayes

Sagittarius is the archer who aims at his target and reaches the goal. When the full moon is in Sag, we receive a boost of focus, clarity and inspiration.

Stay focused. There will be many distractions as those that cannot handle the increasing energy flame out and create chaos around you. We will see it all around. Do not attach to it if you can help it and keep on keepin’ on your good red road.

Compounding the energy of the full moon is the Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice shines light on all things bringing clarity. It is a powerful portal where people get together world-wide to celebrate and do ceremony. Doing prayer or ceremony now will add lots of energy to your dreams.

Try not to get pulled into negativity from low level emotions and negative people. They are always around vying for your life force and attention.

The path of the spiritual warrior must navigate these waters — the waters of dark and light.

Celebrate, breathe in the fresh summer air, enjoy hiking and the night sky. The Strawberry moon brings with it sweetness, honey and harvest.

It is the lover’s moon and now is a good time to appreciate the beloved if you have one. If you do not have a beloved and desire one, now is a powerful time to make your desire known on the inner plane as the Summer Goddess of love and fertility blesses many.

Believe in yourself. Take care of yourself. Prioritize your life. Work into your day 4-5 things that are essential to your health and well-being. Focus on them with tenacity.

Let go of people and things that cause you unrest and make you stay up at night. Change what you can. Give the rest to Divine Creator and ask for peace and harmony to reign.


A powerful ceremony to do at this full moon Summer Solstice portal is to create the life that you want by focusing on what you love the most:

1) Go to your sacred space in your home or in nature. If you do not have one, you may want to create one.

2) Light a candle and some incense.

3) Sit up straight. Take a few breaths and let all the tension go. Come into the present moment.

4) Turn your attention to your heart and relax your heart. Then ask it, what does it sincerely desire? Is it peace? love? security? work in alignment with your values? Whatever it is —-

5) Write it down. Make a list of what is most important to you now. It may be working out, eating healthy, time with your beloved, your children, a happy home.

6) In your own way, tune into Creator or the Field from which all things manifest. I invoke the Powers by calling to the Divine light of Creator, the angels and my guides.

7) Thank them for being here and then have a conversation with them, sharing what I choose to create. (If you do not feel comfortable with a Creator, you may like to tune into the quantum field of all possibilities and focus on what you desire as if it has already happened.) This way, you bend time and space and bring the reality to the now.

8) Don’t worry about how it will get done, just see it as done.

9) When you are complete, give thanks and return to normal awareness.

10) You may wish to keep the list of your desires with you. You can look at them often and when you feel distracted or pulled in many directions.

Believe in yourself. Focus on your dreams. Be kind.

Wishing you a wonderful summer, full moon and solstice!